1st Edition

Vocational Interests in the Workplace Rethinking Behavior at Work

Edited By Christopher Nye, James Rounds Copyright 2019
    330 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    330 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Vocational Interests in the Workplace is an essential new work, tying together past literature with contemporary research to present the most comprehensive coverage on vocational interests to date. With increasing recognition of the importance of vocational interests and their relevance to the workplace, this book emphasizes the strong links between vocational interests and work behavior. It proposes new models and approaches that facilitate thorough exploration of the implications of this relationship between interests and practice.

    The authors, drawing on knowledge and experience from a range of professional backgrounds, cover essential topics, including: interest measurement; personnel selection; motivation and performance; expertise; meaningful work; effects of a global business environment; diversity; and the ongoing development of interests through adulthood to retirement.

    Endorsed by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology board, this book is a valuable resource for researchers, professionals, and educators in the fields of human resources, organizational behaviour, and industrial or organizational psychology.


    Christopher D. Nye and James Rounds

    Chapter 1: The Nature of Interests: Toward A Unifying Theory of Trait-State Interest Dynamics

    Rong Su, Gundula Stoll and James Rounds

    Chapter 2: Interest Development as a Dynamic Process in the Workplace

    K. Ann Renninger and Suzanne E. Hidi

    Chapter 3: A History of Vocational Interest Measurement

    Michael J. Zickar and Hanyi Min

    Chapter 4: Interest Measurement

    Oleksandr S. Chernyshenko, Stephen Stark and Christopher D. Nye

    Chapter 5: Vocational Interests and Work Outcomes

    Christopher D. Nye, Sarena Bhatia and Joshua Prasad

    Chapter 6: Personnel Selection and Vocational Interests: Recent Research and Future Directions

    Frederick L. Oswald, Leaetta M. Hough and Chen Zuo

    Chapter 7: Vocational Interests and Meaningful Work

    M. Teresa Cardador

    Chapter 8: The Importance of Interests for Understanding Retirement

    Laura Venz and Mo Wang

    Chapter 9: New(ish) Directions for Vocational Interests Research

    Robert Hogan and Ryne A. Sherman

    Chapter 10: Connecting Concepts: Effects of Diversity of Interests and Interests’ Effects on Diversity

    Ann Marie Ryan and Danielle D. King

    Chapter 11: Vocational Interests in a Global Business Environment

    Jason L. Huang, Shan Ran and Mengqiao Lui

    Chapter 12: Development of Vocational Interests in Adulthood

    Bart Wille and Filip De Fruyt

    Chapter 13: The Role of Interests in the Development of Expertise: A Multifactorial Perspective

    David Z. Hambrick, Alexander P. Burgoyne and Frederick L. Oswald


    Christopher D. Nye is Assistant Professor of Organizational Psychology at Michigan State University, USA. He has received awards from the University of Illinois, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the International Personnel Assessment Council for his work. More recently, Dr. Nye was awarded the Early Career Award from the Academy of Management Research Methods Division. He has also been a Consortium Research Fellow for the Defense Manpower Data Center and a Senior Consortium Research Fellow for the U.S. Army Research Institute.

    James Rounds is Professor of Educational Psychology and Psychology and College of Education Distinguished Scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, USA. His publications have appeared in numerous journals. He has received the American Psychological Association John L. Holland Award for outstanding achievement in career and personality research, American Educational Research Association Outstanding Research Award in Counseling and has been designated a Fellow of the Association of Psychological Science.

    "Most adults spend 1/3 or more of their waking hours at work. Some people wonder, "What went wrong?" while others think, "How did I get so lucky?" Vocational Interests in the Workplace takes up such questions in a collection of essays by experts in the field. These essays explore the complex interplay of personal interests and work environments, considering jobs from the view of the organization, the worker, the vocational psychologist, and the measurement specialist. This book invites both casual and serious readers into the study of interests, embracing organizational, vocational, and educational psychology." - Susan X Day, PhD, Research Professor, University of Houston, USA