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    by CRC Press

    208 Pages 100 B/W Illustrations
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    The book provides a comprehensive guide to vehicular social networks. The book focuses on a new class of mobile ad hoc networks that exploits social aspects applied to vehicular environments. Selected topics are related to social networking techniques, social-based routing techniques applied to vehicular networks, data dissemination in VSNs, architectures for VSNs, and novel trends and challenges in VSNs. It provides significant technical and practical insights in different aspects from a basic background on social networking, the inter-related technologies and applications to vehicular ad-hoc networks, the technical challenges, implementation and future trends.

    1. Introduction to VSNs

    1. Kardelen Cepni, Mustafa Ozger, and Ozgur B. Akan, "Vehicular Social Sensor Networks"

    2. Flavio Esposito, "Architectures for Social Vehicular Network Programmability"

    1. Data Dissemination in VSNs

    1. Leandros A. Maglaras, Pavlos Basaras, Dimitrios Katsaros, and Helge Janicke, "Social Clustering of Vehicles"

    2. Mahmoud Hashem Eiza and Qi Shi, "Social Evolving Graph-Based Connectivity Model for Vehicular Social Networks"

    3. Felipe D. da Cunha, Guilherme Maia, Leandro Villas, Aline Carneiro Viana, Raquel Mini, and Antonio A. F. Loureiro, "Socially Inspired Dissemination in VSNs"

    1. Applications and Security in VSNs

    1. Syed Fakhar Abbas, William Liu, Quan Bai, Adnan Al-Anbuky and Aminu Bello Usman, "Revealing the Role of Structural Transitivity in Building the Sustainable Community-Aware Vehicular Social Networks"

    2. Elif Bozkaya and Berk Canberk, "Crowdsourcing Applications for Vehicular Social Networks"

    8 Farzad Safaei, "Efficacy of ridesharing as the basis for a dependable public transport system for Vehicular Social Networks"

    9 Hongyu Jin, Mohammad Khodaei, and Panos Papadimitratos, "Security and Privacy in Vehicular Social Networks"


    Anna Maria Vegni, Valeria Loscri, Anthanasios V. Vasilakos