1st Edition

Twentieth-Century Philosophy of Religion The History of Western Philosophy of Religion, Volume 5

By Graham Oppy, N. N. Trakakis Copyright 2009
    356 Pages
    by Routledge

    368 Pages
    by Routledge

    The twentieth century saw religion challenged by the rise of science and secularism, a confrontation which resulted in an astonishingly diverse range of philosophical views about religion and religious belief. Many of the major philosophers of the twentieth century - James, Bergson, Russell, Wittgenstein, Ayer, Heidegger, and Derrida - significantly engaged with religious thought. Idiosyncratic thinkers, such as Whitehead, Levinas and Weil, further contributed to the extraordinary diversity of philosophical investigation of religion across the century. In their turn, leading theologians and religious philosophers - notably Buber, Tillich and Barth - directly engaged with the philosophy of religion. Later, philosophy of religion became a distinct field of study, led by the work of Hick, Alston, Plantinga, and Swinburne. "Twentieth-Century Philosophy of Religion" provides an accessible overview of the major strands in the rich tapestry of twentieth-century thought about religion and will be an indispensible resource for any interested in contemporary philosophy of religion.

    1. Introduction, Charles Taliaferro; 2. William James, Richard M. Gale; 3. Henri Bergson, John Mullarkey; 4. John Dewey, Steven C. Rockefeller; 5. Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne, Lewis S. Ford; 6. Bertrand Russell, A. C. Grayling; 7. Max Scheler, Quentin Smith; 8. Martin Buber, Tamra Wright; 9. Jacques Maritain, Peter A. Redpath; 10. Karl Jaspers, Kurt Salamun; 11. Paul Tillich, William L. Rowe; 12. Karl Barth, Paul Dafydd Jones; 13. Ludwig Wittgenstein, Genia Schoenbaumsfeld; 14. Martin Heidegger, Laurence Paul Hemming; 15. Emmanuel Levinas, Jeffrey L. Kosky; 16. Simone Weil, Stephen Plant; 17. A. J. Ayer, Graham Macdonald; 18. William P. Alston, Daniel Howard-Snyder; 19. John Hick, Paul Badham; 20. Mary Daly, Anne-Marie Korte; 21. Jacques Derrida, Kevin Hart; 22. Alvin Plantinga, James F. Sennett; 23. Richard Swinburne, Bruce Langtry; 24. Late-twentieth-century atheism, Graham Oppy & N. N. Trakakis


    Graham Oppy, N. N. Trakakis