1st Edition

Transatlantic Encounters in History of Education Translations and Trajectories from a German-American Perspective

Edited By Fanny Isensee, Andreas Oberdorf, Daniel Töpper Copyright 2020
    324 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    324 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In the last twenty years, transnational perspectives have gained momentum in the field of historical-educational research. Scholars have made substantial efforts to rethink nation-based historiographies by reconstructing and reinterpreting the cross-border encounters and intertwined processes that have turned the history of education into a transnational enterprise. A closer look at specific transnational spaces furthers a better understanding of these processes. Against this backdrop, the book offers case studies focusing on transatlantic encounters with special regard to the manifold entanglements between Germany and the United States of America that represent one of the most complex, dynamic, and vivid educational spaces between the eighteenth and twentieth century. Drawing on excellent source material, each contribution examines interaction processes as the genuine transformative moment within any cross-border transfer, and investigates exchanges of concepts, institutions, and materials. Under this premise, the book draws attention to shifting trajectories in the German-American history of education that can be identified by focusing on long-lasting transnational entanglements. By offering a wide range of research approaches, the publication furthermore contributes innovative methodological thoughts to transnational histories of education that go beyond the German-American context and will interest students, emerging researchers, and experts of history of education.

    Volume Introduction: Reconceptualizing German-American Encounters in History of Education

    Andreas Oberdorf

    Thematic Introduction: The Transnational in the History of Education

    Eckhardt Fuchs

    1. Educating Ebenezer: A Transfer from the Glaucha Institutions to Colonial Georgia?

    Christine Marie Koch

    2. "The School Gives Us Hope for Better Times": Pastors from Halle and the Education of Their German-Lutheran Congregations in Pennsylvania, 1745–1800

    Jan-Hendrik Evers

    3. The Hallensian Pastor John Christopher Kunze (1744–1807) and His Attempts at Establishing a Preacher Seminary in North America

    Markus Berger

    4. "The State’s First Duty": Public Education and the Liberal Conundrum in American Educational Reports from Germany

    Luana Salvarani

    5. The Intercultural Transfer of Knowledge and Concepts About Higher Education: George Ticknor’s Travel Logs from His Study Stay in Germany, 1815–1817

    Thomas Adam

    6. George Ticknor in Göttingen: An Impact of German Comparative Constitutional Thought on American Education, 1816–1836

    Mark Somos

    7. Samuel Adler in New York: Nineteenth-Century Jewish Education in Transatlantic and Translational Perspective

    Kerstin von der Krone

    8. "The Past and Present State of Education, in the United States, and in Foreign Countries": Foreign Educational Systems in US Educational Periodicals, 1830–1890

    Fanny Isensee

    9. SurFacing the TransAtlantic: The Body as Means of Travel, 1839–1910

    Lilli Riettiens

    10. But Can the Farm Travel?: Translating Knowledge from Germany to the United States in Late-Nineteenth-Century Agricultural Education

    Justus Hillebrand

    11. American and German Research Universities Between the Beginning and End of the German Reich

    Charles E. McClelland

    12. Objects That Work: Monroe’s "Cyclopedia of Education," Its Reception of German References and Thoughts on Objects as Actors

    Daniel Töpper

    13. Nature and the "Kehrt zur Natur zurück": German Influences on the School Camping Movement in the United States, 1920–1950

    Kristen Hengtgen

    14. Harvard-Bauhaus Pedagogy: Walter Gropius’s and Joseph Hudnut’s Dispute on Bauhaus Pedagogy at the Graduate School of Design, 1937–1952

    Tim Zumhof

    15. Internationalization in Teacher Education: Transfer of Knowledge and Culture Stimulated by the German-American Fulbright Scholarship Program for Teachers, 1952–1974

    Sarah Wedde

    Perspectives on Transnational and Transatlantic Research in History of Education: A Round Table Discussion on Its State of the Art, Challenges, and Future Directions

    Marcelo Caruso, Barbara Emma Hof, Joakim Landahl, Lilli Riettiens, Eugenia Roldán Vera, with an Introduction by Fanny Isensee and Daniel Töpper


    Fanny Isensee is research assistant and PhD student at the History of Education Department at the Institute of Education Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

    Andreas Oberdorf is permanent lecturer in theory and history of education and supervisor of the research library of the Center for German-American Educational History at the Institute of Education, University of Münster, Germany.

    Daniel Töpper is research assistant and PhD student at the History of Education Department at the Institute of Education Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.