1st Edition

Waste-to-Wealth Resource Recovery and Value-added Products for Sustainable Development

Edited By Vinay Yadav, Shishir Shrotriya Copyright 2025
    368 Pages 144 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book covers state-of-the-art resource recovery technologies from the different components of solid waste such as plastics, e-waste, fly ash, sewage sludge, slag, and their real applications. Further, it explains various management strategies for agricultural waste, including the generation of bioenergy from agri-crop residue. It also highlights the recent technologies used in the management of industrial waste, their implementation at a large scale, and the treatment of industrial effluent with the rationale synthetic approach, hybrid advanced oxidation process, and bio methanation.


    • Provides a technical interpretation for creating wealth from waste by the experts in the research domain.
    • Covers various aspects of waste management, current resource recovery, and recycling trends.
    • Presents a unique combination of municipal, agricultural, and industrial waste management towards achieving a resilient smart city.
    • Imparts knowledge of policies and regulations in different countries and their impacts on waste management.
    • Illustrates various technologies for waste processing through case studies.

    This book is aimed at researchers and policymakers in environmental engineering, waste management, and clean energy.

    1.  Opportunities and Challenges in Resource Recovery from Waste

    Unnikrishna Menon and Brajesh Kumar Dubey

     2. Best Available Techniques for Organic Livestock Waste Management in Russia

    Aleksandr Briukhanov, Ekaterina Shalavina, and Eduard Vasilev

     3.  Bioenergy from Organic Waste: Translation of Technology from Laboratory to Land

    Sameena Begum, Sudharshan Juntupally, Vijayalakshmi Arelli, et al.

     4. Cyanobacterial Degradation of Pesticides

    Nimisha Vijayan P, Mousumi Das M, M Haridas, et al.

     5. Upcycling of Plastic Waste

    S.V. China Swami Naik, Kumar Raja Vanapalli, and Brajesh K. Dubey

     6. High-Energy Methane Storage Systems Based on Nanoporous Carbon Adsorbent from Biomass Wastes

    Ilya E. Men’shchikov, Elena V. Khozina, Olga V. Solovtsova, et al. 

     7. Utilization of Plastic Waste in Designing Tiles for Societal Usage – A Step towards Circular Economy

    S.K. Dhawan, Ridham Dhawan, Dinesh Bhardwaj, et al.

     8. Synthesis of Geopolymer Materials based on Non-ferrous Metallurgy Slag and Fly Ash using Mechanical Activation

    A. M. Kalinkin, E.V. Kalinkina, and E. A. Kruglyak

     9. Waste to Wealth: Upcycling of Solid Waste Plastics

    Mayank Pathak, Bhashkar Singh Bohra, and Nanda Gopal Sahoo

     10. Recycling of Waste Heat Energy from Engine Exhaust

    O.V. Lozhkina and V.N. Lozhkin

     11. Use of Conductive Material in the Anaerobic Digestion for Improving Process Performance: A Review

     Satchidananda Mishra, Sagarika Panigrahi, and Debapriya Kar

     12.  Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis (SHS) Technology for Disposal of Radioactive Waste

    M. I. Аlymov and Т. V. Barinova

     13.  Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Fuel, Feed and High-Value Chemicals

    Hema Jha, Upakrishnam S. V. Sanskrit, and Brajesh Kumar Dubey

     14.  Agro-residues Waste to Wealth for Circular Economy and Sustainable Development

    Preeti Chaturvedi Bhargava, Neha Kamal, Deepshi Chaurasia, et al.

     15. Rational Synthetic Approaches to the Promising Molecules and Materials

    Grigory V. Zyryanov

    16. Hybrid Advanced Oxidation Processes for Treatment of Wastewater from the

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Pubali Mandal and Brajesh K. Dubey 

    17.  Social and Economic Impacts of Plastics on the Environment

    Satya Brot Sen and Vinay Yadav

     18.  Modelling of Industrial Wastewater Treatment using Membrane Distillation with Crystallization

    Denis Kalmykov, Sergey Makaev, Georgy Golubev, et al.

     19. Recovery of Precious Metals and Rare Earth Elements from e-Waste

    Hema Jha, Upakrishnam S. V. Sanskrit, and Brajesh Kumar Dubey

     20.  Environmentally Friendly Nanoparticles for use in Agriculture

    Abhishek Mondal and Brajesh Kumar Dubey

     21. Reuse of Plastic Waste in Various Systems – A Review

    Vijaykumar Sekar, Baranidharan Sundaram, and Brajesh Kumar Dubey



    Vinay Yadav is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Visakhapatnam. He earned his master's and doctoral degree from IIT Bombay, Mumbai; and Bachelor’s degree from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He is also a recipient of Award for Excellence in PhD Research for the year 2018-2020 for outstanding research contributions by IIT Bombay. Prior to joining IIM Visakhapatnam, he worked as an Assistant Professor at IIM Jammu and Marie Curie Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Technology, Management and Economics, Technical University of Denmark. His expertise includes environmental management, optimization under uncertainty, interval analysis-based operations research techniques and multi-attribute decision making.

    Shishir Shrotriya is the Counsellor (S&T), Embassy of India, Moscow. He has done his PhD from IIT Delhi and is also a MTech from IIT Delhi. His key specializations include Communication Engineering, Navigation and Sensor Technologies, and Indigenous Technology Development. He has varied scientific and project management experience and has worked closely with International and Indian partners. He has also worked in areas related to enhancing productivity and has authored many papers on innovation concepts and creative problem-solving. He has also worked closely in the domain of Systems Integration. He is a member of various Science and Engineering professional bodies and has collaborated on projects with various Academia, Industry, and Research Institutes. During his current assignment, he has actively brought together researchers from India and Russia on subjects of National Technology priorities and has been a part of Bilateral and Multilateral scientific projects and initiatives.