1st Edition

War and Semiotics Signs, Communication Systems, and the Preparation, Legitimization, and Commemoration of Collective Mass Violence

Edited By Frank Jacob Copyright 2021
    336 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    336 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Wars create their own dynamics, especially with regard to images and language. The semiotic and semantic codes are redefined, according to the need to create an enemy image, or in reference to the results of a war that are post-event defined as just or reasonable. The semiotic systems of wars are central to the discussion of the contributions within this volume, which highlight the interrelationship of semiotic systems and their constructions during wars in different periods of history.

    War and Semiotics, War Semiotics, and the Semiotics of War: An Introduction
    Frank Jacob

    Part I: War, Semiotics, and the Question of Interpretation

    1. Media Constructions of War and Peace during the War of the Spanish Succession
    Max Philipp Wehn

    2. The Red Cross “Shield”: The Semiotic Duality of the Red Cross during the Occupation of Norway, 1940-1945
    James Crossland and Gaute Lund Rønnebu

    3. The Semiotics of Collaboration
    Eirik Holmen

    Part II: War, Semiotics, and Identity Constructions

    4. (Re-)Negotiating Internment: Language, Semiotics and the German Internment Experience in the United States during the First World War
    Karl Dargel

    5. The Semiotic Construction of Judeo-Bolshevism in Germany, 1918-1933
    Frank Jacob

    6. The Semiotics of British Print Propaganda in Spain During the Second World War
    Marta García Cabrera

    7. The Semiotics of Collaboration and Resistance During the Nazi German Occupation of Norway 1940-45
    Steinar Aas

    8. Postage Stamps, War Memory and Commemoration: A Case Study of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971
    Manu Sharma

    9. Semiotics Beyond Agency: Violence and Meaning in the Theater of War
    Gal Hertz

    Part III: War, Semiotics, and Politics

    10. “National Decay and National Rebirth”: The Semiotics of Quisling’s Conception of History
    Fredrik Wilhelmsen

    11. Legitimate or Improper Economic Collaboration? The Struggle About the Past After the German Occupation of Norway
    Hans Otto Frøland and Martin Steffensen

    12. Eastern Europe in the Shadow of a Propaganda War: Józef Mackiewicz and Totalitarian Propaganda
    Katarzyna Bałżewska

    Epilogue: War Semiotics in the Post-Cold War World

    13. Brinkmanship: A Cold War Parody of Statesmanship
    Rolf Hugoson


    Frank Jacob is Professor of Global History at Nord University, Norway. He received his PhD in Japanese Studies from Erlangen University in 2012 and previously held positions at the University of Würzburg, Germany (2013/14) and the City University of New York, USA (2014-2018).