1st Edition

Understanding Mental Disorders Due To Medical Conditions Or Substance Abuse What Every Therapist Should Know

By Ghazi Asaad Copyright 1995

    This text is a unique handbook that will heighten the awareness of all mental health professionals and students toward organic factors in mental illness.

    Chapter 1 History, Definitions, and Phenomenology; Chapter 2 Delirium; Chapter 3 Dementia and Amnestic Disorder; Chapter 4 Psychotic Disorders Due to Medical Conditions; Chapter 5 Mood Disorder and Anxiety Disorder Due to Medical Conditions; Chapter 6 Personality Change Due to Medical Conditions; Chapter 7 Alzheimer's Disease and other Degenerative Dementias; Chapter 8 Mental Disorders Arising from Cerebrovascular Diseases; Chapter 9 Psychiatric Disorders Arising from Brain Tumors; Chapter 10 Psychiatric Manifestations of Traumatic Brain Injuries; Chapter 11 Psychiatric Aspects of Seizure Disorders; Chapter 12 Psychiatric Manifestations of Central Nervous System Infections; Chapter 13 Psychiatric Manifestations of Endocrine Disorders; Chapter 14 Psychiatric Manifestations of Metabolic and Vitamin Deficiency Disorders; Chapter 15 Psychiatric Manifestations of Exposure to Toxic Substances and Pharmacological Agents; Chapter 16 Alcohol-Induced Mental Disorders; Chapter 17 Drug-Induced Mental Disorders;


    Ghazi Asaad