1st Edition

Typical and Atypical Child Development 3 Perceptual and Motor Development

By Stephen von Tetzchner Copyright 2023
    124 Pages 13 Color & 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    124 Pages 13 Color & 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    124 Pages 13 Color & 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This concise guide offers an accessible introduction to perceptual development and motor development from infancy to adolescence. It integrates insights from typical and atypical development to reveal fundamental aspects of human growth and development, and common developmental disorders.

    The topic books in this series draw on international research in the field and are informed by biological, social and cultural perspectives, offering explanations of developmental phenomena with a focus on how children and adolescents at different ages actually think, feel and act. In this succinct volume, Stephen von Tetzchner covers key topics in perceptual development including: the theory of perceptual development, early and later development of vision, visual impairment, early perception of sound, the development of hearing throughout childhood and adolescence, the development of musical skills, hearing impairment, deafblindness, smell and taste. The section on motor development explores: theories of motor development, gross motor development, fine motor skills and atypical motor development.

    Together with a companion website that offers topic-based quizzes, lecturer PowerPoint slides and sample essay questions, Typical and Atypical Child and Adolescent Development 3: Perceptual and Motor Development is an essential text for all students of developmental psychology, as well as those working in the fields of child development, developmental disabilities and special education.


    Part I Perceptual Development

    1. Perception

    2. Two Theoretical Explanations

    3. Vision

    4. Hearing

    5. Other Senses

    6. Intermodal Perception

    Summary of Part I

    Core Issues

    Suggestions for Further Reading

    Part II Motor development

    7. Motor Functions

    8. From Action Systems to Complex Actions

    9. Gross Motor Development

    10. Development of Fine Motor Skills

    11. Fine and Gross Motor Skills are Related

    12. Individual and Cultural Differences

    13. Theories of Motor Development

    14. Development of Drawing

    15. Atypical Motor Development

    Summary of Part II

    Core Issues

    Suggestions for Further Reading





    Stephen von Tetzchner is Professor of Developmental Psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Norway.

    The individual topic books in the Topics from Child and Adolescent Psychology are drawn from Stephen von Tetzchner’s comprehensive core textbook, Child and Adolescent Psychology.

    Praise for the core textbook:

    ‘Extremely useful text for students and practitioners alike.’ Dr. Graham Music, Consultant Psychotherapist, Tavistock Clinic London, UK.

    ‘Illustrates how knowledge about typical and atypical development can be integrated and used to highlight fundamental processes of human growth and maturation.’ Dr. John Coleman, PhD, OBE, UK.