1st Edition

Voices of Innovation Fulfilling the Promise of Information Technology in Healthcare

By Edward W. Marx Copyright 2019
    320 Pages
    by CRC Press

    320 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    We can all point to random examples of innovation inside of healthcare information technology, but few repeatable processes exist that make innovation more routine than happenstance. How do you create and sustain a culture of innovation? What are the best practices you can refine and embed as part of your organization's DNA? What are the potential outcomes for robust healthcare transformation when we get this innovation mystery solved? Loaded with numerous case studies and stories of successful innovation projects, this book helps the reader understand how to leverage innovation to help fulfill the promise of healthcare information technology in enabling superior business and clinical outcomes.

    Foreword. Preface.Introduction - Voices of Innovation Introduction/ Innovation Pathways Review. Blend Cultures. Use People with IT. Create Roadmaps. Collaborate and Listen. Communicate and Eliminate Barriers. Stress Simplicity. Recognize and Reward. Co-Create Solutions. Closing- Voices of Innovation.


    Edward Marx is Chief Information Officer at Cleveland Clinic, an $8 billion medical system that includes a main campus, 10 regional hospitals, 18 family health centers, and facilities in Florida, Nevada, Toronto, Abu Dhabi and London. He is responsible for the development and execution of strategic planning and governance, driving optimal resource utilization, and team development and organizational support. Ultimately, he will develop leaders and leverage digital healthcare technologies to enable superior business and clinical outcomes.

    Prior to joining Cleveland Clinic, Edward served as Senior Vice President/CIO of Texas Health. In 2015, he spent over two years as executive vice president of the Advisory Board, providing IT leadership and strategy for New York City Health & Hospital.

    Edward began his career at Poudre Valley Health System. CIO roles have included Parkview Episcopal Medical Center, University Hospitals in Cleveland and Texas Health. Concurrent with his healthcare career, he served 15 years in the Army Reserve, first as a combat medic and then as a combat engineer officer.

    Edward is a Fellow of the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). He is on the CHIME Faculty for the CIO Boot Camp, training aspiring healthcare technology professionals. He has won numerous awards, including HIMSS/CHIME 2013 CIO of the Year, and has been recognized by both CIO and Computer World as one of the "Top 100 Leaders." Becker’s named Marx as the 2015 "Top Healthcare IT Executive" and the 2016 "17 Most Influential People in Healthcare."

    Ed received his Bachelor of Science in psychology and a Master of Science in design, merchandising, and consumer sciences from Colorado State University.

    "Edward's Voices of Innovation gives us glimpses of the people harnessing unstoppable forces to move the ultimate immovable object - Healthcare."

    - Daniel Crane, CEO, Modernizing Medicine


    "An unparalleled assembly of innovative healthcare IT leaders in one book. Healthcare is a complicated and rapidly evolving industry, and information technology sits as its cornerstone. Whether you are an IT professional, or a layman looking to expand your knowledge, this single source book will serve as your definitive guide to the most contemporary thinking in the healthcare IT industry."

    - James Merlino, MD, Chief Transformation Officer of Press Ganey, and former Chief Experience Officer of Cleveland Clinic.

    "With the cost development in healthcare, things must change. And change depends on Innovation. However, it is not easy to encourage innovation in healthcare. This book addresses this fundamentally important issue for both institutions and ourselves as future patients. Ed Marx is one of the most influential and experienced CIOs in the US, and he has by this compiled a very important book that is a must read for everyone interested in improving future healthcare."

    -Torbjörn Kronander, Ph.D., CEO and President, Sectra


    "Voices of Innovation is a rare collection of real life anecdotes shared by some of the most prominent healthcare informatics leaders without eschewing in technical jargon or banality. Punctiliously arranged in sections following HIMSS’s Innovation Pathway, this book will prove to be an essential reference for all Health IT innovators, regardless of areas of interest and proficiency. "

    - Eric Wong, Group Chief Clinical Informatics Officer, National Healthcare Group, Singapore


    "The stories and experiences shared in Voices of Innovation allow aspiring healthcare leaders the confidence to challenge themselves to stimulate new opportunities for their organizations but more importantly for the patients and caregivers they serve. The integration of technology into a business model always drives improved quality and better efficiency and this book provides a foundation for the necessary change in healthcare that will occur."

    - Dr. Brian Donley, Chief of Staff, Cleveland Clinic London

    "Marx’s writing is always enjoyable to read, and in this book, he’s focused on creating a guide for innovation in healthcare to help others start their own journeys."

    - Judith Faulkner, CEO of Epic Systems


    "I had the privilege of witnessing first-hand the development of Ed Marx as a great leader who builds and inspires teams to innovate in serving patients and clinicians. This book is a much-needed compilation of proven techniques to foster and stimulate innovation."

    - Kevin Roberts, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Geisinger Health


    "Rising costs are exerting tremendous pressure to change the value equation for healthcare in the USA. At the same time Digital technologies are enabling dramatic changes in healthcare around the world. The timing is perfect of a book like Voices of Innovation that explores how embracing Innovation is required to manage the changes that we know are coming."

    - Peter O’Neill, Executive Director- Innovations, Cleveland Clinic


    "There is no more important role for innovation than to humanize and enhance the delivery of healthcare. The insights from this book serve as an excellent guide to making this a reality."

    - Russ Rudish, President & CEO of Rudish Health


    "Ed Marx has served his country both in uniform and as a civilian. He is my brother and friend. His genius approach of getting a lot of great minds to collaborate and to inspire is innovative by itself. Voice of innovation is about simplicity and collaborative approach to bring value. If I can innovate so can you approach makes it possible to improve humanity and healthcare This is just the recipe that healthcare needs today."

    - Shafiq Rab, Senior Vice President & CIO Rush System for Health and Rush University Medical Center


    "The electronic medical record is just this one small part of innovation in contemporary academic medical practice. Innovation defined by new ideas, practically deployed, has the potential to reimagine the experience of healthcare for patients and providers as well as organizations, payers and communities. At Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi we have leveraged wired and wireless biometric sensors, and artificial intelligence in literally every corner of our clinical, educational and academic mission. Each lightbulb has an IP address and every breath on a ventilator is tracked, analyzed and adjusted with the aid of learning algorithms. Ed Marx's book, fully appreciated has the potential to take us to the next level in the integration electronic innovation into the heart and science of healthcare delivery. Hold onto your Apps - the future has just begun! "

    - Dr. Rakesh Suri, Chief of Staff, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi


    "Kudos to Ed Marx for curating a powerful mosaic of experiences in the pursuit of greater efficiency and outcomes in healthcare. A timely roadmap to navigating the challenges technology brings about but can also solve, Voices of Innovation is required reading for those leading the transformation of care around the world."

    - Carter Groome, Co-Founder and CEO, First Health Advisory


    "As we enter a new generation of technology and knowledge enablement, the skill of innovation has become critical to both leadership and organization success. This book highlights both the individual and organization focus on innovation realization. Let us not forget the very reason we innovate: to provide the highest quality care in the safest environment at the most affordable cost while improving the well-being of all. We strongly encourage you to read this book as a spark to light your own innovation journey."

    - Russ Branzell, CHCIO, FCHIME - CEO/President, CHIME


    "Ed Marx, a feet-firmly-planted-on-the-ground legend in healthcare IT, has provided a refreshingly practical guide to innovation. This book could not have been written by anyone who didn’t have the deep knowledge, experience and relationships that Ed and those who contributed to this book bring to the table."

    - Ivo Nelson, Chairman and CEO of Next Wave Health

    "Ed Marx has dedicated his career to leveraging technology as a strategic asset in improving healthcare delivery. He has been at the forefront of driving information innovation in a variety of different healthcare institutions and is currently helping enable a digital transformation inside one of the top academic medical centers in the world."

    - Eric Sigurdson, CIO Practice Leader at Russell Reynolds Associates

    "Some of the most important technology innovations for the world center around health and wellness. When people are well, they can work, learn, teach, achieve, take care of families, and contribute to society. Voices of Innovation steps up to the challenge, not only describing some amazing medical innovations, but providing a much needed "how-to" guide for other technology and medical leaders to follow for future advancement. Ed, you’ve hit the Marx!"

    - Sue B. Workman, Vice President University Technology and CIO University Technology, Case Western Reserve University


    "Leading innovators in healthcare are starting with the needs of the end users — doctors, nurses, and patients — and working backwards to create amazing experiences for each (words not often used to describe healthcare). This is improving communication and delivery of care, both in the hospital and in the home. And when done well, this creates a sustained ‘pull’ for these solutions rather than the ‘technology push’ in healthcare that has at times gotten in the way."

    - Steve Gipstein, M.D.


    "Voices of Innovation provides novel insights into the world of healthcare innovation, and how information technologies are transforming our healthcare systems, by improving the speed and quality of care delivery. Written by one of the foremost experts and leading CIOs, Edward Marx, the book provides a compelling look at new types of IT-enabled innovations in healthcare, along with practical examples on how to lead and sustain innovation across organizations, potential outcomes for healthcare transformation, and best practices from case studies of healthcare providers which implemented these disruptive innovations."

    - Indranil Bardhan, Foster Parker Centennial Professor of Information Technology, The University of Texas at Austin


    "Healthcare has always attracted its fair share of the best and brightest the world has to offer, but when lives are on the line -- and the guiding principal is to, above all else, do no harm -- many of those best and brightest have shied away from the necessary risk that innovation requires. Fortunately, Edward Marx's new book, Voices of Innovation, provides models and blueprints of how those gifted administrators and caregivers can engage in the innovation their industry so desperately needs while maintaining their commitment to the highest standards of safety and quality. Marx's book is the new required reading for anyone who truly wishes to make a difference by doing things differently in the healthcare industry."

    - Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief,healthsystemCIO.com


    "The art of innovation does not mean buying the latest technology from the market. It starts with authentic leadership and understanding how you have to create a culture of creative thinking. The stories in this book highlights those examples."

    - David Chou, Chief Information & Digital Officer, Children’s Mercy Hospital


    "The healthcare sector is experiencing digital disruption form all spheres of medicine. The health eco system is now challenged with leaping to new levels of safety, service and cost predictability. Moving beyond digitization into transformation is the new opportunity, and health organizations across the globe are beginning to rally. Voices of Innovation promises to be a guide that will inspire each reader to bulldoze through obstacles and collaborate on all accessible data points, fulfilling the Hippocratic Oath to serve and teach to the best of ones’ abilities."

    - James Peelman, Managing Partner, Blue Chip Consulting Group


    "Voices of Innovation is the first practical roadmap to Healthcare Transformation bringing the convergence between key elements of Process Management and Innovation Factors. New healthcare leaders will find this Innovation Handbook invaluable and experienced professionals will use it to rapidly deploy technology to enable clinical workflow optimization. This guide will also provide a Data Driven and Workflow Centric Innovation Pathway for vendors to better understand customer challenges, value creation processes and to apply Machine Learning techniques leveraging from the collaborative process that leads to continuous disruption."

    - Alan Portela, CEO & Chairman, AirStrip


    "As the drumbeat for need of healthcare innovation and disruption gets louder this is a great ‘How to’ book with practical and pragmatic solutions to achieve that."

    - Ram Raju, MD, Senior Vice President, Northwell Health


    "Innovation is a critical contributor to ensuring that we are collectively able to transform healthcare. Voices of Innovation is a remark contribution to these efforts, bringing together a diverse array of experiences and insights from leading innovators in the field. This book is both a textbook and a handbook."

    - John Glaser, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Population Health, Cerner


    "I’ve known Ed for many years, and I know one thing for sure. Ed is a transformational change agent who works alongside his teams around innovative healthcare technologies—not just ideas that sit on a shelf, but ones that get implemented on mountain tops and hospital rooms and that ultimately save lives. That said, Ed has high standards—for the organizations with which he works and for himself—so expect some of this to be quite hard. Know that there no silver bullets herein, only golden nuggets of wisdom earned as scar tissue by Ed and his colleagues over time. In short, Voices of Innovation has valuable content that may just save the life of you or someone you love."

    - George Sheth, MBA, FHIMSS, Managing Partner, Diligent Partners, LLC


    "Ed Marx is one of the brightest and most innovative leaders in healthcare. He is passionate, he is smart, and he understand things both technically and holistically. Ed a very gifted speaker and thinker."

    - Scott Becker, Healthcare Partner at McGuireWoods LLP


    "Ed is one of the most experienced technology executives in healthcare so he is a top authority on innovation. More importantly, he applies the personal insight he gained from his own experiences to select a group of people and innovative solutions that provide relief to the frustrations of patients and caregivers. Ultimately, Voices of Innovation provides a sense of hope to individuals who interact with the current system."

    - Jennifer Covich Bordenick, Chief Executive Officer, eHealth Initiative and Foundation


    "In Voices of Innovation, Ed Marx takes us on an uncomfortable ride that shows the reader where our healthcare information gaps are, and where we have underperformed. Fortunately, it also offers a glimpse into the incredible future that awaits us as we harness the opportunities of innovation. A must read for anyone looking to disrupt the norms in healthcare."

    - Wael K Barsoum, MD, CEO and President, Cleveland Clinic Florida


    "This is a great collection of practical examples of innovation, which reinforces the fact that innovation comes in many forms and can deliver great outcomes. It is a great read that can help anyone make a real difference in their organization and in the mission they serve!"

    - Rod Dykehouse, SVP and CIO, Penn State Health and College of Medicine


    "Voices of Innovation is a brilliant handbook on how professionals are leading change . . . and that is exactly what we need in healthcare!! Integrating technology and clinical care is exactly what we need in healthcare. Ed Marx provides inspiring insights that lead us into the next era of change! A message to aspiring healthcare leaders ... consider, ponder and absorb the stories and experiences shared in Voices of Innovation You will be leading change in the most dynamic and challenging era of healthcare. And the convergence of technology and clinical care will drive unimaginable change. Get ready. Get prepared. And let’s get going."

    - Britt Berrett, Program Director/ Faculty, University of Texas at Dallas

    "Innovations in healthcare inspire us to do more and to think differently. The day to day can take its toll, but striving for something better through innovation inspires us to think differently and be the change that is needed in healthcare delivery. Finding a new and better way of doing something doesn’t always mean finding a new and better technology. Sometimes it’s a new approach to an ongoing challenge. This book is a wonderful framework to encourage us all to think differently in our pursuit of better healthcare."

    - Cara Babachicos, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, South Shore Health


    "Leading an IT organization in one of our nation’s leading academic medical centers is a privilege I have had for nearly 30 years. We serve amazingly passionate people, who are defined by a purpose, committed to science, discovery and the best possible clinical care. And now, this book challenges all of us to appreciate the fact that we also have the power of data and some of the newest tools and technologies that we must leverage to truly make a difference."

    - Stephanie Reel, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Johns Hopkins University and Health System

    "Disruptive information technology will be the catalyst for the next wave of healthcare advancement. One such innovation is leveraging the investment that has been made in digitizing medical records to allow pushed interoperability across disparate health systems enabling enhanced provider to provider and provider to patient communication. This digitized healthcare information provides a multitude of opportunities for healthcare advancement, as evidenced in this book.

    All successful innovative technology implementation requires first and foremost engaged leadership. Ed Marx is both an outstanding innovator and, or perhaps because, he is an excellent leader."

    - Holly Miller, MD, Chief Medical Officer, MedAllies, Inc.


    "Timely, yet ahead of its time - I can’t think of anyone better equipped to put this work together. Ed’s professional knowledge, personal experiences, and incredible passion for and commitment to everything he does are palpable and are poured into this book. If this doesn’t move the needle on Healthcare Innovation, nothing will!"

    - Chris Teumer, Executive Partner, Gartner


    "Healthcare has entered the digital age where critical thinking using innovation is essential. This book offers us the opportunity to learn from others, to translate their experiences into our environment and to accelerate our journey as innovators. Every day patients depend on us to think faster, react more specifically to their needs and to return them to their lives. Take the challenge to make innovation the way you think and act."

    - Liz Johnson, Chief Innovation Officer, Tenet Healthcare


    "Ed Marx’s book addresses the journey healthcare is beginning around digital transformation. While we know almost all other industries have been going through this transition for years, this transformation is just starting in healthcare. Healthcare leaders must understand how to navigate this very brave new world, Ed’s book is an excellent guide to those on the journey. A highly recommended read for healthcare C-Suite leaders."

    - Eric Yablonka, Chief Information Officer, Stanford Health Care


    "Positive transformation of healthcare for humankind will be led by the "Voices" of innovators on the front lines caring for patients or working in partnership with those who do. If you are an IT professional, clinical provider or hospital executive interested in leading digital transformation in healthcare, this book is a must read."

    -Gregory J. Moore, MD, PhD

    Vice President, Google Inc, Google Cloud Healthcare and Life Sciences