Viruses of Fungi and Simple Eukaryotes  book cover
1st Edition

Viruses of Fungi and Simple Eukaryotes

ISBN 9780824778903
Published April 29, 1988 by CRC Press
456 Pages

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Book Description

Viruses of Fungi and Simple Eukaryotes focuses on the developments in and experimental approaches to the study of fungi and simple eukaryotic viruses. Emphasizing molecular biology and genetics, the book provides the first comprehensive description of lower eukaryotic viruses.

Featuring the work of more than 45 international authorities, the book includes more than 1,000 citations, numerous illustrations, tables, and micrographs. It discusses both retrovirus and reovirus systems in simple eukaryotes and examines how simple eukaryotes can serve as important models for research in eukaryotic molecular and cell biology. The book also covers a diverse group of RNA and DNA viruses, describes possible applications of fungi and simple eukaryotes to biotechnological, agricultural, and medicinal products, and explains the significance of lower eukaryotic viruses to biological control. Key topics covered include protein secretion and processing, nucleic acid enzymology, yeast biology, plant pathology, and human pathogenic yeast killer systems.

Table of Contents


Discovery of a Mycovirus: An Indirect Route
Walter J. Kleinschmidt

Yeast Ty Elements as Retroviruses
Jef D. Boeke and David J. Garfinkel

Transcriptional Regulation of Ty Elements in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Fred Winston

Recombination Associated with Yeast Retrotransposons
Susan W. Liebman and Susan Picologlou

Double-Stranded RNA Replication in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Genetic Control and In Vitro Replication
Tsutomu Fujimura, Rosa Esteban, and Reed B. Wickner

Structure, Transcription, and Replication of Killer Virus dsRNAs
J.A. Bruenn, M.E. Nemeroff, M. Lee, D.F. Pietras, J.J. Dowhanick, and L.J. Field

Transcription and Translation of the Yeast Killer Virus Genome
Michael J. Liebowitz, Iffat Hussain, and Teresa L. Williams

Secretion and Action of Yeast K1 Killer Toxin
Howard Bussey, Charles Boone, Aleksandra Dmochowska, Deirdre Greene, Hong Zhu, Susan J. Lolle, Thierry Vernet, Daniel Dignard, and David Y. Thomas

Acquisition and Expression of the Killer Character in Yeast
S.L. Sturley, M. El-Sherbeini, S.-H. Kho, J.L. LeVitre, and K.A. Bostian

The Killer System of Ustilago maydis: Secreted Polypeptides Encoded by Viruses
Yigal Koltin

Killer Systems and Pathogenic Yeast
Judith S. Kandel

Kluyveromyces Linear DNA Plasmids
Norio Gunge

Structural Properties of dsRNA: Genetic Elements Associated with Plants and Plant Pathogenic Fungi
James Tartaglia and Donald L. Nuss

Detection and Interpretation of dsRNA
J.A. Dodds, R.A. Valverde, and D.M. Mathews

dsRNA and Disease Factors of the Aggressive Subgroup of Ophiostoma ulmi
H.J. Rogers, K.W. Buck, and C.M. Brasier

Viruses of Helminthosporium victoriae
Said A. Ghabrial

Viruses of Endothia parasitica
Neal K. Van Alfen

dsRNA Virus of Rhizoctonia solani
Aliza Finkler, Bat-Sheva Ben-Zvi, and Yigal Koltin

Viruses of Eukaryotic Chlorella-like Algae
James L. Van Etten, Anne M. Schuster, and Russel H. Meints


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