1st Edition

Vision and Leadership in Sustainable Development

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ISBN 9781574441888
Published August 18, 1998 by CRC Press
272 Pages

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Book Description

Effective leadership-or lack of it-makes a critical difference in the conception, implementation, and endurance of community endeavors.
In his travels as an environmental consultant and lecturer, Chris Maser has seen the dilemma many times: "I have taken part in so-called community visioning processes, in which it was patently clear that the people conducting the process knew nothing about a vision, or how to create one.
"It has been my experience that the vast majority of people cannot lead because they do not know what the inner qualities of leadership are..."
Vision and Leadership in Sustainable Development explores the seldom-considered philosophical basis behind the models and methods of leadership, pointing the way to the essential qualities it takes to establish a shared vision of community life.
Divided into two parts-shared vision and leadership-Maser explores numerous issues and considerations to cultivate well-rounded leadership, and provide a more substantive blueprint for local activism.
As with the previous and forthcoming volumes in the Sustainable Community Development series, Maser recognizes the increasing importance of local communities to take charge of the issues most directly affecting the environment.

Table of Contents

A Shared Vision-the Gateway to a Community's Future
The Prime Directive
Why Is a Shared Vision Important?
The Concept of Community
True Community is Founded on a Sense of Place, History, and Trust
Local Community Under Stress
Shades of Community, A Lesson From Birds
The Existence of Community Depends on How We Treat One Another
Questions We Need to Ask
Who Are We as a Culture?
What Legacy Do We Want to Leave Our Children?
What Legacy Do Our Children Want Us to Leave Them?
Understanding a Vision, Goals and Objectives
World View
Defining Vision, Goals, and Objectives
Making Abstractions Into Concrete Experiences
Reframing a Negative as a Positive
The Outcome of a Vision is Expressed in the Negotiability of Constraints
Monitoring Tests the Effectiveness of Constraints
The Essence of Leadership
True Leadership
Personal Values and Philosophy of Life
Characteristics of an Effective Leader
Coping With the Responsibilities and Pressures of Leadership
Circumstances Faced by Leaders
Leadership Within Organizations

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