1st Edition

Ubuntu and Western Monotheism An Axiological Investigation

By Kirk Lougheed Copyright 2022
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This book offers a unique comparative study of ubuntu, a dominant ethical theory in African philosophy, and western monotheism. It is the first book to bring ubuntu to bear on the axiology of theism debate in contemporary analytic philosophy of religion.

    A large motivating force behind this book is to explore the extent to which there is intersubjective ethical agreement and disagreement between ubuntu and Western worldviews like monotheism and naturalism. First, the author assesses the various arguments for anti-theism and pro-theism on the assumption that ubuntu is true. Ubuntu’s communitarian focus might be so different from the Western tradition that it completely changes how we evaluate theism and atheism. Second, the author assesses the advantages and disadvantages of the truth of ubuntu for the world. Third and finally, he assesses the axiological status of faith for both monotheism and ubuntu.

    Ubuntu and Western Monotheism will be of interest to scholars and advanced students specializing in philosophy of religion, African religion and philosophy, and religious ethics.

    Part I: Setting the Stage

    1. Introduction to the Comparative Project

    2. What is Ubuntu?

    Part II: Ubuntu and the Axiology of Theism

    3. Ubuntu and Anti-Theism

    4. Ubuntu and Pro-Theism

    Part III: The Axiology of Ubuntu

    5. The Disadvantages of Ubuntu

    6. The Advantages of Ubuntu

    7. The Axiology of Theism and Differences Between Supernatural Ubuntu and Secular Ubuntu

    8. The Axiology of Traditional African Religion

    9. The Advantages of Traditional African Religion in Atheist World

    Part IV: Ubuntu and Axiological Explorations Beyond Monotheism

    10. Ubuntu and the Axiology of Ultimism

    11. Ubuntu and the Axiology of Pantheism

    12. Conclusion: The Future of Global Axiological Investigations


    Kirk Lougheed is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Faith and Human Flourishing at LCC International University. He is also a Research Associate at the University of Pretoria. He is author or editor of 4 books, and over 25 articles appearing in such places as Philosophia, Ratio, and Synthese.

    “Global philosophy of religion that takes into account the insights of traditions to which little attention has been devoted is on the rise. This book makes a valuable contribution to both the growth of this field of research as well as to the already well-established body of research on the axiology of theism. Anyone interested in the renewal of philosophy of religion should read it.”Andrei A. Buckareff, Marist College, USA