1st Edition

Violence and Emotions in Early Modern Europe

Edited By Susan Broomhall, Sarah Finn Copyright 2016
    230 Pages
    by Routledge

    230 Pages
    by Routledge

    Violence and Emotions in Early Modern Europe examines the purposes for which specific forms of violence and particular emotional states functioned, how they operated in relation to each other, or indeed how one provoked, sustained or diminished the other.

    These twelve original essays demonstrate the complexities of violence and emotions and the myriad possibilities of their inter-relationships. They emphasize the great efforts that were made by early modern societies to control modes of violence and emotional regimes to achieve positive as well as negative effects, such as creating order, healing, and bringing individuals and communities together around productive identities.

    Authors consider legal documents, news reports, memoirs, letters, confraternity statutes, and medical consultations to investigate the bodily and textual practices in which violent and emotional acts were created, supported and disseminated to investigate the power, aims, effect and outcomes of relationships between violence and emotions. The chapters look at a range of topics and countries including Renaissance Italy and sixteenth-century Germany, France in the grip of the religious wars, and England’s Civil Wars as well as a wide range of topics including murder, punishment, community healing, insults, threats, prophecy and medical and devotional practices.

    This collection will be essential reading for students and scholars of the history of emotions or violence.

    List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Violence and Emotions in Early Modern Europe Susan Broomhall Section I: Order and disorder 1. Emotions in the Heart of the City: Crime and its Punishment in Renaissance Italy Elisabeth Crouzet-Pavan  2. Violence, Anger and Dishonour in Sixteenth-Century Broadsheets from the Collection of Johann Jakob Wick Charles Zika 3. Murder and Misericordia: Reconstructing Violent Death and Emotion in the Roman Campagna in the Seventeenth Century Lisa Beaven Section II: Bodies and souls 4. Big mouth, big belly, fat pig!’: Tumults and Troublemakers in the Sixteenth-Century Paris Hôtel-Dieu Lisa Keane Elliott 5. Miracles and Misery: Nuns’ Narratives of Psychic and Spiritual Violence in Sixteenth-Century France Susan Broomhall 6. Devotional Violence and Emotional Governance in a Seventeenth-Century French Female Religious House Sarah Ferber 7. Violence in Medical Treatment in Early Modern Europe Robert Weston Section III: Textual affect and effect 8. Violent Language in Early Fifteenth-Century Italy: The Emotions of Invectives Andrea Rizzi 9. Nostradamus and the res mirabilia: Between Nature’s Intelligence and the Word of God Denis Crouzet 10. Propaganda in the English Civil Wars: Designing Emotions to Divide a Nation Troy Heffernan 11. A ‘Protestant’ Approach to Colonization as Envisaged in John Lockman’s Martyrology (1760) Giovanni Tarantino Select Bibliography Index


    Susan Broomhall is Professor of Early Modern History at The University of Western Australia.

    Sarah Finn completed her PhD in 2010 at The University of Western Australia. In 2013, she was a Research Associate in the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions.