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Wastes: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities III
Selected Papers from the 5th International Conference Wastes 2019, September 4-6, 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

ISBN 9780367257774
Published August 4, 2019 by CRC Press
614 Pages

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Book Description

Wastes: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities III contains selected papers presented at the 5th edition of the International Conference Wastes: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities, that took place on 3-6 September 2019, in Costa da Caparica, Portugal.
The Wastes conference, which takes place biennially, is a prime forum for sharing innovation, technological development and sustainable solutions for the waste management and recycling sectors around the world, counting with the participation of experts from academia and industry.
The papers included in this book cover a wide range of topics, including: Wastes as construction materials; Wastes as fuels; Waste treatment technologies; MSW management; Recycling of wastes and materials recovery; Environmental, economic and social aspects in waste management; Life cycle assessment; Circular economy and wastes refineries; Logistics, policies, regulatory constraints and markets in waste management.

Table of Contents

Adhesion analysis of waste cork dust as filler for bituminous mixtures
A.R. Pasandín, J.J. Galán-Díaz & I. Pérez

Nutrient extraction alternatives from mixed municipal waste compost
M. Fernández-Delgado, E. del Amo, M. Coca, M.T. García-Cubero & S. Lucas

Effect of chemical additives on the regeneration of waste lubricant oil
C.T. Pinheiro, M.J. Quina, L.M. Gando-Ferreira & C.M. Cardoso

Pilot test involving pulp and paper industry wastes in road pavements
H. Paiva, F. Simões, M. Morais &V.M. Ferreira

Different extraction methods to produce antioxidants from agro-industrial wastes
G. Squillaci, F. Veraldi, F. La Cara &A. Morana

Effect of temperature and time on the phenolic extraction from grape canes
G. Squillaci, L.A. Giorio, N.A. Cacciola, F. La Cara &A. Morana

CHP from dual-fuel engine using biogas of anaerobic digestion of dairy manure
N. Akkouche, F. Nepveu, K. Loubar, M.E.A. Kadi & M. Tazerout

Capture of CO2 in activated carbon synthesized from municipal solid waste compost
M. Karimi, L.F.A.S. Zafanelli, J.P.P. Almeida, J.A.C. Silva, A.E. Rodrigues & G.R. Ströher

Biogas: Olive mill wastewater as complementary substrate of piggery effluent
A. Neves, L. Ramalho, L.B. Roseiro, A. Eusébio & I.P. Marques

Hybrid anaerobic reactor: Brewery wastewater and piggery effluent valorisation
A. Neves, L.B. Roseiro, L. Ramalho, A. Eusébio & I.P. Marques

Winery wastes: A potential source of natural dyes for textiles
B. Lagoa, L. Campos, T. Silva, M.J. Moreira, L.M. Castro, A.C. Veloso & M.N. Coelho Pinheiro

Isothermal drying of sewage sludge with eggshell for soil applications
L.A. Gomes, A.F. Santos, M.J. Quina & J.C. Góis

Optimization of the ship waste management system in the Port of Lisbon
S.A. Melón, A.M. Barreiros &V.C. Godinho

Management of tomato waste: Biomethane production and nutrient recovery
S.R. Pinela, R.P. Rodrigues & M.J. Quina

Burying solid waste problems: Sanitary landfill challenges in mainland Portugal
J. Rafael

Food waste and circular economy through public policies: Portugal & Brazil
P.C. Berardi, L.S. Betiol & J.M. Dias

Energy saving potential of electronic waste management practices
B. Kuriyama, M. Madaleno, S. Diedler & K. Kuchta

Resistance of geotextiles against mechanical damage caused by incinerator bottom ash
F. Almeida, J.R. Carneiro & M.L. Lopes

Impact of sewage sludge with eggshell on Lepidium sativum L. growth
L.A. Gomes, A.F. Santos, M.J. Quina & J.C. Góis

Motivations and barriers to industrial symbiosis – the fluidized bed sands case study
I. Ferreira, H. Carvalho, M. Barreiros & G.M. Silva

Magnetically responsive algae and seagrass derivatives for pollutant removal
I. Safarik, J. Prochazkova, E. Baldikova & K. Pospiskova

Agribusiness residues:Water absorption and mechanical behavior of their composites
P.H.L.S.P. Domingues & J.R.M. d’Almeida

Life cycle assessment of bio-based polyurethane foam
J. Ferreira, B. Esteves, L. Cruz-Lopes & I. Domingos

Stabilization of active acetylene by-product via sequestration of CO2
M. El Gamal, A.M.O. Mohamed & S. Hameedi

Acetalization of glycerol over silicotungstic acid supported in silica
J.E. Castanheiro, F.I. Santos, A.P. Pinto & M.E. Lopes

Use of recycled C&D wastes in unpaved rural and forest roads – feasibility analysis
P.M. Pereira, F.B. Ferreira, C.S. Vieira & M.L. Lopes

Slow pyrolysis of oil palm mesocarp fibres: Effect of operating temperature
A.F. Almeida, D. Direito, R.M. Pilão, A.M. Ribeiro & B. Mayer

Organic municipal solid wastes: Analyzing a system transition
A. Padrão &A. Guerner Dias

Extraction of natural pigments from marine macroalgae waste
S.L. Pardilhó, M.F. Almeida, J.M. Dias, S. Machado, S.M.F. Bessada & M.B.P.P. Oliveira

Improvement of antioxidant compounds extraction by SSF from agro-food wastes
P. Leite, J.M. Salgado & I. Belo

Systematic approach in waste management and recycling
A. Adl

Valorization of bamboo wastes for the production of particleboards
A.C.C. Furtini, C.A. Santos, D.L. Faria, A.P.L. Vecchia, I.C. Fernandes, L.M. Mendes & J.B. Guimarães Júnior

The potential of biodiesel production from WWTPWastes
R.M. Salgado, A.M.T. Mata, L. Epifâneo &A.M. Barreiros

Application of industrial wastes in substrates for ecological green roofs
V. Pinheiro, A. Ribeiro, P. Palha, J. Almeida, T. Teixeira, J. Ribeiro, I. Lima, M. Abreu, I.A.P. Mina & F. Castro

Agroindustrial residues as cellulose source for food packaging applications
D.J.C. Araújo, M.C.L.G. Vilarinho &A.V. Machado

Valorization of Caryocar brasiliense Camb. waste for the production of particleboards
D.L. Faria, G.O. Chagas, K.M. Oliveira, A.C.C. Furtini, C.A. Santos, L.M. Mendes, C.R. Andrade, K.C. Lozano & J.B. Guimarães Júnior

Char valorization in construction materials
F. Andreola, L. Barbieri, I. Lancellotti, P. Pozzi &V. Vezzali

Struvite quality assessment during electrodialytic extraction
V. Oliveira, G.M. Kirkelund, J. Labrincha & C. Dias-Ferreira

Effects of struvite recovered from wastes on crop cultivation
V. Oliveira, C. Horta, J.L. Rocha & C. Dias-Ferreira

Development of recycled geotextiles towards circular economy
J.R. Carneiro, F. Almeida & M.L. Lopes

Environmental product declaration of recycled aggregates: A LCA approach
A. Pires, A. Gomes, M. Ramos, P. Santos & G. Martinho

Anaerobic digestion in the fruit waste disposal and valorization
M.M. Baumguertner, C. Kreutz & R.J.E. Martins

Rhodobacter and pigments in anaerobic digestion of brewery effluent
A. Neves, L. Ramalho, I.P. Marques &A. Eusébio

e-Plastics as partial replacement for aggregates in concrete
L.A. Parsons & S.O. Nwaubani

Production of bioactive compounds by solid-state fermentation of oilseed cakes
D.F. Sousa, J.M. Salgado, I. Belo, M. Cambra-López &A.C.P. Dias

Mechanical damage of geotextiles caused by recycled C&DW and other aggregates
D.M. Carlos, J.R. Carneiro & M.L. Lopes

Influence of heavy metals fraction on quality of composts
M.E. Silva, I. Brás, A.C. Cunha-Queda & O.C. Nunes

Dark fermentation sludge as nitrogen source for hydrogen production from food waste
J. Ortigueira, P. Moura & C. Silva

Development of methodology for quantification of unsorted WEEE in scrap metal mixtures
M. Luízio & P. Costa

Adding value to soapstocks from the vegetable oil refining: Alternative processes
M. Cruz, M.F. Almeida, J.M. Dias & M.C. Alvim-Ferraz

Production of polyurethane foams from Betula pendula
L. Cruz-Lopes, I. Domingos, J. Ferreira, L. Teixeira de Lemos, B. Esteves & P. Aires

Recovery of byproducts from the rice milling industry for biofuel production
E.T. Costa, M.F. Almeida, J.M. Dias & C. Alvim-Ferraz

Olive mill wastewater treatment by electro-Fenton with heterogeneous iron source
A.H. Ltaïef, A. Gadri, S. Ammar, A. Fernandes, M.J. Nunes, L. Ciríaco, M.J. Pacheco &A. Lopes

Microbial conversion of oily wastes to methane: Effect of ferric nanomaterials
V.R. Martins, G. Martins, A.R. Castro, L. Pereira, M.M. Alves, A.J. Cavaleiro, O.S.G.P. Soares & M.F.R. Pereira

Preliminary evaluation of the potential performance of a future PAYT system in Portugal
V. Sousa, J. Dinis, A. Drumond, M.J. Bonnet, P. Leal, I. Meireles & C. Dias-Ferreira

Development of a methodic process to recycle spent alkaline batteries
C. Ribeiro, C. Correia, M.F. Almeida & J.M. Dias

Eutrophication impact potential of solid waste management options in Harare
T. Nhubu, C. Mbohwa & E. Muzenda

A review of municipal solid waste data for Harare, Zimbabwe
T. Nhubu, C. Mbohwa, E. Muzenda & B. Patel

Testing scenarios for municipal waste management chasing carbon neutrality
A. Fernández-Braña, G. Feijoo-Costa & C. Dias-Ferreira

2035 MSW Targets: A scenario analysis for the Portuguese MSW management system
A. Lorena & S. Carvalho

Physical separation applied to WPCB recycling process to optimize copper enrichment
J.O. Dias, A.G.P. da Silva, J.N.F. Holanda, A.M. Futuro & S.C. Pinho

Estimation of biogas production by a landfill in Luanda using first-order-decay model
C.J. Maria, J.C. Góis &A.A. Leitão

Tag & sensoring solutions overview for smart cities waste management
R.C. Madureira & C. Dias-Ferreira

Leaching of Cr from wood ash – discussion based on different extraction procedures
L.M. Ottosen, P.E. Jensen, G.M. Kirkelund &A.B. Ribeiro

Innovation policy: Introduction and consolidation of PAYT waste tariffs in Portugal
B. Bringsken, R. Madureira, C. Vilarinho & C. Dias-Ferreira

Benefits of introducing door-to-door separate collection in rural areas
J. Vaz, V. Sousa & C. Dias-Ferreira

Data communications solutions overview for smart cities waste management
R.C. Madureira & C. Dias-Ferreira

Phosphorus flows in the Portuguese agriculture and livestock sectors
J.L. Rocha, V. Oliveira & C. Dias-Ferreira

Winery by-products: Pomace as source of high value phenols
A. Tassoni & M. Ferri

Stabilizing municipal solid waste incineration residues with alternative binders
J. Coelho, B. Chaves, M.L. Lopes, L. Segadães & N. Cristelo

Soil stabilized with alkali activated slag at various concentrations of activator
C. Pinheiro, S. Rios, A. Viana da Fonseca, J. Coelho, A. Fernández-Jiménez & N. Cristelo

Incorporation of steel slag and reclaimed asphalt into pavement surface layers
I. Rocha Segundo, E. Freitas, V. Castelo Branco, S. Landi Jr., M.F. Costa & J. Carneiro

A brief review on sustainable packaging materials
G. Silva, M. Oliveira, B. Rangel & J. Lino

Developing solutions for pay-as-you-throw information systems
J.P. Barraca, L.P. Almeida, A. Santos, H. Moreira, Ó. Pereira, R. Luís Aguiar & C. Dias-Ferreira

Application of ultrasounds in the extraction process for food waste valorisation
D. Lopes, A. Mota, J. Araújo, J. Carvalho, C. Vilarinho & H. Puga

May recycled concrete be used as an alternative material for asphalt mixtures?
H.M.R.D. Silva & J.R.M. Oliveira

Valorisation of steel slag as aggregates for asphalt mixtures
L.P. Nascimento, H.M.R.D. Silva, J.R.M. Oliveira & C. Vilarinho

Construction and DemolitionWaste (CDW) valorization in alkali activated bricks
I. Lancellotti, V. Vezzali, L. Barbieri, C. Leonelli &A. Grillenzoni

“2sDR” An innovative mini mill concept for EAF-dust recycling
M. Auer, J. Antrekowitsch & G. Hanke

Assessment of by-products – from waste to values
W. Schatzmann & J. Antrekowitsch

Is the production of Kenaf in heavy metal contaminated soils a sustainable option?
B. Cumbane, J. Costa, M. Gussule, L. Gomes, C. Rodrigues, V.G.L. Souza & A.L. Fernando

Thermal and chemical characterization of lignocellulosic wastes for energy uses
G. Charis, G. Danha & E. Muzenda

Technical and economical assessment of waste heat recovery on a ceramic industry
H. Monteiro, P.L. Cruz, M.C. Oliveira & M. Iten

Impacts of waste management practices on water resources in Harare
T. Nhubu, C. Mbohwa, E. Muzenda & B. Patel

Opportunities and limitations for source separation of waste generated in Harare
T. Nhubu, C. Mbohwa, E. Muzenda & B. Patel

Carbonisation as a pre-treatment for RDF wastes prior to gasification
O. Alves, R. Panizio, M. Gonçalves, J. Passos, L. Calado, E. Monteiro & P. Brito

Refuse derived fuel char as a low-cost adsorbent for the cationic dye methylene blue
C. Nobre, M. Gonçalves & C. Vilarinho

A critical analysis on the gasification of lignocellulosic and polymeric wastes
R.M. Panizio, O. Alves, M. Gonçalves, L. Calado & P. Brito

Giving cigarettes a second life: The E-Tijolo project
M. Soares, N. Valério, A. Ribeiro, A. Ferreira, P. Ribeiro, R. Campos, J. Araújo, A. Mota, J. Carvalho, C. Vilarinho, M. Iten, R. Dias, J. Henriques & D. Pinheiro

MANTO project – design for social inclusion in Póvoa de Lanhoso
P. Trigueiros, A. Broega & J. Carvalho

Electrokinetic remediation technology applied to municipal sludge decontamination
A. Ribeiro, J. Araújo, J. Carvalho & C. Vilarinho

Densification and combustion of biomass pruning residues
P. Ribeiro, J. Araújo, J. Carvalho & C. Vilarinho

Oyster shells’ processing for industrial application
T.H. Silva, M.C. Fredel & J. Mesquita-Guimarães

Development of alkali activated ceramic residue and fly ash blends
N. Gaibor, D. Leitão, T. Miranda & N. Cristelo

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Cândida Vilarinho, Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal.

Fernando Castro, Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal.

Margarida Goncalves, Faculty of Science and Technology, New University of Lisbon, Caparica, Portugal.

Ana Luisa Fernando, Faculty of Science and Technology, New University of Lisbon, Caparica, Portugal.