Transport Infrastructure and Systems : Proceedings of the AIIT International Congress on Transport Infrastructure and Systems (Rome, Italy, 10-12 April 2017) book cover
1st Edition

Transport Infrastructure and Systems
Proceedings of the AIIT International Congress on Transport Infrastructure and Systems (Rome, Italy, 10-12 April 2017)

ISBN 9781138030091
Published April 3, 2017 by CRC Press
1154 Pages

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Book Description

Transport Infrastructure
Asset management in transport infrastructure, financial viability of transport engineering projects/ Life cycle Cost Analysis, Life-Cycle Assessment and Sustainability Assessment of transport infrastructure/ Infrastructures financing and pricing with equity appraisal, operation optimization and energy management/ Low-Volume roads: planning, maintenance, operations, environmental and social issues/ Public-Private Partnership (PPP) experience in transport infrastructure in different countries and economic conditions/ Airport Pavement Management Systems, runway design and maintenance/ Port maintenance and development issues, technology relating to cargo handling, landside access, cruise operations/ Infrastructure Building Information Modelling (I-BIM) / Pavement design and innovative bituminous materials/ Recycling and re-use in road pavements, environmentally sustainable technologies/ Stone pavements, ancient roads and historic railways/ Cementitious stabilization of materials used in the rehabilitation of transportation infrastructure.

Transport Systems
Sustainable transport and the environment protection including green vehicles/ Urban transport, land use development, spatial and transport planning/ Bicycling, bike, bike-sharing systems, cycling mobility/ Human factor in transport systems/ Intelligent Mobility: emerging technologies to enable the smarter movement of people and goods/Airport landside: access roads, parking facilities, terminal facilities, aircraft apron and the azdjacent taxiway/ Transportation policy, planning and design, modelling and decision making/ Transport economics, finance and pricing issues, optimization problems, equity appraisal/ Road safety impact assessments, road safety audits, the management of road network safety and safety inspections/ Tunnels and underground structures: preventing incidents-accidents mitigating their effects for both people and goods/ Traffic flow characteristics, traffic control devices, work zone traffic control, highway capacity and quality of service/ Track-vehicle interactions in railway systems, capacity analysis of railway networks/ Risk assessment and safety in air and railway transport, reliability aspects/ Maritime transport and inland waterways transport research/ Intermodal freight transport: terminals and logistics.

Table of Contents

Transport infrastructure

Deformation and strength of asphalt concrete under static and step loadings
A.I. Iskakbayev, B.B. Teltayev & C. Oliviero Rossi

Roundabout design guidelines: Case study of Croatia
H. Pilko

High modulus asphalt concrete for Ljubljana airport apron
A. Ljubič

Assessment of technologies for roadway energy harvesting
S. Colagrande & M. Patermo

Loss of life risk due to impacts of boulders on vehicles traveling along a very busy road
P. Budetta, G. Forte & M. Nappi

A big data approach to assess the influence of road pavement condition on truck fleet fuel consumption
F. Perrotta, T. Parry & L. Neves

Transparency and good governance as success factors in public private partnerships
C. Queiroz & P. Reddel

SUP&R ITN: An international training network on sustainable pavements and railways
D. Lo Presti, G. Airey, M.C. Rubio & P. Marsac

Climate resilient slope stabilization for transport infrastructures
A. Faiz, B.H. Shah & A. Faiz

Monitoring of railway track with light high efficiency systems
S. Cafiso, B. Capace, C. D’Agostino, E. Delfino & A. Di Graziano

Reference trajectories of vehicles for road alignment design
G. Cantisani & G. Loprencipe

Decoupling of wheel-rail lateral contact forces from wayside measurements
D. Cortis, M. Bruner & G. Malavasi

Design and maintenance of high-speed rail tracks: A comparison between ballasted and ballast-less solutions based on life cycle cost analysis
M. Giunta & F.G. Pratico

Instability exposure and risk assessment of strategic road corridors in a geomorphologically complex territory
R. Pellicani, I. Argentiero & G. Spilotro

Safety in the III Valico tunnels
A. Focaracci

AllBack2Pave: Towards a sustainable recycling of asphalt in wearing courses
D. Lo Presti, G. Airey, M. Di Liberto, S. Noto, G. Di Mino, A. Blasl, G. Canon Falla & F. Wellner

Feasibility and preliminary design of a new railway line in the Dolomites area of Veneto Region
M. Pasetto, G. Giacomello, E. Pasquini & A. Baliello

Investigation of the causes of runway excursions
N. Distefano & S. Leonardi

A review of sulfur extended asphalt modifiers: Feasibility and limitations
S.E. Zoorob, C. Sangiorgi & S. Eskandersefat

In-plant production of warm recycled mixtures produced with SBS modified bitumen: A case study
A. Stimilli, F. Frigio, F. Canestrari & S. Sciolette

Environmental and engineering performance assessment of biofilters and retention systems for pavement stormwater
M. Bassani, L. Tefa, E. Comino, M. Rosso, F. Giurca, A. Garcia Perez, R. Ricci, F. Bertola & F. Canonico

Slope hazards and risk engineering in the Canadian railway network through the Cordillera
J.L. Rodriguez, R. Macciotta, M. Hendry, T. Edwards & T. Evans

Computational model to conform aerodrome geometry to ICAO design standards
E.J. Silva & N.D.F. Gualda

A speed model for curves of two-lane rural highways based on continuous speed data
R. Almeida, L. Vasconcelos & A. Bastos Silva

Rheological characterization of cold bituminous mastics produced with different mineral additions
C. Godenzoni, M. Bocci & A. Graziani

A comprehensive methodology for the analysis of highway sight distance
M. Castro, C. De Santos-Berbel & L. Iglesias

Performance improvements of asphalt mixtures by dry addition of polymeric additives
M. Ranieri, C. Celauro & L. Venturini

An application of the parallel gradation technique to railway ballast
M. Esposito, F.S. Capaldo, S. Andrisani & B. Festa

Rolling resistance impact on a road pavement life cycle carbon footprint analysis
L. Trupia, T. Parry, L. Neves & D. Lo Presti

Intermediate stage traffic technical solution of prince Branimir Street in Zagreb
M. Šimun, S. Mihalinac & K. Rehlicki

Research and analysis of dolomite aggregate for resistance to fragmentation
L. Šneideraitienė & D. Žilionienė

Design vehicles and roundabout safety—review of Croatian design guidelines
Š. Bezina, I. Stančerić & S. Ahac

Laboratory investigation into the modification obtained of paving bitumen with different plastomeric polymers
E. Saroufim, C. Celauro & N. Khalil

Long-term monitoring of half warm mix recycled asphalt containing up to 100% RAP
J.M. Lizarraga, A. Ramirez, P. Diaz, M. Martin & F. Guisado

Fiscal commitments to encourage PPP projects in transport infrastructure
N. Nose, C. Queiroz & M. Nose

Mix design and volumetric analysis of hot recycled bituminous mixtures using a bio-additive
E. Bocci, F. Cardone & A. Grilli

A water curtain-based wayside protection system for tunnel fire safety
S. Terribile, G. Malavasi, P. Firmi & A. Pranno

3D control of obstacles in airport location studies
D. Gavran, S. Fric, V. Ilić, F. Trpčevski & S. Vranjevac

Environmental and economic assessment of pavement construction and management practices for enhancing pavement sustainability
J. Santos, V. Cerezo, G. Flintsch & A. Ferreira

Road route planning for transporting wind turbines in Europe
F. Autelitano, E. Garilli & F. Giuliani

The method of the friction diagram: New developments and possible applications
P. Colonna, N. Berloco, P. Intini & V. Ranieri

The relationships between familiarity and road accidents: Some case studies
P. Intini, P. Colonna, N. Berloco, V. Ranieri & E. Ryeng

Geotechnical asset management for Italian transport agencies: Implementation principles and concepts
P. Mazzanti, P.D. Thompson, D.L. Beckstrand & D.A. Stanley

Evaluation of workability of warm mix asphalt through CDI parameter and air voids
D.M. Mocelin, L.A.T. Brito, M.G. Johnston, V.S. Alves, G.B. Colpo & J.A.P. Ceratti

A laser profilometer prototype for applications in road pavement management system
G. Cerni & A. Corradini

Speed management in single carriageway roads: Speed limit setting through expert-based system
N. Gregorio, A. Bastos Silva & A. Seco

Effects of mineral fillers on bitumen mastic chemistry and rheology
R.M. Alfaqawi, G. Airey, D. Lo Presti & J. Grenfell

Functional and durability properties evaluation of open graded asphalt mixes
V.M. Kolodziej, G. Triches, J.S. Ledezma, G.C. Carlesso, L.M. Jardin & R.M. Knabben

Re-use in asphalt pavements of fillers from natural stone sawmilling sludge
E. Santagata, O. Baglieri, L. Tsantilis, G. Chiappinelli & P.P. Riviera

Risk compensation in a changing road environment
A. Oikonomou, P. Tafidis, P. Kyriakidis, S. Basbas & I. Politis

A PSO algorithm for designing 3D highway alignments adopting polynomial solutions
G. Bosurgi, O. Pellegrino & G. Sollazzo

QEMS. ANAS quality evaluation management system
E. Cesolini, S. Oddone & S. Gregori

Innovative approaches to implement road infrastructure concession through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives: A case study
M. Arata, M. Petrangeli & F. Longo

Highway functional classification in CIS countries
V.V. Silyanov & J.I. Sodikov

Efficient practices in railway ballast maintenance and quality assessment using GPR
L.B. Ciampoli, A. Calvi, A. Benedetto, F. Tosti & A.M. Alani

BIM experience in infrastructural large projects: Doha Metro—Al Jadeda Station al Matar B case study
A. Ingletti, M. Scala & L. Chiacchiari

The pavement management system for improving airports and roads infrastructures
G. Battiato, L. Cosimi & C. Stratakos

The use of porous asphalt for the improvement of the grading plan geometry and drainage of pavement surfaces on urban roads
V. Ilić, M. Orešković, D. Gavran & I. Pančić

Urban tracks for Light Rail Transit (LRT). Dublin experience
M. Corsi

Study on paving factors of stone path in campus based on characteristics of pedestrian walking
Y. Yanqun, H. Qinwei, X. Meiling & Y. Sheng

Performance evaluation of regenerated HMA with very high RAP content
N.A. Alvarado Patino, J. Martinez & E. Lopez

Finite element modelling of flexible pavement reinforced with geogrid
G. Leonardi & R. Palamara

Critical success factors for PPP infrastructure projects in India
R.P. Pradhan, A. Verma, S. Dash, R.P. Maradana & K. Gaurav

An on-ramp metering and speed control application on O1 freeway in Istanbul
H.G. Demir & Y.K. Demir

Transport infrastructure capacity calculations using green travelling planner
I. Celiński, M. Staniek & G. Sierpiński

The influence of road marking, shape of central island, and truck apron on total and truck accidents at roundabouts
J. Kamla, T. Parry & A. Dawson

A runway veer-off risk assessment based on frequency model: Part I. probability analysis
L. Moretti, G. Cantisani, P. Di Mascio, S. Nichele & S. Caro

A runway veer-off risk assessment based on frequency model: Part II. risk analysis
L. Moretti, G. Cantisani, P. Di Mascio, S. Nichele & S. Caro

Risk factors that increased accident severity at US railroad crossings from 2005 to 2015
E. Dabbour

Development of a road asset management system in Kazakhstan
G. Bonin, S. Polizzotti, G. Loprencipe, N. Folino, C. Oliviero Rossi & B.B. Teltayev

Building Information Modeling (BIM): Prospects for the development of railway infrastructure industry
M. Leone, A. D’Andrea, G. Loprencipe, G. Malavasi & L. Bernardini

Dissipated energy approach for the fatigue evaluation of RAP asphalt mixtures
M. Pasetto & N. Baldo

Correlation between risk level and operating speed of road section
D. Bellini, M.C. Iaconis & M. Rossi

Transport systems

Implementing innovative traffic simulation models with aerial traffic survey
A. Marella, A. Bonfanti, G. Bortolaso & D. Herman

Social exclusion and high-speed rail: Some evidence from three European countries
F. Pagliara, L. Biggiero & F. Menicocci

Modeling airport noise using artificial neural networks and non-linear analysis
M. De Luca, D.C. Festa & G. Guido

A new safety performance index for speed-related crashes
G. Guido, V. Astarita, A. Vitale, V. Gallelli & F.F. Saccomanno

Monitoring the transport sector within the sustainable energy action plan: First results and lessons learnt
I. Delponte

A model to evaluate heavy vehicle effect in motorway traffic flow
R. Mauro, S. Cattani & M. Guerrieri

Quality and energy evaluation of rail-road terminals by microsimulation
A. Carboni & F. Deflorio

New features of Tritone for the evaluation of traffic safety performances
V. Astarita, V.P. Giofre, G. Guido, A. Vitale, D.C. Festa, R. Vaiana, T. Iuele, D. Mongelli, D. Rogano & V. Gallelli

Genetic algorithm-based calibration of microscopic traffic simulation model for single-lane roundabouts
O. Giuffre, A. Grana, M.L. Tumminello & A. Sferlazza

More accessible bus stops: Results from the 3iBS research project
M.V. Corazza, A. Musso & M.A. Karlsson

Shaping the future of buses in Europe: Outcomes and directions from the EBSF and EBSF_2 projects
M.V. Corazza, A. Musso, U. Guida & M. Tozzi

Waterfront and sustainable mobility. The case study of Genoa
P. Ugolini, F. Pirlone, I. Spadaro & S. Candia

New forms of mobility for an alternative territorial fruition: The rediscovery of tourist footpaths
R. Papa & R.A. La Rocca

Terminal operator liability
F. D’Orsi

Information provision in public transport: Indicators and benchmarking across Europe
M. Pirra, M. Diana & A. Castro

Public transport resilience during emergency: A simulated case in Torino
F. Deflorio, H.D. Gonzalez Zapata & M. Diana

The “form” of railways: Between construction and regeneration of contemporary landscape
F. Viola & C. Barbieri

Modelling ambulance and traffic behaviour using microsimulation: The LIFE project application
F. Galatioto, V. Parisi, E. McCormick & C. Goves

Development and application of national transport model of Croatia
G. Pretnar, U. Reiter, I. Majstorović & A. Olmeda Clemares

The effects of the different uses of mobile phones on drivers: Experimental tests on an extra-urban road
S. Zampino

Back-propagation neural networks and generalized linear mixed models to investigate vehicular flow and weather data relationships with crash severity in urban road segments
L. Mussone, M. Bassani & P. Masci

The influence of pedestrian crossings features on driving behavior and road safety
A. Bichicchi, F. Mazzotta, C. Lantieri, V. Vignali, A. Simone, G. Dondi & M. Costa

The relationship between driving risk levels and drivers’ personality traits, physical and emotional conditions
L. Eboli, G. Mazzulla & G. Pungillo

The impact of a bus rapid transit line on spatial accessibility and transport equity: The case of Catania
N. Giuffrida, G. Inturri, S. Capri, S. Spica & M. Ignaccolo

Shared infrastructures: Technique and method for an inclusive social valuation
S. Miccoli, F. Finucci & R. Murro

Automatic calibration of microscopic simulation models for the analysis of urban intersections
S. Oliveira, L. Vasconcelos & A. Bastos Silva

On-street parking management: Bridging the gap between theory and practice
C. Piccioni, M. Valtorta & A. Musso

Personality and driver behaviour questionnaire: Correlational exploratory study
J.F. Dourado, A.T. Pereira, V. Nogueira, A.M.C. Bastos Silva & A.J.M. Seco

Motorways of the sea: An outlook of technological, operational and economic tools
R.G. Di Meglio, G. Mainardi, S. Ferrini & I. Toni

Assessing sustainability of road tolling technologies
D. Glavić, M. Milenković, A. Trpković, M. Vidas & M.N. Mladenović

Traffic impact of automated truck platoons in highway exits
R. Mesa-Arango & A. Fabregas

The potential of energy-efficient driving profiles on railway consumption: A parametric approach
M. Gallo, F. Simonelli & G. De Luca

The importance of railways for developing countries. The feasibility study for the rehabilitation of the Mchinji to Nkaya rail line in Malawi
A. Placido, M. Marchesini & V. Cerreta

Identifying driving behaviour profiles by using multiple correspondence analysis and cluster analysis
D.S. Usami, L. Persia, M. Picardi, M.R. Saporito & I. Corazziari

Solution to a capacity problem using non-conventional intersections
M. Vsetecka, M. Novak & T. Apeltauer

A cycling mobility study case: The European cycling challenge 2015 in Naples
C. Aveta & M. Moraca

Secondary or no longer used rail infrastructures: A new tool for the regional railway and land planning
A. Cappelli, G. Malavasi & S. Sperati

Delay estimation on a railway-line with smart use of micro-simulation
F. Cerreto, S. Harrod & O.A. Nielsen

Smart cyber systems incorporating human-in-the-loop towards ergonomic and sustainable transport systems
F. Galatioto, C. Salvadori, M. Petracca, J. Garcia Herrero, M.J. Santofimia & A. Pollini

Development, analysis and prediction of efficiency of bulk carriers in the world market
S. Galić, T. Stanivuk & A. Marušić

Enhanced financial analysis to evaluate mass transit proposals in terms of contribution

on resilience increasing of urban systems
A. Spinosa

A reading key of motorisation trend in Italy
E. Garilli, F. Autelitano, F. Giuliani, A. Guga & G. Maternini

Competition between European Mediterranean containers transhipments ports
E. Twrdy & M. Batista

Using the DataFromSky system to monitor emissions from traffic
V. Adamec, B. Schullerova, A. Babinec, D. Herman & J. Pospisil

Structuring transport decision-making problems through stakeholder engagement: The case of Catania metro accessibility
M. Ignaccolo, G. Inturri, N. Giuffrida, M. Le Pira & V. Torrisi

A demand based route generation model for transit network design
N. Oliker & S. Bekhor

Multi-objective network design problem considering system time minimization and road safety maximization
I. Haas & S. Bekhor

The impact of road networks in urban distribution spatial
L.M. Jardin, C. Loch & V.M. Kolodziej

Validation of pedestrian behaviour scale in Belgrade
B. Antić, D. Pešić, N. Milutinović & M. Maslać

The architecture of an information system for the power management system on ship
M. Krčum & A. Gudelj

Multimodal accessibility and the interest towards inter-urban carsharing services: A behavioural approach
S. de Luca, R. Di Pace, L. Elia & F. Martire

Sustainable transport—parking policy in travel demand management
D. Brčić, M. Šoštarić & K. Vidović

Traffic flows merging cooperation analysis
D. Nemchinov, A. Mikhailov, P. Pospelov, A. Kostsov & D. Matiyahin

The relaunch of branch lines as a territory project for the inner areas
F. Alberti

Total management tool oriented to carbon footprint reduction in terminals of containers
F.E. Santarremigia, G.D. Molero, M.D. Esclapez & S. Awad-Nunez

Pedestrian paths: Safety and accessibility for all users
E. Pagliari & S. Balestrieri

Designing principles of the efficient and safe urban cycling infrastructure
Y.V. Trofimenko, E.V. Shashina & I.V. Markin

Analysis of the maritime traffic in the central part of the Adriatic
Z. Lušić, D. Pušić & D. Medić

Study on distribution of bicycle sharing system facility based on Markov chain model
R. Liu, J.F. Dai, J.X. Lin, Q. Shi, Z. Sun, F. Yang & J.C. Huang

A study on the influence of parking policy mix on travel model choice behavior within the scope of heterogeneous travel purposes
H. Yan, M. Ran & M. Li

Classification and recognition model for the severity of road traffic accidents
J. Xi, L. Wang, T. Ding & W. Sun

Research on the method of multi-resource traffic data fusion for the calculation of urban road traffic operation index
S. Zeng & H. Xiang

The optimed project: A new Mediterranean hub-based Ro-Ro network
P. Fadda, G. Fancello, C. Pani & P. Serra

Evaluating the capability of deterministic and stochastic simulation tools to model oversaturated freeway operations
D. Jolovic, P. Martin, A. Stevanovic & S. Sajjadi

Evaluation method of urban intersection safety under mixed traffic
T. Chen, M. Li, L. Sun, B. Chen & Y. Gao

Sustainable development of the transport system through rationalization of transport tasks using a specialised travel planner
I. Celiński, G. Sierpiński & M. Staniek

Tram and light rail transit in modern urban mobility systems
R. Emili

A methodology for evaluating the competitiveness of Ro-Ro services
V. Marzano, A. Papola & F. Simonelli

Airport ground access logit choice models for fixed track systems
I. Politis, P. Papaioannou & G. Georgiadis

A simulation model for managing port operations
S. Gori & M. Petrelli

Air transport hinterland in Adriatic and Ionian region: Equity and connectivity matters
O. Čokorilo

Which role for tramways in the next years
G. Mantovani

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