1st Edition

Unit Operations Handbook Volume 1 (In Two Volumes)

Edited By John J. McKetta Jr Copyright 1992
    1040 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Emphasizes the design, control and functioning of various unit operations - offering shortcut methods of calculation along with computer and nomographic solution techniques. Provides practical sections on conversion to and from SI units and cost indexes for quick updating of all cost information.;This book is designed for mechanical, chemical, process design, project, and materials engineers and continuing-education courses in these disciplines.

    "Molecular Diffusion Molecular Diffusion, P. M. Sigmund and Hing Y. Lo Absorption Absorption, R. N. Maddox and J. H. Erbar Adborption, Falling Film, Gianfranco Guerreri Gas Absorbers, Cost, WiliamVatavuk and Robert B. Neveril Adsorption Adsorption, Design, T. Vermeulen Adsorption, General, R. A. Anderson Adsorption, Cost, William M. Vatavuk and Robert B. Neveril Desorption Desorption, . J. Liddle and G. M. Hampson Packed Towers Packed Towers, Design, Timothy L. Holmes and Gilbert K. Chen Packed Towers, Internals, Gilbert K. Chen Packed Towers Shortcuts, Computer Calculation, Tom C. Tsai Packed Towers Shortcuts, Diameter, Optimum, Adam Zanker Packed Towers Shortcuts, Efficience, Adam Zanker Packed Towers Shortcuts, Liquid Holdup and Pressure Drop, Adam Zanker Packed Towers Shortcuts, Linear Liquid Velocity, Adam Zanker Mist Removal Equipment, Design and Selection, Timothy L. Holmes and Gilbert K. Chen Distillation Distillation, W. L. Bolles and James R. Fair Distillation, Azeotropic and Extractive, C. D. Holland, S. E. Gallun, and M. J. Lockett Distillation, Batch, G. A. R. Trollope Distillation Control, F. G. Shinskey Distillation, Estimates for Naphtha Cuts, D. B. Broughton and K. D. Vitti Distillation, Flash, C. J. Liddle Distillation, Optimization, . T. Mitchell Distillation Simulation, A. Chou, B. L. Bauman, and A. M. Fayon Distillation, Steam, R. W. Ellerbe Foam Fractionation, Robert Lemlich Entrainment Separation Entrainment Separation, Otto H. York Liquid-Liquid Extraction Extraction, Liquid-Liquid, P. J. Bailes, C. Hanson, M. A. Hughes, and M. W. T. Pratt Extraction, Liquid-Liquid, Equipment Choice, . -H. Reissenger and Jürgen Schröeter Extraction, Liquid-Liquid, Packed Tower Design, John S. Eckert Crystallization Basics Crystallization, Concepts, Ken Toyokura Crystallization, Nucleation Systems, Maurice A. Larson and John Garside Crystallization, Design, . C. Bennett Crystallization, Extractive and Adductive, Glenn H. Dale Drying Solids Drying, Solids, Ralph E. Peck Drying of Fluids with Adsorbents, G. E. Hales Freeze Drying, C. Judson King Membrane Processing Membranes and membrane Processing, William Koros Membranes, Technology and Application, J. D. Adhia Particulate Technology Particulate Technology, Frederick A. Zenz Particle-Size Distribution Estimate, Adam Zanker Particle Segregation, Prevention, Jerry R. Johanson Gravity Sedimentation Gravity Sedimentation Operations, Bryant Fitch Gravity Settlers, Design, M. W. Abernathy Gravity Settler, Sizing of Decanters, Adam Zanker Flocculation Flocculation, Stacy L. Daniels Froth Flotation Froth Flotation, Baki Yarar and S. R. Rao Filters and Filtration Filter Aid, Use in Filtration, C. W. Cain, Jr. Filtration, Pressure systems, Peter F. Johnston Filtration, Vacuum Systems, Donald A. Dahlstrom Filtration, Submicron, eter R. Johnston Filters, Baghouse, Cost and Sizing, William M. Vatavuk and Robert B. Neveril Electrodialysis and Electro-Osmosis Electrodialysis and Electro-Osmosis, Harry P. Gregor Electrostatic Precipitation Electrostatic Precipitation, Gilbert G. Schneider, J. Copper, and T. I. Horzella Electrostatic Hazards: Basic Concepts, Ernesto Barreto Electrostatic Hazards: Hydrocarbon Processing, F. W. van Vollenhoven Mixing and Blending Mixing and Blending, James Y. Oldshue Mixing: Agitation Intensity and Scale-up of Flow-Sensitive Fluid Systems, James Y. Oldshue Mixing and Blending, Scale-up of Equipment, Adam Zanker Mixing: Flow and Shear Rates for Radial Turbines, Richard L. Bowen, Jr. Mixing, Static, Michael Mutsakis, F. A. Streiff, and G. Schneider Blending, Orval A. Brown Conveying Solids Conveyors, Bulk Solids, Milton A. Buffington Conveyors, Pneumatic, Frank J. Gerchow Pneumatic Conveyors, Cost-Effective Design, David Mills Pneumatic Conveyors, Maintenance, Edward D. Pittman Pneumatic Conveyors, Pressure Drops, ohn D. Constance Pneumatic Conveyors, Product Degradation, David Mills Pneumatic Conveyors, Troubleshooting, David Mills Pneumatic Conveyors, Velocity, Adam Zanker "


    John J. McKetta Jr

    "...exhaustive references, numerous illustrations and graphical presentation of data...aid the design of the equipment....the work is well done and the author and publisher deserve credit for bringing out this...book."
    ---Chemical Industry News, 1993
    "...As many as 79 international experts from USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy, Austria and Israel have contributed to make the two-volume set a comprehensive...information base on unit operations in chemical engineering. In all cases, emphasis is placed on the design, control and functioning of various operations. The set is valuable to all those connected with the design and control as well as research work involved with unit operations."
    ---Chemical Engineering World, 1994