1st Edition

Urbanization in China Town and Country in a Developing Economy 1949-2000 AD

By Richard J R Kirkby Copyright 1985
    308 Pages
    by Routledge

    308 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1985, Urbanisation in China is based on extensive original research and fieldwork, considers the whole problem of urbanisation in China. Starting with an outline of the pre-communist legacy, the author traces population changes and urban growth throughout the communist period, assesses policies aimed at restricting urban growth and contrasts the reality of urban China with the image the authorities have tried to project. The policy changes that occurred following the death of Mao are analysed and concludes with a consideration of likely developments up to the end of the century.

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    1. China and Anti-Urbanism

    2. Measures to Restrain Urban Population in the People’s Republic of China

    3. The Definition of Urban Population in the People’s Republic of China

    4. The PRC: A Series for Urban Population Growth, 1949-82

    5. China’s Urban Population and its Changing Distribution

    6. Urban Conditions in the Aftermath of the Mao Era – the Case of Housing

    7. Modernisation of Agriculture and the Impact on the Agricultural Labour Force

    8. Prospects for Future Urbanisation: Debates and Policies

    9. Afterword






    Richard J R Kirkby