1st Edition

Using Video to Develop Teaching

By Niels Brouwer Copyright 2022
    416 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    416 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The introduction of digital technology to video use has opened up new opportunities for raising the quality of teaching and learning. This book provides the first integrated account of how digital video can be used to develop teaching competence. It shows not only how using video can help teachers move towards more dialogic forms of teaching and learning, but also how such change benefits pupils’ learning and behaviour.

    Based on extensive literature reviews this book provides an overview of "visual teacher learning" and summarises what is known about instructional improvements that teachers can achieve by engaging in it. These reviews and the author’s empirical studies explain the activities, processes and organisational conditions needed for implementing visual teacher learning in teacher education and professional development.

    The book concludes with practical resources for practitioners incorporating the lessons drawn from theory and research.

     1. Introduction  2. Imaging teacher learning. From analog to digital  3. Changing instruction through Visual Teacher Learning  4. The power of video feedback with structured viewing guides  5. In search of effective guidance for preservice teachers’ viewing of classroom video  6. Activating learners. The impact of peer coaching with video on teaching and learning  7. The production of classroom video  8. Using video for activating instruction  9. Resources for practitioners  References  Abbreviations  Credits  Index


    Niels Brouwer is a leading teacher educator and researcher whose work focusses on the effectiveness of teacher education and professional development. His work received international awards and reaches audiences worldwide.

    "Digital video has in the last decades become the single most helpful tool for advancing teaching and teacher education. This comprehensive and multi-faceted book covers the power and effectiveness of this seminal medium in an impressive way."

    Kurt Reusser, Professor emeritus, Universität Zürich, Switzerland

    "The Visual Teacher Learning model developed by Niels Brouwer places at the core of teachers’ work how they bring learners to engage with the content of learning, which entails the cognitive, emotional and social domains. The principles of learning that the author expects teachers to enact in their interactions with pupils are also the principles to be modelled by teacher educators when using the VTL model, thus successfully bridging theory and practice. In the numerous examples of the uses and benefits of this approach to enhance teachers’ work with learners, the author and his collaborators recognise and address the demands faced by teachers, whether novice, beginning or experienced. This book will make a significant contribution to developing teacher educators’ competencies for using Visual Teacher Learning in their work."

    Carmen Montecinos, Professor of Psychology, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile

    "Very impressive. What a big project! Brouwer provides us with a detailed and thoughtful review of the literature on the use of video for teacher learning. One of the many strengths of this work is that he includes studies from around the world and does not shy away from discussing earlier work that set the stage for more recent studies. With chapters on video production and on resources for practitioners, Using Video to Develop Teaching is a must-read book for both researchers and teacher educators. I will assign it to my students!"

    Rossella Santagata, Professor, School of Education, University of California, Irvine, USA

    "I appreciate the in-depth discussion of our video club work. The website www.teacheredsupport.net is fantastic!!! Really really amazing. I will definitely be using it with teachers!"

    Miriam Sherin, Professor, Northwestern University, USA

    "This book is a milestone, the work of a lifetime. What a treasure trove of findings and insights has been assembled here. It’s elegantly designed, inside as well as outside. I expect this book will become a standard work."

    Fred Korthagen, Professor emeritus, Utrecht University, Director of the Korthagen Institute for Professional Development, Netherlands

    "A great book offering a range of practical guidelines, supported by empirical studies and the experience of the author."

    Florinda Sauli, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland

    "This book is an ambitious endeavour to tackle the theory-practice gap in pre-service and inservice teachers’ professional learning. It has scope, breadth and depth in one volume. It not only demonstrates how you can incorporate video into existing classroom practice. It is like a guidebook on how to accomplish changes in classroom dynamics to make a learning community. It is also well researched and documented with plenty of supporting references. The author has made an incredible advance to teacher education and pupil/teacher/clinical interaction."

    Blaine Ackley, Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Portland, USA

    "This is a very good book and it is going to be an asset at my teacher's college. I will use it in my Physical Education and Sport department to improve my teaching as well as equip student teachers with modern teaching skills."

    Shepard Kugara, Teacher Educator, Seke Teachers College, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

    "An impressive book. Interesting, informative and beautifully designed."

    Walter Geerts, Teacher Educator, Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden-Stenden Hogeschool, Netherlands

    "This publication is a formidable contribution to educating teachers. Very good that the link with pupils’ learning is made from beginning to end. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what you’re doing it for. This book is thoroughly documented, beautifully designed and very accessible. The Tables, the Figures and especially the Boxes provide very useful practical resources such as templates and viewing guides."

    Ans de Klein, Teacher Educator, Hogeschool Arnhem-Nijmegen, Netherlands