1st Edition

Transforming Gender-Based Healthcare with AI and Machine Learning

Edited By Meenu Gupta, Rakesh Kumar, Zhongyu Lu Copyright 2025
    304 Pages 89 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book provides a thorough exploration of the intersection between gender-based healthcare disparities and the transformative potential of AI and Machine Learning. It covers a wide range of topics from fundamental concepts to practical applications.

    Transforming Gender-Based Healthcare with AI and Machine Learning incorporates real-world case studies and success stories to illustrate how AI and Machine Learning are actively reshaping gender-based healthcare. Examples that showcase tangible outcomes and the impact of technology in healthcare settings are included. The book delves into the ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI and Machine Learning in healthcare and addresses issues related to privacy, bias, and responsible technology implementation. Empasis is placed on patient-centered care, with the book exploring how technology enables individuals to take an active role in their healthcare decisions. This leads to a more engaged and informed patient population.

    Written to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and highlight the importance of cooperation between health professionals, technologies, researchers, and policymakers, this book portrays how this collaborative approach is essential for achieving transformative goals and is not only for professionals but can also be used at the student level as well.

    1. AI and Machine Learning in Modern Healthcare. 2. Revolutionizing Gender-specific Healthcare: Harnessing Deep Learning for Transformative Solutions. 3. From Data to Diagnosis: AI's Role in Gender-Responsive Care. 4. Technology Driven Approaches to Gender inclusive Healthcare. 5. Unlocking Gender-Based Health Insights with Predictive Analytics. 6. Machine Learning's Precision in Tailoring Healthcare Solutions. 7. Real-World Success Stories How Technology Transforms Gender Healthcare. 8. Patient-Centric Technology EmpowermentPatient-Centric Technology EmpowermentPatient-Centric Technology EmpowermentPatient-Centric Technology Empowerment. 9.Exploring Cutting-Edge Technologies Shaping Gender Health. 10. Safeguarding Data and Ensuring Security in Digital Healthcare. 11. AI and ML Fundamentals- A Primer for Healthcare Professionals. 12. Early ethical considerations and societal impacts on gender health. 13. Examination of AI's role in diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. 14. Future Trends and Ethical Challenges in transforming Gender Health Care using AI and ML.


    Meenu Gupta is an Associate Professor at the UIE-CSE Department, Chandigarh University, India. She completed her Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering with an emphasis on Traffic Accident Severity Problems from Ansal University, Gurgaon, India, in 2020. She has more than 15 years of teaching experience. Her research areas cover Computational Techniques, Intelligent Systems, and Data mining, with a specific interest in Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing and Analysis, Smart Cities, Data Analysis, and Human/Brain-machine Interaction (BMI). She has five edited and four authored books to her credit and has also written over 20 book chapters and 150+ papers in refereed international journals and conferences. Dr. Gupta has five filled patents and was awarded the Best Faculty of the Department and Best Researcher awards in 2021 and 2022. She also chaired many conferences and was the convener and organizer of IEEE and AIP conferences.

    Rakesh Kumar is a Professor at the UIE-CSE Department, Chandigarh University, India. He completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar in 2017. He has more than 19 years of teaching experience and his research interests are IoT, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. He has published many authored books with reputed publishers and works as a reviewer for several journals, including Big Data, CMC, Scientific Reports, and TSP. He has authored or co-authored more than 100 publications in various national and international conferences and journals, has chaired many conferences, and was the convener and organizer of IEEE and AIP conferences.

    Zhongyu Lu is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and is the research group leader of Information and System Engineering (ISE) in the Centre of High Intelligent Computing (CHIC), having previously been team leader in the IT department of Charlesworth Group Publishing Company. She successfully led and completed two research projects in XML database systems and document processing in collaboration with Beijing University. Both systems were deployed as part of company commercial productions. Professor Lu is UKCGE Recognized Research Supervisor (UK Council of Postgraduate Education) and has published 11 academic books and more than 200 peer reviewed academic papers. Professor Lu has acted as the founder and program chair for the International XML Technology Workshop for 11 years and serves as Chair of various international conferences. She is the founder and Editor in Chief of International Journal of Information Retrieval Research.