1st Edition

Victorian Artists

By Quentin Bell Copyright 1967

    First published in 1967, Victorian Artists documents the painting of the Victorian period, that is, the period between the death of Constable and William IV in 1837, the first Post-Impressionist painting in 1910 and the end of an epoch in British painting. Professor Bell has given special attention to some of the pre-Raphaelite artists, and to Sickert and the Camden Town group. These most illuminating and diverting essays, which originated as Slade lectures at Oxford, combined with a large collection of illustrations, make this a unique discussion of a period whose aesthetic influence is still widely evident. This book will be of interest to students of art and history.

    Preface 1. The Age of Fragmentation 2. The Teutonic Influence 3. Hard-edge Pre-Raphaelism 4. Academy Notes 5. Low Art 6. From Rossetti to Art Nouveau 7. The New English Art Club 8. Sickert and the Post-Impressionists A note on sources Bibliography Index


    Quentin Bell