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Tudor Dynastic Problems

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Book Description

Originally published in 1973, this book provides a detailed history and analysis of Tudor dynastic problems from their origin in 1460 when Richard of York asserted his claim to the crown, to 1571 when Elizabeth I’s second Treasons Act virtually established parliamentary statute as the constitutional way to settle questions of succession. The book deals with each important development and provides a comparison Of the dynastic attitudes of the three great Tudors which should be an important component in appraisals of these monarchs. The study is supplemented by documents some of which had never been printed before which supply the reader with contemporary evidence to help them reach their own conclusions.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction 1. The Dynastic Rivalry of Lancaster and York 2. The Reign of Henry VII 3. The Reign of Henry VIII 4. The Reigns of Edward VI and Mary I 5. The Reign of Elizabeth I to 1571 Part 2: Documents 1. A statute for those who are born in parts beyond the sea (1351) 2. The Crown of England and France Entailed Upon King Henry IV and his Sons (1406) 3. The Duke of York’s claim to the Crown (1460) 4. Edward IV’s Title to the Throne Declared in Parliament (1461) 5. The Attainder of George, Duke of Clarence (1478) 6. An Act For the Settlement of the Crown Upon Richard III and his Issue (1484) 7. Opinion of the Judges Regarding Henry VII’s Attainder under the Yorkists (1485) 8. Henry VII’s Title to the Throne Confirmed in Parliament (1485) 9. Henry VII’s Repeal of the Act Confirming Richard III’s Title (1485) 10. The Bull Confirming Henry VII’s Title and Marriage (1486) 11. De Puebla to Ferdinand and Isabella (1500) 12. A Comment Attributed to Henry VII (c.1501) 13. A Discussion Held at Calais (c. 1503) 14. Henry VIII to Cuthbert Tunstall and Sir Richard Wingfield (1525) 15. Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn (c. 1528) 16. Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon on the Divorce (1528) 17. Henry VIII’s First Succession Act (1534) 18. Reginald Pole on Henry VIII’s Divorce (1536) 19. Henry VIII’s second Succession Act (1536) 20. Robert Aske’s Examination (1537) 21. Sir George Throckmorton to Henry VIII (1537) 22. Henry VIII’s third Succession Act (1544) 23. Henry VIII’s Will (1546) 24. Protector Somerset’s ‘Epistle of Exhortation’ to the Scots (1548) 25. Edward VI’s Letters Patent for the Limitation of the Crown (1553) 26. Mary I to Sir Edward Hastings (1533) 27. An Act Declaring Mary I Legitimate (1553) 28. Simon Renard to Charles V (1553) 29. An Act Concerning The Regal Power (1554) 30. An Act of Recognition of the Queen’s Highness’ Title to the Imperial Crown of this Realm (1559) 31. Maitland of Lethington’s Account of his Negotiations with Elizabeth I (1561) 32. A Clause to have been inserted in an act meant for the succession, but not passed (1563) 33. Mary Queen of Scots’ Claim to the English Succession Attacked on National and Religious Grounds (1565) 34. The ‘Common Cry of Englishmen’ to Elizabeth I and her Parliament (1566) 35. Elizabeth I’s second Treasons Act (1571)

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Mortimer Levine was Professor of History at the University of West Virginia, USA.