2nd Edition

Transmission, Distribution, and Renewable Energy Generation Power Equipment
Aging and Life Extension Techniques, Second Edition

ISBN 9780367736392
Published December 18, 2020 by CRC Press
677 Pages

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Book Description

The revised edition presents, extends, and updates a thorough analysis of the factors that cause and accelerate the aging of conductive and insulating materials of which transmission and distribution electrical apparatus is made. New sections in the second edition summarize the issues of the aging, reliability, and safety of electrical apparatus, as well as supporting equipment in the field of generating renewable energy (solar, wind, tide, and wave power). When exposed to atmospheric corrosive gases and fluids, contaminants, high and low temperatures, vibrations, and other internal and external impacts, these systems deteriorate; eventually the ability of the apparatus to function properly is destroyed. In the modern world of "green energy", the equipment providing clean, electrical energy needs to be properly maintained in order to prevent premature failure. The book’s purpose is to help find the proper ways to slow down the aging of electrical apparatus, improve its performance, and extend the life of power generation, transmission, and distribution equipment.

Table of Contents

Part I: Transmission and Distribution Electrical Equipment. Electrical Contacts: Overheating, Wear, and Erosion. Bolted, Plug-on, and Busbar Connections: Materials and Degradation. Plating of Electrical Equipment. Detrimental Processes and Aging of Plating. Electrical Equipment in Corrosive Environment. Lubrication of Distribution Electrical Equipment. Insulation, Coatings, and Adhesives in Transmission and Distribution Electrical Equipment. Electrical Equipment Life Expectancy, Aging, and Failures. Part II: Renewable Energy Equipment Challenges. Solar Energy. Renewable Energy Equipment Challenges: Tidal and Wave Power. Renewable Energy Equipment Challenges: Wind Energy Equipment. Wind Energy Equipment Corrosion. Renewable Energy Equipment Challenges: Wind Turbine Gearboxes and Bearings. Renewable Energy Equipment Challenges: Wind Turbine Lubrication. Renewable Energy Equipment Challenges: Wind Turbine Failures. Life Expectancy and Life Cycle Assessment of Renewable Electrical Equipment. Part III: Testing, Monitoring, and Diagnostics of Electrical Equipment. Physical Conditions of Electrical Equipment: Testing, Monitoring, and Diagnostics. Physical Conditions of Renewable Electrical Equipment: Testing and Monitoring. Electrical Equipment Maintenance and Life Extension Techniques. Life Extension Techniques, Inspection and Maintenance of Renewable Energy Equipment.

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Bella Helmer Chudnovsky earned her PhD in applied physics at Rostov State University (RSU) in Russia. For the first 25 years of her career, she worked as a successful scientist for the Institute of Physics at RSU and at the University of Cincinnati since 1992. During the last 12 years of her career, she worked as an R&D engineer for Schneider Electric-Square D Company, where her principal areas of activities were aimed at resolving multiple aging problems and developing means of mitigating deteriorating processes in power distribution equipment. In this field, she has published 40 papers in both national and international technical journals and conferences proceedings on topics that are summed up in the book, Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution Apparatus: Aging and Life Extension Techniques, which published in December 2012. In the second edition of the book, she included the review of the issues of aging and means of life extension techniques for renewable energy power equipment.