1st Edition

Triangle of Death The Inside Story of the Triads – The Chinese Mafia

By Frank Robertson Copyright 1977

    Triangle of Death (1977) examines the growth of the international heroin trade, and its control by the Chinese secret societies known as Triads. It looks at the Triads active in Hong Kong, the Golden Triangle and Amsterdam, and shows how these groups have spread across the Western world.

    1. The Valley of the Shadow of Death  2. Triangle of Gold – and Blood  3. Brown Sugar, Darling? Come With Me  4. Triads More Efficient than Mafia’s Dreams  5. Triads?: Très, Très Formidable  6. ‘Limpy’  7. Call Me Teddy  8. Jack the Sniffer  9. We Can Eat Stones  10. Heroes and Brave Fellows  11. Heaven, Earth and a Barren Rock


    Frank Robertson