393 Pages 186 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    394 Pages 186 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book is a bridge between organismal/community approaches to food web dynamics and ecosystem-level approaches to production. It explains topics including autotrophy, heterotrophy, omnivory, decomposition, foraging behavior and theory, trophic cascades, bioenergetics, and production.

    1. Introduction and History of Trophic Ecology Concepts and Patterns 2. Trophic Pyramids and Trophic Levels 3. Scavenging and Decomposition Mechanisms at the organismal Scale 4. Foraging in Patches 5. Predation 6. Prey Diet Data, Modeling, and Energetics Approaches 7. Analyzing Diets 8. Bioenergetics, Ecosystem Metabolism, and Metabolic Theory 9. Consumption and Nutrition Community and ecosystem concepts 10. Food Webs 11. Secondary Production Quantifying Material Flux and Synthesis 12. Nutrient Dynamics and Stoichiometry 13. Elements and Isotopes as Tracers 14. Use and Importance of Lipids in Trophic Ecology 15. Synthesis for Trophic Ecology


    James E. Garvey, Matt Whiles