1st Edition

Using CNS Autopsy Tissue in Psychiatric Research: A Practical Guide

    Essential for the laboratory, this practical manual presents a wide variety of techniques associated with the use of human CNS tissue obtained at autopsy. The book contains detailed methodologies in discrete chapters written by an expert in the specific field. It also addresses the potential for extending molecular studies in brain tissue obtain

    Foreword 1 The Collection of Tissue at Autopsy: Practical and Ethical Issues 2 Psychiatric Diagnosis After Death: The Problems of Accurate Diagnosis from Case History Review and Relative Interviews 3 Membrane Binding Assays: Membrane Preparation and Assay Development 4 The Localisation and Quantification of Molecular Changes in the Human Brain Using In Situ Radioligand Binding and Autoradiography 5 In Situ Hybridisation Histochemistry: Application to Human Brain Tissue 6 Immunohistochemistry Techniques Applicable for Use with Human Brain Tissue 7 The Processing and Use of Postmortem Human Brain Tissue for Electron Microscopy 8 Isolating Components of Human Brain: The Purification of A? and the Alzheimer’s Amyloid Precursor Protein 9 Analysis of Receptor Systems in Schizophrenia Using Tissue Obtained at Autopsy and Neuroimaging


    Brian Dean, Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria, Parkville, Australia. Thomas M Hyde, Joel E Kleinman, both National Institute of Mental Health, Washington DC, USA.