Urban Regeneration in the UK  book cover
2nd Edition

Urban Regeneration in the UK

ISBN 9780203802847
Published June 7, 2013 by Routledge
352 Pages 26 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Striking transformations are taking place in the urban landscape. The regeneration of urban areas in the UK and around the world has become an increasingly important issue amongst governments and populations since the global economic downturn.

This textbook provides an accessible and critical synthesis of urban regeneration in the UK, analyzing key policies, approaches, issues and debates. It places the historical and contemporary regeneration agenda in context. The second edition has been extensively revised and updated to incorporate advances in literature, policy and case study examples, as well as giving greater discussion to the New Labour period of urban policy, and the urban agenda and regeneration policies of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition government elected in 2010. The book is divided into five sections, with Section I establishing the conceptual and political framework for urban regeneration in the UK. Section II traces policies that have been adopted by central government to influence the social, economic and physical development of cities, including early town and country and housing initiatives, community-focused urban policies of the late 1960s, entrepreneurial property-led regeneration of the 1980s, competition for urban funds in the 1990s, urban renaissance and neighborhood renewal policies of the late 1990s and early 2000s, and new approaches since 2010 which have sought to stimulate enterprise and embrace localism in an age of austerity resulting from the global economic downturn. Section III illustrates the key thematic policies and strategies that have been pursued by cities themselves, focusing particularly on improving economic competitiveness, tackling social disadvantage and promoting sustainable urban regeneration. Section IV summarizes key issues and debates facing urban regeneration in the early 2010s, and speculates upon future directions in an era of economic and political uncertainty.

Urban Regeneration in the UK combines the approaches taken by central government and cities themselves to regenerate urban areas, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date synthesis of the field. Each chapter also contains case studies, study questions, suggested further reading and websites, making this an essential resource for undergraduate students interested in Urban Studies, Geography, Planning and the Built Environment.

Table of Contents

Section I. The Context for Urban Regeneration  Chapter 1. Introduction: The Decline and Rise of UK Cities  Section II. Central Government Urban Regeneration Policy  Chapter 2. The Early Years of Regeneration: Physical Regeneration (1945-1968) and Social and Community Welfare (1968-1979)  Chapter 3. Entrepreneurial Regeneration (1980s)  Chapter 4. Competition and Urban Policy (1991-1997)  Chapter 5. Urban Renaissance and Neighbourhood Renewal (1997-2010)  Chapter 6. Regeneration in the Age of Austerity (From 2010)  Section III. Transforming Cities: City-Level Responses to Urban Change  Chapter 7. Urban Competitiveness  Chapter 8. New Forms of Urban Governance  Chapter 9. Community and Regeneration  Chapter 10. Urban Regeneration and Sustainability  Chapter 11. Retail Regeneration  Chapter 12. Housing Regeneration and Gentrification  Chapter 13. Culture and Regeneration  Chapter 14. Regenerating Suburban and Exurban Areas of Cities  Section IV. Conclusion  Chapter 15. Urban Regeneration: Learning From the Past, Lessons for the Future

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Andrew Tallon is Senior Lecturer in Urban Policy at the Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK. His research interests include the fields of urban geography, urban policy and urban regeneration.


"This revised and updated edition offers an exhaustive and highly accessible overview of the long turbulent history of change and intervention in the urban landscape over seven decades. Combining conceptual understanding, narratives of policy approaches and relevant illustrations of cities, the book tells a fascinating story of changing government priorities, and of a constantly evolving urban arena. Bringing the story right up to date post-2010 with discussion of the links between retailing, the cultural economy, the recession and the fluid spaces between the city and suburbia, Urban Regeneration in the UK should be read by all those interested in why cities are the way they are today and what prospects they have for the future."— Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University, UK.

"This is an important book that should be essential reading for anyone interested in UK cities. Andrew Tallon has produced a comprehensive and extensively researched text. The book provides a detailed account of the multiple efforts made by UK authorities to regenerate urban areas and in doing so it helps to illustrate more general concepts and ideas. It provides a valuable resource for anyone who requires clear explanations of complex policy initiatives. The past few years have been extremely turbulent times for urban districts and so it is particularly valuable that this updated version considers issues and approaches since 2010."— Dr Andrew Smith, School of Architecture and the Built Environment, University of Westminster, UK.

"A tour de force in synthesis, this book has become the key introductory text on urban regeneration and urban policies in the UK. Written in an accessible way, the book analyses how successive political agendas and changing economic and demographic trends have shaped the construction of ‘urban problems’ and urban policy responses since the mid-20th century. Illustrated by clear and diverse case-studies and accompanied by helpful references to further readings and resources, the book highlights the (often competing) economic, social and environmental objectives of national and local interventions in UK cities and neighbourhoods. This second revised edition includes the impacts of the economic recession, ‘austerity politics’ and the ‘New Localism’ agenda on urban policy. An indispensable companion for practitioners, students and researchers in urban planning, policy, sociology and geography."— Dr Claire Colomb, University College London (Bartlett School of Planning), UK

"For those wanting a thorough, up-to-date introduction to the enduring issues in regeneration, investing in this textbook will be money well spent."—Michael E. Leary, Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal

"Scholars and students can explore urban regeneration in the UK reading the whole book, and, also, picking topics, key points, case studies and reading lists in order to delve deeper into some issues. In particular, the case studies presented in each chapter and for each issue constitute a value to better understand the practices. These experiences are relevant also for non-British readers, who are interested to discover the various characters of urban regeneration in the UK." Nadia Caruso, Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning