1st Edition

UN Peacekeeping in Trouble: Lessons Learned from the Former Yugoslavia
Peacekeepers' Views on the Limits and Possibilities of the United Nation in a Civil War-Like Conflict

ISBN 9781138387096
Published November 22, 2020 by Routledge
407 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1998, this volume is a record, both by detailed statistical analysis and by personal account, of lessons learned. These lessons are only useful if they are shared to ensure that they are not relearned the hard way. Any soldier or statesman who is involved in Peacekeeping Operations and anyone involved in the future of peacekeeping in the United Nations would be well advised to use this exceptionally insightful and informative work as one of their essential reference books. It contains a rich store of analysis and sober conclusions that makes it an indispensable guide and should serve as a source of inspiration and reflection, but even more it should serve to provide guidance for future action. Biermann and Vadset have made a major contribution to the analysis of UN field operations and an important source book for the study of UN and NATO operations.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Introduction. 1. About this Book. Håkan Wiberg. 2. From Stoltenberg-Owen to Dayton. An Interview with Thorvald Stoltenberg. 3. Setting the Scene. Wolfgang Biermann and Martin Vadset. Part 2. Field Experiences, Perceptions, Recommendations. 4. From UNPROFOR to UNPF. Wolfgang Biermann and Martin Vadset. 5. From UNPF to IFOR. Wolfgang Biermann and Martin Vadset. 6. Lessons Learned in the Field. Wolfgang Biermann and Ole Frederik Ugland. Part 3. Military and Diplomatic Views. 7. Managing United Nations Peacekeeping. Yasushi Akashi. 8. Principles to be Observed. Bertrand de Lapresle. 9. Military Aspects of Peacekeeping. Sir Michael Rose. 10. Start and End of Srebrenica. Lars-Eric Wahlgren. 11. UNHCR in the Balkans. Sadako Ogata. 12. The Incalculable Dynamic of Using Force. John M. Sanderson. 13. Developing the Peace in Central Bosnia – 1994. Andrew Ridgway. 14. Preventive Peacekeeping as a Model for the Prevention of War. Howard F. Kuenning. 15. UN Media Policy. Jan-Dirk von Merveldt. 16. International Humanitarian Law, Protected Zones and the Use of Force. Jean-Philippe Lavoyer. 17. The Situation in UN HQ. Cees van Egmond. 18. UN Peacekeeping and New Challenges in a New World. Hans Hækkerup. 19. Lessons Learned for the OSCE. Max van der Stoel. 20. Experiences from UNPROFOR-UNCIVPOL. Halvor A. Hartz. 21. UN Military Observers’ Role in De-escalation of Local Conflict. Søren Bo Husum. 22. Peacekeepers Facing Horrors of Civil War-like Conflict. Sten Martini. Part 4. Conclusions. 23. After Dayton. Wolfgang Biermann and Martin Vadset.

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