Veneration to the Elders : ŚIVAKŌṬYĀCĀRYA’S VAḌḌĀRĀDHANE book cover
1st Edition

Veneration to the Elders

Edited By

D.A. Shankar

ISBN 9780367676216
Published November 2, 2020 by Routledge
224 Pages

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Book Description

Śivakōṭyācārya’s Vaḍḍārādhane (Veneration to the Elders) is the earliest extant prose work in Kannada language written by Śivakōṭyācārya during 940 CE. This classical text reflects the oral tradition of narrating stories of legendary religious ascetics based on the gāhās which were taken from Bhagavatī Ārādhanā. This is a peculiar but commendable way of present­ing stories of the senior and respectable ascetics combining oral and written styles of narration. Thus,
Vaḍḍārādhane stands as an excellent example for an ancient classical text, fit for linguistic and cultural study. Each story in this collection, is wonderful in its own way. Generally, religious stories do not evoke interest but present a series of dull events. However, this text is full of incidents depicting human values, ways of wicked people, self-imposed vows, violence and non-violence and human life with all types of experiences.
Another distinguishing feature of Vaḍḍārādhane is that there is not a whiff of intolerance towards other religions or faiths or sects and this is most remarkable when we recall that most of our early writings indulge in belittling doctrines of faiths other than their own. This positive attitude, in a sense, makes this religious text absolutely liberal and almost secular.
Vaḍḍārādhane is now rendered into contemporary English by a team of writers and linguists.

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Table of Contents

A Note from the Kannada Language Chair , Preface, A Note on Transliteration, Introduction 1. The Story of Sukumārasvāmi 2. The Story of Sukauśalasvāmi 3. The Story of Gajakumāra 4. The Story of Sanatkumāra Cakravarti 5. The Story of Aṇṇikāputra 6. The Story of Bhadrabāhu Bhaṭṭāra 7. The Story of Lalitaghaṭe 8. The Story of Dharmaghōṣa Bhaṭāra 9. The Story of A Bhaṭṭāra Called Siridiṇṇa 10. The Story of Vṛṣabhasēna Bhaṭṭāra 11. The Story of The Sage Kārtika 12. The Story of The Ascetic Abhayaghōṣa 13. The Story of The Sage Vidyuccōra 14. The Story of Gurudatta Bhaṭāra 15. The Story of Cilātaputra 16. The Story of the Sage Daṇḍaka 17. The Story of Mahēndra Dattācārya and other Five Hundred Sages 18. The Story of Cāṇākya Ṛṣi 19. The Story of Sage Vṛṣabhasēna

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R.V.S. Sundaram was Professor and Director of the Kuvempu Institute of Kannada Studies at the University of Mysore. He was also a visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania, USA.
Shubhachandra, a reputed Kannada scholar, was Chairman of the Department of Jainology and Prakrit at the University of Mysore.
H.S. Komalesha is Associate Professor of English in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Kharagpur.
D.A. Shankar, a poet, playwright and translator, was Emeritus Professor of English at the University of Mysore, and is a recipient of many prestigious awards.