1st Edition

True Believers and the Great Replacement Understanding Anomie and Alienation

By Alf H. Walle Copyright 2023
    236 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    True Believers and the Great Replacement explores the responses of segments of Western cultures who fear that changes in the racial, religious, and ethnic makeup of society threaten their way of life. The Great Replacement Theory (that suggests that the traditional character of Western society is being undermined by outsiders) is discussed. Analyzed with reference to the Critical Race Theory and the “Cancel Culture” movement, the author examines the anxieties and reactions of those who feel alienated by a world of rapid and disorienting change. Drawing upon the thought of Eric Hoffer and Emile Durkheim, these responses are discussed in terms of the concepts of anomie and the true believer in innovative and effective ways. Based on this analysis, strategic responses are suggested. The volume will appeal to scholars and practitioners involved with issues of race and ethnicity, business, and social and cultural analyses.

    Prologue to Section 1 1. Anomie and True Believers 2. Dysfunctional and Functional Responses 3. Anomie, True Believers, and Replacement Epilogue to Section 1 Prologue to Section 2 4. European True Believers and Xenophobia 5. American Freedom, Salad Bowls, and Xenophobia Epilogue to Section 2: Examples from Europe and North America Prologue to Section 3: Reactions and Tensions 6. Critical Race Theory: From Rhetoric to Dialogue 7. The Cancel Culture Movement Epilogue to Section 3 Prologue to Section 4 8. For What It’s Worth: Missteps that Multiply Problems 9. Getting What You Need: Keeping an Eye on the Prize Epilogue to Section 4 Prologue to Section 5 10 Dialectics without a Synthesis: The Challenge of Finding Common Ground 11 Beyond the U-Shaped Curve: A Continuum of Moral and Ethical Thought 12 Insider Attitudes, Outsiders Views, and Lens of Psychology Epilogue to Section 5 A Summary and Final Word


    Alf H. Walle is a consultant focusing upon business anthropology and a longtime college professor of business, psychology, and tribal management. He is the author of Indigenous and Ethnic Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Culture and Economic Development and Mental Illness.