1st Edition

Unfolding Feminism in India Women, Power and Politics

By Skylab Sahu Copyright 2023
    240 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    240 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    This book examines various gender-based power politics in Indian society. It studies gender intersectionality and feminism as a socio-political philosophy by understanding how societal power structures are deeply rooted and supported by our patriarchal societies.

    A comprehensive and interdisciplinary study on women’s issues in India, the volume:

    • Adopts an intersectional feminist lens to critically analyse identity formation, gender socialisation, gender stereotyping and discrimination
    • Discusses various socialist & Marxist perspectives of feminism, including liberal, radical, postmodern feminism, ecofeminism, and dalit feminism
    • Examines the concept and origin of patriarchy, alongside theories on masculinity while focusing heterogeneous male members and the hegemonic masculinity
    • Investigates issues related to violence against gender and adequate implementation of law and rehabilitation policies in India
    • Sheds light on women’s labour and participation in the organised, service and unorganised sectors of work within India
    • Highlights on women’s movement in India during pre-independence and postindependence period. While discussing contemporary women’s movement, it takes serious cognisance of the environmental challenges and women’s participation.

    This book will be of interest and use to students, teachers, scholars of women’s and gender studies, intersectional feminism, sexuality studies, identity politics and political sociology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.



    1 Sex and Gender

    2 Patriarchy

    3 Unfolding Feminism Within the Contours of Masculinity, Transgender, LGBTQ and Queer Politics

    4 Feminism and Its Perspectives

    5 Structures of Gender Inequality and Violence Against Women

    6 Women and Work

    7 Sex Workers in India and the Debates Around Work, Sexuality and Law

    8 The Women’s Movement in India





    Skylab Sahu is Assistant Professor in Miranda House at University of Delhi and currently a Barbro Klein Fellow at SCAS in the University of Uppsala, Sweden. She has completed her Ph.D. from Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore. Her specialisation and areas of interest cover gender studies, Indian politics, political theory and political philosophy. She has published her research in edited books and several national and international refereed journals, such as Studies in Indian Politics, Sociological Bulletin, Indian Journal of Social and Economic Development, Journal of Health Management, Indian Journal of Political Science and Indian Journal of Social Work. She has authored two books: Gender, Sexuality, and HIV/AIDS: Exploring Politics of Women’s Health in India (SAGE 2015) and Gender, Violence and Governmentality: Legal and Policy Initiatives (Routledge 2020).

    “The Book, Unfolding Feminism in India: Women, Power and Politics, brings together a wide range of concepts, ideas and theories related to different genres of feminism, patriarchy and the evolving meaning of gender, in the current context. An important contribution is the first chapter which contextualises the discussion of feminism, women’s movements and gender agency in the framework of theories of power. The book will be extremely valuable reference to this important subject, for students, teachers and others interested in feminist studies.”

    Prof. Supriya RoyChowdhury, Visiting Professor NIAS Bangalore


    “The book introduces the feminists thinking through a shifting gender lens. In this persuasively argued analyses of feminism, and the underlying concept of patriarchy, the author’s arguments are incisive and engaging. The volume is different from the usual feminist studies and commits to a powerful analyses of feminism in India. More important the study has been planned as an exercise against exclusion as it brings in a broader concept of feminism in relation to masculinities and an integral view of gendered intersectionalities.”

    Prof. Asha Hans, Ex Prof of Political Science and Founder Director Women’s Studies Utkal University, Member Board UN Women’s Peace Humanitarian Fund