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WASTES – Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities II
Selected Papers from the 4th Edition of the International Conference on Wastes: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities, Porto, Portugal, 25-26 September 2017

ISBN 9781138196698
Published August 31, 2017 by CRC Press
462 Pages

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Book Description

Wastes: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities II contains selected papers presented at the 4th edition of the International Conference Wastes: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities, that took place 25-26 September 2017 at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Porto, Portugal.

The Wastes conference, which takes place biennially, is a prime forum for academics and industry representatives from the waste management and recycling sectors around the world to share their experience and knowledge with all in attendance.

The published papers focus on a wide range of topics, including: Wastes as construction materials, Wastes as fuels, Waste treatment technologies,MSW management, Recycling of wastes and materials recovery, Wastes from new materials (nanomaterials, electronics, composites, etc.), Environmental, economic and social aspects in waste management and Circular economy.

Table of Contents

Energetic recovery of municipal solid waste scenario in São Paulo State, Brazil
F.C. Dalmo, N.M. Simao, S. Nebra & P.H.M. Sant’Ana

Recycled synthetic waste fibres for the reinforcement of concrete
K. Bendjillali, M. Chemrouk & B. Boulekbache

Leaching characteristics of co-bearing glasses obtained from spent Li-ion batteries
B.J. Forero, J.V. Díaz-Salaverría, P. Delvasto & C.X. Gouveia

Valorisation of different wastes: A sustainable approach in the design of new products
A. Teixeira, D. Monteiro, R. Ribeiro, V. Canavarro, B. Rangel & J.L. Alves

Belgian and Portuguese apple tree bark and core: Comparison of antioxidant content
M.M. Moreira, M.F. Barroso, S. Morais, C. Delerue-Matos, A. Boeykens & H. Withouck

Process development for a combined treatment of EAFD and jarosite
S. Wegscheider, S. Steinlechner, G. Hanke & J. Antrekowitsch

Mechanical damage of a nonwoven geotextile induced by recycled aggregates
J.R. Carneiro, M.L. Lopes & A. da Silva

Smart biofilms produced from fish filleting wastes
R.S. Brito, C.A. Araújo, L.F.H. Lourenço, E.J.G. Pino-Hernádez, G.S. Souza Matos & M.R.S. Peixoto Joele

PAC and tannin as coagulants in swine slaughterhouse wastewater treatment
M.C. Bongiovani, T. Werberich, R.M. Schneider & A.G. do Amaral

Waste to energy as a complementary energy source in Abuja, Nigeria
O.M. Aderoju & G.A. Dias

Study on properties related to energy recovery from waste streams in Finland
E. Sermyagina, M. Nikku, E. Vakkilainen & T. Hyppänen

Chars from co-gasification of rice wastes as Cr(III) removal agents
D. Dias, W. Ribeiro, N. Lapa, M. Bernardo, I. Matos, I. Fonseca & F. Pinto

Anaerobic digestion sludge composting—assessment of the star-up process
M.E. Silva, S. Araújo, I. Brás, G. Lobo, A. Cordeiro, M. Faria, A.C. Cunha-Queda & O.C. Nunes

Diagnosis and assessment of the management of sanitary landfill leachates in Portugal
A. Fernandes, L. Ciríaco, M.J. Pacheco, A. Lopes & A. Albuquerque

Truck tire pyrolysis optimization using the self-produced carbon black as a catalyst
N. Akkouche, M. Balistrou, M. Hachemi, N. Himrane, K. Loubar & M. Tazerout

Waste cooking oils: Low-cost substrate for co-production of lipase and microbial lipids
S.M. Miranda, A.S. Pereira, I. Belo & M. Lopes

Proposal for MSW management facilities location in a state of Brazil
D.A. Colvero, A.P.D. Gomes, L.A.C. Tarelho, M.A.A. Matos & K.A. Santos

Production of tannin-based adsorbents and their use for arsenic uptake from water
H.A.M. Bacelo, C.M.S. Botelho & S.C.R. Santos

Damage induced by recycled C&D wastes on the short-term tensile behaviour of a geogrid
P.M. Pereira, C.S. Vieira & M.L. Lopes

Lean-green synergy awareness: A Portuguese survey
M.F. Abreu, A.C. Alves & F. Moreira

Efficiency of regeneration by solvent extraction for different types of waste oil
C.T. Pinheiro, M.J. Quina & L.M. Gando-Ferreira

Diethylketone and Cd pilot-scale biosorption by a biofilm supported on vermiculite
F. Costa & T. Tavares

Removal of wastewater treatment sludge by incineration
S. Dursun, Z.C. Ayturan & G. Dinc

Double benefit biodiesel produced from waste frying oils and animal fats
M. Catarino, A.P. Soares Dias & M. Ramos

Alkali-activated cement using slags and fly ash
S. Rios, A. Viana da Fonseca, C. Pinheiro, S. Nunes & N. Cristelo

Waste of biodiesel production: Conversion of glycerol into biofuel additives
S. Carlota, J.E. Castanheiro & A.P. Pinto

Geotechnical characterization of recycled C&D wastes for use as trenches backfilling
C.S. Vieira, M.L. Lopes & N. Cristelo

Recycling of MSWI fly ash in clay bricks—effect of washing and electrodialytic treatment
W. Chen, E. Klupsch, G.M. Kirkelund, P.E. Jensen, L.M. Ottosen & C. Dias-Ferreira

Processing of metallurgical wastes with obtaining iron oxides nanopowders
I.Yu. Motovilov, V.A. Luganov, T.A. Chepushtanova, G.D. Guseynova & Sh.S. Itkulova

A step forward on cleaner production: Remanufacturing and interchangeability
F. Moreira

Review of potential ways for resource recovery from human urine
J. Santos, E. Cifrian, T. Llano, C. Rico, A. Andrés & C. Alegría

Portugal lacks refuse derived fuel production from municipal solid waste
P.C. Berardi, M.F. Almeida, J.M. Dias & M.L. Lopes

Removal of Cr(III) from aqueous solutions by modified lignocellulosic waste
A.L. Arim, D.F.M. Cecílio, M.J. Quina & L.M. Gando-Ferreira

Valorization of residues from fig processing industry by anaerobic digestion
D.P. Rodrigues, C.I. Alves, R.C. Martins, M.J. Quina, A. Klepacz-Smolka, M.N. Coelho Pinheiro & L.M. Castro

Hazards identification in waste collection systems: A case study
B. Rani-Borges & J.M.P. Vieira

Outlining strategies to improve eco-efficiency and efficiency performance
E.J. Lourenço, A.J. Baptista, J.P. Pereira & C. Dias-Ferreira

Enzymatic esterification of pre-treated and untreated acid oil soapstock
J. Borges, C. Alvim-Ferraz, M.F. Almeida, J.M. Dias & S. Budžaki

Formulation of waste mixtures towards effective composting: A case study
M.J. Fernandes, F.C. Pires & J.M. Dias

Selective extraction of lithium from spent lithium-ion batteries
N. Vieceli, F. Margarido, M.F.C. Pereira, F. Durao, C. Guimaraes & C.A. Nogueira

The main environmental impacts of a university restaurant and the search for solutions
M.C. Rizk, D.B. Nascimento, B.A. Perao & F.P. Camacho

Treatment of food waste from a university restaurant added to sugarcane bagasse
M.C. Rizk, I.P. Bonalumi, T.S. Almeida & F.P. Camacho

Biosolids production and COD removal in activated sludge and moving bed biofilm reactors
R.A. Dias, R.C. Martins, L.M. Castro & R.M. Quinta-Ferreira

Anaerobic digestion impact on the adaptation to climate change in São Tomé and Príncipe
J.F. Pesqueira, M.F. Almeida, J.M. Dias, D. Carneiro, A. Justo & M.J. Martins

Garden waste quantification using home composting on a model garden
T. Machado, B. Chaves, L. Campos & D. Bessa

Acid esterification vs glycerolysis of acid oil soapstock for FFA reduction
E. Costa, M. Cruz, C. Alvim-Ferraz, M.F. Almeida & J.M. Dias

Sweet potato bioethanol purification using glycerol
J.O.V. Silva, M.F. Almeida, J.M. Dias & M.C. Alvim-Ferraz

Methodology for the assessment of non-hazardous waste treatment areas
V. Amant, A. Denot & L. Eisenlohr

MAESTRI efficiency framework as a support tool for industrial symbiosis implementation
A.J. Baptista, E.J. Lourenço, P. Peças, E.J. Silva, M.A. Estrela, M. Holgado, M. Benedetti & S. Evans

Activated carbons from Angolan wood wastes for the adsorption of MCPA pesticide
E.F. Tchikuala, P.A.M. Mourao & J.M.V. Nabais

Separate collection of packaging waste: Characterization and impacts
V. Oliveira, J.M. Vaz, V. Sousa & C. Dias-Ferreira

Improvement of a clayey soil with alkaline activation of wastes
M. Correa-Silva, T. Miranda, N. Araújo, J. Coelho, N. Cristelo & A. Topa Gomes

Gasification of RDF from MSW—an overview
F.V. Barbosa, J.C.F. Teixeira, M.C.L.G. Vilarinho & J.M.M.G. Araújo

Extraction of copper from dumps and tails of leaching by hydrochloric acid
K.K. Mamyrbayeva, V.A. Luganov, Y.S. Merkibayev, Zh. Yesken & S.D. Orazymbetova

Construction wastes application for environmental protection
A.S. Sakharova, L.B. Svatovskaya, M.M. Baidarashvili & A.V. Petriaev

Design of a laboratory scale circulating fluidized bed gasifier for residual biomass
D.A. Tibocha, D.C. Guío-Pérez & S.L. Rincón

Efficient activated carbons from chars of the co-pyrolysis of rice wastes
D. Dias, M. Miguel, N. Lapa, M. Bernardo, I. Matos, I. Fonseca & F. Pinto

Recovery of the polymer content of electrical cables for thermal and acoustic insulation
J. Bessa, C. Mota, F. Cunha & R. Fangueiro

Recovery of wood dust in composite materials
J. Bessa, C. Mota, F. Cunha & R. Fangueiro

Modified biological sorbents from waste for the removal of metal ions from the water system
L. Rozumová, P. Kůs & I. Šafařík

Phytoremediation of soils contaminated with lead by Arundo donax L.
S. Sidella, S.L. Cosentino, A.L. Fernando, J. Costa & B. Barbosa

Employment of industrial wastes as agents for inclusion modification in molten steels
F.A. Castro, J. Santos, P. Lacerda, R. Pacheco, T. Teixeira, A. Silva, E. Soares, J. Machado & M. Abreu

Olive pomace phenolics extraction: Conventional vs emergent methodologies
M.A. Nunes, R.C. Alves, A.S.G. Costa, M.B.P.P. Oliveira & H. Puga

Incorporation of metallurgical wastes as inorganic fillers in resins
A. Oliveira, C.I. Martins & F. Castro

Sustainability and circular economy through PBL: Engineering students’ perceptions
A.C. Alves, F. Moreira, C.P. Leao & M.A. Carvalho

Suitability of agroindustrial residues for cellulose-based materials production
D.J.C. Araújo, M.C.L.G. Vilarinho & A.V. Machado

Pyrolysis of lipid wastes under different atmospheres: Vacuum, nitrogen and methane
L. Durao, M. Gonçalves, A. Oliveira, C. Nobre, B. Mendes, T. Kolaitis & T. Tsoutsos

Effect of temperature in RDF pyrolysis
A. Ribeiro, J. Carvalho & C. Vilarinho

Potential of exhausted olive pomace for gasification
C. Castro, A. Mota, A. Ribeiro, M. Soares, J. Araujo, J. Carvalho & C. Vilarinho

Analysis of foundry sand for incorporation in asphalt mixtures
L.P. Nascimento, J.R.M. Oliveira & C. Vilarinho

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Cândida Vilarinho is Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minho, Portugal.

Fernando Castro is Full Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minho, Portugal.

Maria de Lurdes Lopes is Full Professor at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto, Portugal.