2nd Edition

Veterinary Immunology
Principles and Practice, Second Edition

ISBN 9781482224627
Published July 16, 2014 by CRC Press
336 Pages 328 Color Illustrations

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Book Description

Veterinary Immunology: Principles and Practice has become the adopted text in numerous veterinary schools throughout the world. Widely updated with advances in knowledge since 2011, this second edition reflects the rapid development in the field.

The new edition presents expanded information on commonly used diagnostic test procedures and discusses newly arising diseases such as bovine neonatal pancytopenia. Maintaining the same reliable format as its predecessor, the book includes:

  • Learning objectives at the start of each chapter
  • Key points at the end of each chapter
  • 17 clinical case studies demonstrating clinical context for the material covered in the chapters
  • Standard symbols in diagrams throughout the text to provide continuity
  • Clinical examples and clinicopathological figures throughout
  • A glossary of terms and list of commonly used abbreviations

Exploring the immunological concerns of both large animals and small, the book emphasizes immunological principles while applying them to the disease process and to clinical practice. It provides a practical textbook for veterinary students and a handy reference for practitioners.

Table of Contents

An overview of the immune system: Innate and adaptive immunity and the inflammatory response
Antigens and antibodies
The complement system
Serological testing
Cells and tissues of the immune system
The major histocompatibility complex
Antigen presentation and cytokine
The biology of T lymphocytes
The biology of B lymphocytes
Testing of cellular immune function
Immune suppression
Hypersensitivity mechanisms
The immune response to infectious agents
Cancer immunology and immune system neoplasia
Immunological tolerance
Autoimmunity and autoimmune disease
Immune system ontogeny and neonatal immunology
Case studies in clinical immunology

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Author - Michael J. Day

Michael J. Day

Professor of Veterinary Pathology, University of Bristol

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"Information is clearly presented and well written, layering immunological knowledge with each chapter. I found the chapter lengths perfect – providing comprehensive information without being overwhelming. The objectives of each chapter are defined at the beginning and key points concisely reviewed at the end, allowing easy navigation and assisting comprehension. The excellent illustrations are a boon for visual learners. Immunological systems, diagnostic test procedures, clinical disease, therapy, and recent developments in the field are explored. Finally a series of case studies helps bring together and test your understanding. ... A practical textbook for students and handy reference for clinicians. ... the authors kept a challenging subject alive with analogy, illustration and clear explanations, providing a basic knowledge of immune function and clearly relating this to clinical practice. I would recommend this book to anyone challenged, intrigued or inspired by veterinary immunology."
—Caroline Blundell, BVetMed CertSAM RCVS, in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery

"... an excellent tool to understand the basic principles of immunology and veterinary immunology. ... updated with the most recent advances in veterinary immunology developments. ... the basic knowledge provided is always practice-oriented, with practical examples on disease pathogenesis and diagnosis. This is why this book is not only a useful tool for undergraduates, but also for postgraduate veterinarians either doing a PhD, internship or residency in any area of veterinary medicine. But it is also a useful tool for veterinary clinicians who are keen to have a solid and deeper understanding of the immunology of diseases and routine procedures (such as vaccination or immunotherapy). ... The format of this book is very helpful, with a great number of illustrations and graphics that I found extremely valuable to gain understanding of difficult concepts or mechanisms, as well as the learning objectives and key points boxes in each chapter."
—Albert Lloret, DVM, in European Journal of Companion Animal Practice

"…an excellent companion to veterinary science students in their study of immunology and for the practising veterinarian interested in gaining a greater understanding of the principles behind clinical immunology."
Australian Veterinary Journal

"This is a wonderful tool, very clearly designed and beautifully illustrated.. the reader is guided very logically in a journey of discovery of the immune system …and the authors are keen on explaining clearly the latest knowledge in their field…"
Tomorrow’s Vets

"The second edition of Veterinary Immunology: Principles and Practice is exactly the type of textbook necessary for teaching immunology to veterinary students. It is also an excellent reference for practitioners and residents who need to review immunology in preparation for board examinations. The format of the book is inviting, with diagrams or photographs on most pages. Tables with pertinent information are well placed and easily understood. Having taught immunology to veterinary students at the University of California -Davis for over 30 years, I appreciate the logical order in which the material is presented. ... a concise, well-written, and well-illustrated book that will be very useful for teaching veterinary immunology."
Laurel J. Gershwin, DVM, PhD, DACVM, University of California-Davis, in Vet Med Today: Book Reviews, JAVMA

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