1st Edition

Transport Theory
Invariant Imbedding, and Integral Equations: Proceedings in Honor of G.m. Wing's 65th Birthday

Edited By

Paul Nelson

ISBN 9780824781583
Published March 24, 1989 by CRC Press
480 Pages

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Book Description

This book includes seminal papers on technical subjects—transport theory, invariant imbedding, and integral equations—presented as contributions to honour George Milt Wing in celebration of his 65th birth anniversary in 1988.

Table of Contents

1. Transport Theory in Binary Statistical Mixtures 2. A Look at Transport Theory from the Point of View of Linear Algebra 3. A Quasi-Diffusive Approach to Linear Transport 4. On the Asymptotic Behaviour of Electrons in an Ionized Gas 5. Dispersion Characteristics and Landau Damping in a Plasma with an External Field 6. Duality of Backward and Forward Transport Formulations in Radiation Damage 7. P-1 Transverse-Leakage Treatment of Interface—Current Nodal Transport Method 8. Systems of Conservation Equations in Nonlinear Particle Transport Theory 9. The Nonlinear Boltzmann Equation: Representation Theory, Super- and Subsolutions 10. Comparison Theorems and Their Use in the Analysis of Some Nonlinear Diffusion Problems 11. Bubbles and Bends and Bio-Transport 12. A Semigroup for Lagrangian 1D Isentropic Flow 13. Mass Transfer, Heat Transfer, and Brownian Particle Deposition onto Two Spheres in Contact 14. Eigenmodes of a Random Walk on a 2D Lattice Torus with One Trap 15. A Stability Analysis of the Chandrasekhar Reflection Equation in Radiative Transfer 16. A Discrete Model of Transport and Invariant Imbedding in Two or More Dimensions 17. Invariant Imbedding in Two Dimensions 18. Refined Eigenvalue Estimates in the Case of Lipschitz Continuity 19. Remarks on Some Iterative Methods for an Integral Equation in Fourier Optics 20. Inversion of a First-Kind Integral Equation as a Plasma Diagnostic 21. Application of the Numerical Laplace Transform Inversion to Neutron Transport Theory 22. A Bayesian Approach to Nonlinear Inversion: Abel Inversion from X-Ray Attenuation Data 23. Numerical Solution of the Magnetic Relief Problem 24. The Weierstrass Transform in X-Ray Analysis 25. Multi-Boundary Alternating Direction Collocation Schemes for Computing Ideal Flows over Bodies of Arbitrary Shape Using Cartesian Coordinates 26. A Priori L2 Error Estimates for Galerkin Approximations to Semi-Linear Parabolic Integro-Differential Equations 27. Counting Backward from 10

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