1st Edition

Turkey and the West

By David Barchard Copyright 1985

    First Published in 1985, Turkey and the West critically examines the likely costs and benefits of closer Turkish relations with the West. Turkey is strategically important to the West and yet set apart by its geographical location, political system, and level of economic development. Turkey’s political and economic situation, its foreign policy, and all aspects of its relations with the Western world are closely examined in this book. David Barchard also reviews the ways in which those relations might evolve.

    This book is an important historical document for scholars and researchers of geopolitics, international history, international relations and middle east studies.

    Acknowledgements 1. Introduction 2. Political Culture 3. The Economy 4. Foreign Policy 5. Turkey and NATO 6. European Organizations 7. Some Bilateral Problems 8. Turkey and the Western Financial System 9. Prospects Chronology Index


    David Barchard