1st Edition

Unleashing Intellectual Capital

By Charles Kalev Ehin Copyright 2000
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    by Routledge

    Unleashing Intellectual Capital reveals breakthrough principles for structuring Knowledge Age organizations. It helps leaders and knowledge professionals better understand how human nature supports or undermines voluntary workplace collaboration and innovation-vital sources of competitive advantage in business. Integrating the latest insights from diverse scientific disciplines, the book reestablishes some very basic truths about human innate behavior that determine how people best work together and are managed, or in some cases "unmanaged." Using understandable and practical models, Unleashing Intellectual Capital explains human nature and offers readers a comprehensive framework they can use to generate sustained high levels of intellectual capital within their own organizations while at the same time reducing workplace violence.

    Foreword by Frederick Herzberg; Preface; Introduction:Time for Unmanagement; The Competitive Advantage; The Critical Elements; Our Kaleidoscopic Mind; Selecting Our Survival Strategies; Fostering Supportive Social Interactions; Getting Started; Generating, Capturing And Leveraging Intellectual Capital; No Longer Slaves Of Our Own Making; Afterword by Genevieve W. Gore, co-founder of W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.; Glossary; Bibliography



    "Unleashing Intellectual Capital is a daring and provocative book. Ehin opens our minds and demonstrates how our inherent genetic tendencies can be leveraged for competitive advantage. This book provides the reader with new and useful ammunition in which to operate in the new millennium." ¾John W. Patten, President Emeritus, Business Week

    "Unleashing Intellectual Capital is so well written that it is a delightful treat in management books. As for me, who has spent my life on similar issues, I bow to Dr. Ehin." -Frederick Herzberg, Cummins Engine, Distinguished Professor Emeritus

    "Dr. Ehin is the rarest of business authors: the subject expert whose writing is clear, focused and actionable. Unleashing Intellectual Capital is a must-read for tomorrow's business winners." ¾David Stauffer, President, Stauffer Bury, Inc.

    "Thus, Ehin has written a book that is part paean to the power of the human mind -- and part prescription for how management can tap into that powerful resource. Then again, perhaps the word is not "management," for Ehin boldly announces early on that "Increasing intellectual capital cannot be managed in the traditional sense." This upfront distinct point-of-view makes this book a standout. For at its core, this book is not about managing organizations; it's about human nature." Management General Website April 2000

    "Unleashing Intellectual Capital is indispensable for leaders and knowledge professionals who want to leverage the latest scientific discoveries to better manage their employees and create sustainable competitive advantage." - Colgate Scene

    'Using anthropology and psychology (among many other fields), the author concludes that we will never manage intellectual capaital until we better understand human values. Dedazzling'
    British Airways Business Life - March 2001