1st Edition

Volcanic Rock Mechanics Rock Mechanics and Geo-engineering in Volcanic Environments

    368 Pages
    by CRC Press

    368 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Volcanic Rock Mechanics includes papers and special lectures of the 3rd International Workshop on Volcanic Rocks, Rock Mechanics and Geo-Engineering in Volcanic Environments, which was held within the framework of the Congress “Cities on Volcanoes6-Tenerife 2010” (Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain, 31 May – 4 June 2010). The book is a comprehensive collection of the most relevant topics related to rock mechanics and geo-engineering in volcanic environments, including:

    - Geomechanical characterization of volcanic materials;
    - Instabilities in volcanic islands: Slope stability, large landslides and collapse phenomena;
    - Geoengineering and infrastructures in volcanic environments;
    - Construction materials.

    Volcanic Rock Mechanics is of interests to academics, engineers, consultants, designers, contractors and professionals involved in rock mechanics and geo-engineering in volcanic environments.


    Organizing Committee

    Keynote Lecture

    Low stress and high stress phenomena in basalt flows; N.R. Barton

    Geomechanical Characterization of Volcanic Materials

    Modeling of the collapse of a macroporous material; D. Del Olmo & A. Serrano

    Geotechnical description of halloysite clays from La Palma Island (Spain); J. Estaire, M. Santana & J.A. Díez

    Geotechnical parameters of basaltic pyroclastics in Palma Island, based on convergences measured in a tunnel; M. Fe Marqués & R. Martínez Zarco

    Basic properties of non welded basaltic lapilli and influence on their geotechnical behavior; A. Lomoschitz, J. Yepes & C. de Santiago

    Geotechnical characterization of volcanic rocks and soils of Madeira Island; J.C. Lourenço, J.M. Brito, J. Santos, S.P.P. Rosa, V.C. Rodrigues & R. Oliva

    Contribution to geotechnical characterization of basaltic pyroclasts; A.M. Malheiro, J.F.V. Sousa, F.M. Marques & D.M. Sousa

    Deformational behavior of pyroclastic rocks beneath the upper reservoir of the hydro-wind plant at El Hierro; M.R. Martín-Gómez, F. Fernández-Baniela, J.J. Arribas-Pérez de Obanos & A. Soriano

    Rock mass classification schemes in volcanic rocks; M. Muñiz Menéndez & J. González-Gallego

    Relationships between porosity and physical mechanical properties in weathered volcanic rocks; A. Pola, G.B. Crosta, R. Castellanza, F. Agliardi, N. Fusi, V. Barberini, G. Norini & A. Villa

    Characterization and comparison of pore distribution in weathered volcanic rocks by different techniques; A. Pola, G.B. Crosta, F. Agliardi, N. Fusi, V. Barberini, L. Galimberti & E. De Ponti

    Lightweight aggregate and lightweight concrete and its application in the improvement of the thermal properties of volcanic lightweight aggregate concrete blocks from Canary Islands; E. Rodríguez Cadenas & A. García Santos

    Volcanic dikes engineering properties for storing and regulation of the underground water resources in volcanic islands; J.C. Santamarta Cerezal, L.E. Hernández & J.A. Rodríguez-Losada

    Geotechnical properties of volcanic materials of the mount erciyes; S. Yüksek & A. Demirci

    Asensitive analysis on mohr-coulomb and hoek-brown parameters effective in ground response curve; A.R. Kargara & R. Rahmanejad

    Isotropic collapse load as a function of the macroporosity of volcanic pyroclasts; A. Serrano, A. Perucho & M. Conde

    General method for estimating the active and passive earth pressures on retaining walls assuming different strength criteria; A. Serrano, A. Perucho & M. Conde

    Natural stone from the Azores archipelago: Relationship between lithology and physical-mechanical behavior; J.B.P. Silva, C. Carvalho, S.D. Caetano & C. Gomes

    Instabilities in Volcanic Islands: Slope Stability, Large Landslides and Collapse Phenomena

    Stability of the cone and foundation of Arenal volcano, Costa Rica; G.E. Alvarado, S. Carboni, M. Cordero, E. Avilés & M. Valverde

    Etna flank dynamics: a sensitivity analysis by numerical modeling; T. Apuani & C. Corazzato

    The origin and geotechnical properties of volcanic soils and their role in developing flank and sector collapses; R. del Potro & M. Hürlimann

    The role of hyaloclastite rocks in the stability of the volcanic island flanks of Tenerife; M. Ferrer, J. Seisdedos & L.I. González de Vallejo

    Passive anchors within retaining walls to stabilize volcanic rock slopes in road widening; M.A. Franesqui

    Detailed studies and stabilization methods of volcanic rocky slopes in coastal areas, Canary Islands, Spain; A. Lomoschitz, A. Cilleros & R. García-Ferrera

    Slope stability in the volcanoes based on geotechnical criteria; J.A. Rodríguez-Losada, A. Eff-Darwich, L.E. Hernández, C. Olalla Marañón, A. Perucho & A. Serrano González

    Cliff stabilization solutions at the south coast of Madeira Island; V.C. Rodrigues, F.A. Sousa, S.P.P. Rosa & J.M. Brito

    Shear behaviour of Stromboli volcaniclastic saturated materials and its influence on submarine landslides; P. Tommasi, F. Wang, D. Boldini, T. Rotonda & A. Amati

    Geoengineering and Infrastructures in Volcanic Environments

    The suitability of volcanic tuff from the Ethiopian plateau for earth dam construction and foundation; E.E. Alonso & E. Romero

    Geotechnical map and foundation solutions of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain); S. Álvarez Camacho, F. Lamas Fernández & L.E. Hernández

    Design and construction of the Machico-Caniçal expressway tunnels; C.J.O. Baião, J.M. Brito, A.R.J. Freitas, S.P.P. Rosa & M.F.M. Conceição

    Innovative aspects in the execution of the strengthening and stabilizing of the volcanic cavern of "Los Jameos del Agua", Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain; A. Cárdenas, C. Olalla, A. Serrano & A. Gonzalo

    Geological risk at world class astronomical observatories; A. Eff-Darwich, B. García-Lorenzo, J.A. Rodríguez-Losada, L.E. Hernández, J. de la Nuez & C. Romero-Ruiz

    Construction experiences with volcanic unbound aggregates in road pavements; M.A. Franesqui, F. Castelo Branco, M.C. Azevedo & P. Moita

    Geotechnical investigation guide for building in volcanic environments; L.E. Hernández, J.A. Rodríguez-Losada, C. Olalla & J. Garrido-Manrique

    Tunnel inventory of grand canary island (spain), geology and associatedgeotechnical problems; J.R. Jiménez, A. Lomoschitz & J. Molo

    Geotechnical characterization of El Verodal Tunnel in Hierro, Spain; M.C. López-Felipe & J.T. Fernández-Soldevilla

    Big Telescopes foundations in volcanic environments; W. Llamosas

    Socorridos pumping station and water storage tunnel at Madeira Island; J.M. Brito, S.P.P. Rosa, J. Santos, J.A. Sousa & A. Pedro

    Road tunnel design and construction at Madeira; J.M. Brito, C.J.O. Baião & S.P.P. Rosa

    Geological and geotechnical conditions of human interventions in natural volcanic caverns: The outfitting of "Los Jameos del agua" Auditorium, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain; C. Olalla, A. Cárdenas, A. Serrano, E. Pradera & D. Fernández de Castro

    Study of lunar soil from terrestrial models (Spain); J.A. Rodríguez-Losada, S. Hernández-Fernández, J. Martínez-Frías,L.E. Hernández & R. Lunar Hernández

    Geological and geotechnical conditions of the Machico-Caniçal highway; V.C. Rodrigues, S.P.P. Rosa, J.A.M. Brito & C.J.O. Baião

    Geomechanical appraisal of the deformation potential of a deep tunnel in a volcanic rock mass; D. Simic & J. López

    An access gallery to the underground Fuente Santa spring, La Palma, Spain; C. Soler

    Project and technical assistance to the retaining structures of Cabo Girão Tourist Resort; F.A. Sousa, C.J.O. Baião & J.M. Brito

    F, Retaining structures in Machico-Caniçal expressway at Madeira Island; A. Sousa, A.R.J. Freitas, M.F.M. Conceição & C.J.O. Baião

    Tindaya Mountain Cavern: art and underground engineering; J. Ramos Gómez

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    Claudio Olalla, Luis E. Hernandez, Jose Antonio Rodriguez-Losada, Áurea Perucho, Javier González-Gallego