Water-Rock Interaction XIII: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Water-Rock Interaction XIII

1st Edition

Edited by Peter Birkle, Ignacio Salvador Torres Alvarado

CRC Press

1,008 pages

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In the late 18th century, Neptunists and Plutonists had controversial opinions about the formation of the Earth and its lithological units. The former believed that rocks formed from the crystallization of minerals in the early Earth’s oceans, the latter believed that rocks were formed in fire. Both theories ignored the importance of continuous water-rock interaction processes at Earth´s surface and underground, which can enhance and define the type of volcanic activity, can cause the formation of secondary hydrothermal minerals and respective ore deposits, or simply alter the natural landscape by weathering. Although not visible at first glance, water-rock interaction plays a significant role in the daily life of humans. Many primary necessities of modern society, such as the availability of high-quality drinking water, the supply of fossil fuel and renewable energy types, the abundance of precious minerals, the remediation of contaminated natural sites, and the reconnaissance of geological hazards require a profound understanding of physicochemical processes interacting between liquid, solid and gas phases.

Since 1974, when the first Water-Rock Interaction Symposia (WRI-1) was held in Prague (Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic), the Working Group on Water-Rock Interaction of the International Association of GeoChemistry (IAGC) has organized an international meeting every three years to present and discuss the most recent results in geochemical technologies. In 2010, WRI-13 attracted about 300 geoscientists affiliated with universities, research institutions, regulatory agencies and from private industry, from 35 countries to Guanajuato, Mexico.

The 231 papers published in this volume describe novel advances in research related to interactive processes between the hydrosphere and the lithosphere. Innovative field-based studies, theoretical approaches and small-scale lab experiments are applied to reconstruct and combine pieces of the complex hydrological puzzle, and to confront society´s impact on the environment. The papers reveal details on high-temperature reactions during the formation of hydrothermal ore deposits and geothermal reservoirs, practical case studies on groundwater quality and karst systems, environmental issues by mine tailings, novel technologies for the attenuation and remediation of contaminated sites, water/mineral interfacial processes on a micro- to macroscopic scale, the kinetics of weathering during low temperature conditions, examples for the advanced modeling of flow and transport processes as well as for CO2 reservoir injection, biochemical factors in surface and underground media, and the application of novel isotope techniques in rock/water/gas systems. Special emphasis in many papers is given on environmental concerns in abandoned mining districts, the occurrence and hazards of non-metals (especially arsenic) in exploited groundwater systems, and an increasing interest in mitigating CO2 emission by its injection into underground reservoirs.

The papers in this volume are of wide-ranging interest to professionals and students in Earth sciences, including geochemistry, hydrochemistry, hydrology, geology, mineralogy, volcanology and environmental sciences, but also to decision-makers and engineers involved in the management of energy and natural resources, as well as professionals concerned about environmental issues.

Table of Contents



Plenary lectures

The San Juan del Grijalva landslide, J. Aparicio

Drainage water—mine tailings interaction: Environmental risk and origin of secondary metal deposit, S.B. Bortnikova, Yu.A. Manstein, O.L. Gaskova, E.P. Bessonova & N.I. Ermolaeva

Using CFCs and SF6 for groundwater dating: A SWOT analysis, W.G. Darling, D.C. Gooddy, B.L. Morris & A.M. MacDonald

The unsaturated zone as an observatory for the African Sahel, W.M. Edmunds & C.B. Gaye

Chemical weathering of silicate minerals: Linking laboratory and natural alteration, R. Hellmann, R. Wirth & J.-P. Barnes

Integrated CO2 sequestration and geothermal development: Saline aquifers in Beitang depression, Tianjin, North China Basin,

Z. Pang, F. Yang, Y. Li & Z. Duan

Ascent and cooling of magmatic fluids: Precipitation of vein and alteration minerals, M. Reed & J. Palandri

FTIR/ATR characterization of TiO2/aqueous carboxylate solution interfaces undergoing chemical changes, F. Roncaroli, P.Z. Araujo, P.J. Morando, A.E. Regazzoni & M.A. Blesa

Hitoshi Sakai memorial session: Measurements and applications of stable and radiogenic isotopes and other tracers

Evolution of groundwater in volcanic aquifer of Axum, Ethiopia: Isotopic and hydrochemical evidence, T. Alemayehu, M. Dietzel & A. Leis

CFC and SF6 concentrations in shallow groundwater: Implications for groundwater age determination, L. Aquilina, V. De Montety, T. Labasque, J. Molénat, L. Ruiz, V. Ayraud-Vergnaud & E. Fourré

An attempt to date saline groundwater in the multi aquifers system of the Dead Sea area, using carbon isotopes, N. Avrahamov, O. Sivan, Y. Yechieli & B. Lazar

Isotopic exchange between thermal fluids and carbonates at offshore Campeche oil fields, Gulf of Mexico, P. Birkle, M.A. Lozada Aguilar, E. Soriano Mercado & J.J. Torres Villaseñor

Interpreting Ca and Fe stable isotope signals in carbonates: A new perspective, T.D. Bullen & R. Amundson

Environmental isotopes as indicators of aquitard effectiveness, Murray Basin, Australia, I. Cartwright, T. Weaver, D. Cendon & I. Swane

Tracing the inorganic carbon system in the groundwater from the lower Jordan Valley basin (Jericho/Palestine), S.K. Khayat, S. Geyer & A.M. Marei

The application of radium isotopes in the evaluation of saline water circulation in the Dead Sea aquifer, Y. Kiro, A. Starinsky, Y. Yechieli, C.I. Voss & Y. Weinstein

Evaluation of seawater intrusion using Sr isotopes: An example from Ensenada, B.C., México, K.M. Lara & B. Weber

Geochemistry of groundwater and its flow system in the Osaka Basin, Japan, H. Masuda, K. Makino, K. Matsui, T. Okabayashi, H. Yoshioka, Y. Kajikawa & U. Tsunogai

Stable carbon isotope ratios of natural gas seepage along normal faults in the southern Tokyo bay area (Mobara), Japan, E. Nakata, H. Suenaga, S. Tanaka & K. Nakagawa

Interplay of bedrock and atmospheric sulfur sources for catchment runoff and biota, M. Novak, I. Jackova & E. Prechova

Groundwater geochemistry of a lacustrine zone in the Mexicali Valley, Northwest Mexico, E. Portugal, A.F. Hernández & J. Álvarez Rosales

Dissolved inorganic carbon isotopes in natural waters in Iceland, Á.E. Sveinbjörnsdóttir, S. Arnórsson, J. Heinemeier, H. Ármannsson & H. Kristmannsdóttir

Occurrence of geopressured fluids with high D and low Cl in northwestern Hokkaido, Japan, A. Ueda, K. Nagao, T. Shibata & T. Suzuki

Boron isotopes as a proxy for carbonate dissolution in groundwater—radiocarbon correction models, A. Vengosh

Sr isotopes, hydrogeologic setting, and water-rock interaction in the Mt. Simon sandstone (Minnesota, USA), D.S. Vinson, J.R. Lundy, G.S. Dwyer & A. Vengosh

D and 18O and chloride as indicators of groundwater recharge and discharge in Datong Basin, Northern China, X. Xie, Y. Wang, C. Su & M. Li

Isotopic composition of some thermal springs in the South Rifian Rides, Morocco, A. Zian, L. Benaabidate & O. Sadki

Water-rock interactions in geothermal systems

Geochemical processes camouflaging original signatures in the thermal waters of south-central Chile, M.A. Alam, P. Sánchez & M.A. Parada

Implications of rock composition and PT conditions in deep geothermal reservoirs for chemical processes during fluid circulation, P. Alt-Epping, L.W. Diamond & H.N. Waber

Geochemical patterns of scale deposition in saline high temperature geothermal systems, H. Ármannsson & V. Hardardóttir

Geochemical data analysis (2009) of Los Azufres geothermal fluids (Mexico), R.M. Barragán, V.M. Arellano, A. Aragón, J.I. Martínez, A. Mendoza & L. Reyes

Determination of flowing pressure gradients in producing geothermal wells by using artificial neural networksm, A. Bassam, A. Álvarez del Castillo, O. García-Valladares & E. Santoyo

Geochemistry of boron in fluids of Los Humeros and Los Azufres hydrothermal systems, Mexico, R.A. Bernard-Romero, Y.A. Taran & M. Pennisi

Geochemistry and origin model for thermal springs from Kamchatka and Kuril Islands, E.P. Bessonova & S.B. Bortnikova

Geochemistry of the thermal waters of the Far East Russia and Siberia, O.V. Chudaev, V.A. Chudaeva, I.V. Bragin, E.V. Elovskii, V.V. Kulakov & A.M. Plysnin

Geochemical characterization of thermal waters in the Borateras geothermal zone, Peru, V. Cruz, V. Vargas & K. Matsuda

Laboratory work on the response of reservoir rocks from the Los Humeros geothermal field, Puebla, Mexico, with acid solutions, G. Izquierdo, M. Flores & M. Ramírez

Assessment of two low-temperature geothermal resources in North Portugal, J.M. Marques, H.G.M. Eggenkamp, P.M. Carreira, J. Espinha Marques, H.I. Chaminé & J. Teixeira

Hydrochemical and isotopic interpretation of thermal waters from the Felgueira area (Central Portugal), M. Morais

Geochemical evidence for two hydrothermal aquifers at El Chichón, L. Peiffer, Y. Taran, E. Lounejeva, G. Solis-Pichardo & D. Rouwet

Pliocene to present day evolution of the Larderello-Travale geothermal system, Italy, M. Puxeddu & A. Dini

Evaluation of Tuwa geothermal system through water-rock interaction experiment, H.K. Singh & D. Chandrasekharam

The origin of hot springs at Hengjing, south Jiangxi, China, W.-J. Sun, D.-L. Dong & J. Jiao

Dissolved arsenic in shallow hydrothermal vents, R.E. Villanueva-Estrada, R.M. Prol-Ledesma & C. Canet

Water in petrogenetical, magmatic and ore forming processes

Carbon isotope composition of CO2 at Cascade Arc volcanoes,

W.C. Evans, R.H. Mariner, D. Bergfeld, K.M. Revesz & J.P. McGeehin

Porosity, density and chemical composition relationships in altered Icelandic hyaloclastites, H. Franzson, G.H. Guðfinnsson, H.M. Helgadóttir & J. Frolova

Aqueous phase composition of the early Earth, E.M. Galimov, B.N. Ryzhenko & E.V. Cherkasova

Geochemistry and classification of cold groundwater in Iceland, H. Kristmannsdóttir, S. Arnórsson, Á.E. Sveinbjörnsdóttir & H. Ármannsson

Fluid mixing and boiling during latest stage orogenic gold mineralization at Brusson, NW Italian Alps, G. Lambrecht & L.W. Diamond

A new genetical copper deposit model from the East Pontic metallotect, NE Turkey: The Murgul type, N. Özgür

Mineralogy and genesis of the Rayas ore shoot, and its geological relation with other ore bodies, Veta Madre, Guanajuato, Mexico, F.J. Orozco-Villaseñor

Alkali elements as geothermometers for ridge flanks and subduction zones, W. Wei, M. Kastner, R. Rosenbauer, L.H. Chan & Y. Weinstein

Water in the Earth´s interior: A planetary water-rock problem, A.E. Woermann, B.G. Eriksson, C.S.K. Saxena & D.G.C. Ulmer

Characteristics of chloritization in granite-type uranium deposits in southern China, Z.S. Zhang, Z.P. Jiang, G.L. Guo, Y. Zhao & R.M. Hua

Global geological water exchange and evolution of the Earth, V.P. Zverev

Water-rock interactions in watersheds

Assessing surface water—groundwater connectivity using hydraulic and hydrochemical approaches in fractured rock catchments, South Australia, E.W. Banks, A.J. Love, C.T. Simmons & P. Shand

Depth profiles in a tropical, volcanic critical zone observatory: Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe, H.L. Buss, A.F. White, C. Dessert, J. Gaillardet, A.E. Blum & P.B. Sak

Water-rock interactions during recharge of effluents into a calcareous sandstone aquifer, O. Goren, B. Lazar, A. Burg & I. Gavrieli

Geochemistry of rivers in Panama, R.S. Harmon, W.B. Lyons, S.T. Goldsmith, A. Carey, S. Welch, K. Welch, I. Forizs, D. Long & H. Mitasova

Streamwater chemistry in three contrasting monolithologic watersheds, P. Krám & J. Hruška

Fate of thermal solutes for Gibbon and Firehole Rivers, Yellowstone National Park, USA, D.K. Nordstrom, R.B. McCleskey, D.D. Susong, R.L. Runkel & J.W. Ball (Emeritus)

Assessment of Sebou watershed water quality downstream the cities of Fez and Meknes, Morocco, N. Saddiki, L. Benaabidate, T. Bahaj & M. El Wartiti

Hydrogeochemical development of the San Miguel watershed, Baja California, Mexico, M. Tostado & T. Kretzschmar

Weathering rates in headwater catchments of central Colorado, USA, R.B. Wanty, P.L. Verplanck, C. Bern, C. SanJuan, E.H. deWitt, T.L. Klein, D. Fey, T.S. Schmidt & S.E. Church

Solute interactions during transport in vadose zone

Storage of soluble arsenic within the vadose zone of the Mojave Desert, USA, G.N. Breit, H.L. Goldstein, J.C. Yount & R.L. Reynolds

Distribution of nitrogen in the vadose zone under intermittent ventilation, J. Chen, F. Liu, Q.W. Zhang & P.B. Liu

Potential release of arsenic from sediments into the groundwater under the effect of pH, phosphate and bicarbonate, X.B. Gao, Y.X. Wang & Q.H. Hu

Influences of soil organic matter and mineral composition on the sorption of trichloroethylene in the vadose zone, J.T. He, J. Zhang, L. Han & Z.L. Shen

Transfer and transformation mechanism of fluoride in water-sediment environment of Yangshapao Reservoir, Western Jilin Province, China, X. Liang, C. Xiao, C. Du, X. Xu & R. Xiao

New experimental device to study transport in unsaturated porous media, C. Latrille & A. Cartalade

Mobilisation of metals and acidity during reflooding of a wetland containing acid sulfate soils, P. Shand, R.W. Fitzpatrick, M. Thomas, R.H. Merry, S. Grocke, B. Thomas, N. Creeper, B. Hollis, K. Marsland, M. Fogg, R. Turner & J. Goode

Arsenic speciation and mobility in shallow groundwater: An example from Hungary, T. Szocs, I. Horváth, A. Bartha, É. Bertalan, Gy. Tóth & M. Ballók

Mercury in soils along a N/S transect in Alaska, B. Wang, D. Eberl, L. Gough & D. Frohbieter

Natural attenuation of contaminants from river water in the subsurface of the piedmont plain of Taihang Mountains, Z. Wang, H. Chen, J. Shi, Z. Zhang, Y. Fei & Y. Li

Nitrogen and oxygen isotopic analyses of nitrate in groundwater and sediments using the denitrifier method, C.Y. Zhang, J.X. Zhang, L.N. Ma, S. Zhang, M.Y. Yin, Z.H. Li, Z. Ning & E.P. Bi

Water-rock interactions in karst and pore water chemistry in sedimentary rocks

Mixing processes and water-rock interaction in contrasting geologic environments of Mexico and Hungary, A. Cardona, I. Varsanyi, L.O. Kovacs, J.J. Carrillo-Rivera, F.J. Aparicio-Mijares, C. Gutiérrez-Ojeda, M. Martínez-Morales, L. González-Hita & I. Mata-Arellano

Hydrochemical characteristics of Ca-Na-Cl brines of the Sukhodol estuary (Primorye, Far East Russia), G.A. Chelnokov, N.A. Kharitonova, M.G. Blokhin & I.V. Bragin

Arsenic and uranium in the settling particulate matter and sediments of Alfonso Basin, La Paz Bay, K. Choumiline, A.P. Rodríguez-Castañeda, N. Silverberg, E. Shumilin, F. Aguirre-Bahena, D. Sapozhnikov & L. Pérez-Cruz

Discrimination of karst hydrogeology conditions using the trace element strontium, Z.Q. Kang, F.F. Yu, Y. Chang, Z.Y. Wang & Q.B. Huang

Hydrogeochemical conditions of sea and pore waters in the coastal economic zone of Mexico, I.A. Kostikova & V.P. Zverev

Noble gases in karstic and thermal waters of Strimon basin (Greece-Bulgaria), G. Magro, F. Gherardi & S. Bellani

Sr ions and isotopes in groundwater Campeche, Mexico: Insight into development of Edzna Valley, E.C. Perry, G. Velazquez-Oliman, N. Wagner, A. Paytan & J. Street

Comparison study on the differential corrosion of Paleozoic and Cenozoic carbonate rocks, Z. Shengzhang, Z. Guocheng, D. Zhenping, T. Jiansheng & C. Honghan

Hydrogeochemical features of Niangziguan karst water system in Shanxi, Q. Yu, Y.-X. Wang & X.-B. Gao

Water-rock interaction controlling groundwater quality

Salinity of water resources in the Siwa Oasis: Monitoring and diagnosis, A.A. Aly & L. Benaabidate

Uranium and arsenic in some aquifers from Mexico and Germany—a common geogenic development? A. Banning, T.R. Rüde, A. Cardona, A. Aguillón-Robles & L. Padilla-Sánchez

Water quality of the groundwater system in Isparta, SW Turkey, S. Demer, N. Özgür & Ü. Memiş

Identification of redox and buffering processes during injection of oxic water into a deep pyritic aquifer: Experiments and kinetic reaction model, C. Descourvieres, H. Prommer, N. Hartog & C. Oldham

Preliminary assessment of water quality in the Rio Mannu di Narcao basin (Sardinia, Italy), L. Fanfani, C. Dadea & R. Cidu

Geochemical and hydrological controls of As distribution in shallow groundwaters from the Hetao Basin, Inner Mongolia, China, H. Guo, Z. Shen, B. Zhang, Y. Li, G. Wang, Z. Berner, X. Tang & S. Norra

Sensitivity of model of ferrous iron oxidation by dissolved oxygen in the groundwater system, E. Kazak, S. Pozdniakov & A. Kazak

Hydrochemical implications of an overexploited aquifer in a semi-arid environment of Northern Mexico, T. Kretzschmar

Colloid-facilitated transport of ammonia-nitrogen in water-bearing media, H.-M. Li, X.-M. Xu, N. Zhang & B. Wang

Multivariate statistical analysis of coal mine groundwater chemistry characteristics: A case study of Guqiao Coal Mine, Huainan, China, L. Ma, X.P. Zhou, X.C. Cao, M.L. Lin & D.D. Yang

Factor analysis to explain As mobilization: A case study for an area in West Bengal, India, S. Majumder, D. Chatterjee, A. Biswas, Z. Berner & H. Neidhardt

Geochemical and isotopic characteristics of waters of sulphide springs Pre-Ural Foredeep (Russia), T.P. Mityusheva

Long term chemical behavior of groundwater in granite with low permeability, T. Paces, F. Buzek, V. Blaha & E. Pacesova

Vulnerability of over-exploited groundwater to fluoride contamination, H. Pauwels, Ph. Negrel, M. Bouzit, L. Aquilina, Th. Labasque, J. Perrin & S. Fatima

Distribution and evolution of high-fluoride shallow groundwater in Datong Basin, China, C. Su & Y. Wang

The hydrochemical characteristics of Poyang Lake, China, M.L. Wang, W.B. Zhou & C.H. Hu

Spatial-temporal distribution of nitrogen and phosphorous in Poyang Lake, China, W.B. Zhou, M.L. Wang & C.H. Hu

Environmental geochemistry

Preliminary results on water geochemistry from the Oulmès Plateau (Morocco), T. Bahaj, M. Wartiti, M. Zahraoui, F. Podda & R. Caboi

Geochemistry of arsenic in the deltaic environment: Shallow versus deeper aquifer levels, D. Chatterjee, A. Biswas, S. Majumder, Z. Berner & H. Neidhardt

The test method for semi-volatile organic compounds in groundwater and a case study, C. Chen, L. Chen, F. Liu, H.H. Chen, C. Chen, M.X. Huo & J.B. Ma

Geochemical behavior of rare earth elements in waters from the Pineta S. Vitale (Ravenna, Italy), R. Cidu, S. Da Pelo, R. Caboi, L. Vittori-Antisari & G. Vianello

Geochemistry of trace oxyanions in arsenic affected aquifer from Hangjinhouqi, Inner Mongolia, Y. Deng, Y. Wang & T. Ma

Hydrogeotoxicity by As in spring waters from the Sierra de Gredos—Duero Basin area (Spain), E. Giménez-Forcada, C. Guardiola-Albert & I. Iribarren-Campaña

Salinization stages in coastal plain of Osa-Albegna (Italy) using HFE-diagram, E. Giménez-Forcada

Historical deposition of metals in Mexican water bodies, A.M. Hansen & L.C. González-Márquez

Role of suspended soil in the photodegradation of atrazine, A. Hernández-Antonio & A.M. Hansen

Effects of hydrological changes on pollutant dispersion of Poyang Lake, C.H. Hu & W.B. Zhou

Content and distribution of REEs in high pCO2 spas from Sikhote-Alin ridge (Far East of Russia), N.A. Kharitonova, G.A. Chelnokov, E.A. Vakh & N.V. Zarubina

Fluoride in groundwater of Hebei Plain, Northern China: Mineral origin elucidated by isotopic and ion chemistry, X.Q. Li, A.G. Zhou, C.F. Liu, Y.Q. Gan, T.T. Yu &Y.D. Liu

Effect of salinity on phthalic acid esters adsorption kinetics, X.M. Luo, S.H. Zhao & M.Z. Li

Use of lead isotopes to identify pollution sources in Mexican mining sites, a case study, R. Pérez-Rodríguez R., M.C. Alfaro-De la Torre, J. Castro-Larragoitia, P. Schaaf & G. Solís-Pichardo

Gypsum precipitation dynamics in a large experiment, I.J. Reznik, J. Ganor, J. Lati, M. Aharoni, O. Cohen, M. Maymon & I. Gavrieli

The effect of pH on the formation of gypsum scale in the presence of phosphonate antiscalant, Y.O. Rosenberg, J. Ganor & S. Zmora-Nahum

Nitrate in drinking water in relation to the incidence and mortality of esophageal cancer, Linzhou-Anyang area, China, T.T. Yu, A.G. Zhou, X.Q. Li, H.S. Cai &Y.D. Liu

Water-rock interactions in mine tailings

Laboratory experiment on influence of mineralogical assemblage on drainage quality in mine tailing samples, C. Ardau, D.W. Blowes & C.J. Ptacek

Evaluation of the potential release of toxic metals and metalloids from tailings at an historical mining site of Mexico, M.A. Armienta, O. Cruz, N. Ceniceros, A. Aguayo, O. Toledo, G. Villaseñor & P. Girón

Simulation of metallurgy waste influence on groundwater composition, E.V. Cherkasova & B.N. Ryzhenko

Hydrochemical evolution of the Meirama pit lake (NW Spain) after two years of flooding, J. Delgado, R. Juncosa, A. Vázquez, S. Fernández, M.A. Arias, R. González & A. Fernández

Arsenic in groundwater at an abandoned mining area in Central Mexico, M.V. Esteller, E. Domínguez-Mariani, S.E. Garrido & M. Avilés

Short-term chemical variation in stream water impacted by past mining: Results from Baccu Locci (Sardinia, Italy), F. Frau & R. Cidu

Assessment of the distribution and leaching of arsenic in soils near tailing piles, M.E. García-Arreola, L.M. Flores-Vélez & S. Soriano-Pérez

Arsenic anomalies of an arid region determined from sediment geochemistry, M. Gutiérrez & Ma. T. Alarcón Herrera

Study on some influence factors of in-situ leaching of uranium mining in Shihongtan deposit, J. Liu, Y. Zhou, Y. Liu, Z. Sun, Z. Qin & X. Yongguo

The mineral modes of potentially toxic elements in the waste rocks of Veduginskoe gold deposits, N.A. Prisekina & S.B. Bortnikova

Pilot scale field experiments for treatment of sulfide-rich mining wastes using fly ash, D. Quispe, R. Pérez-López, C. Ayora & J.M. Nieto

Detrimental effects of mining on water quality in a small catchment of Guanajuato, México, Y.R. Ramos, D. Muñoz, I. Rodríguez, G. Jiménez, V. Ramírez, J.C. Martínez & E. Elorza

Mercury in sediments from a drainage catchment basin of the Au mining district of El Triunfo, B.C.S., Mexico, J.A. Romero-Guadarrama, A.J. Marmolejo-Rodríguez, M.A. Sánchez-Martínez, A. Sánchez-González & V.R. Magallanes-Ordóñez

Water-tailings interactions at Ruttan Cu-Zn Mine Manitoba, Canada, B.L. Sherriff, D.J. Etcheverry, N.V. Sidenko & J. Van Gulck

Mechanism of chemical plugging during the in-situ leach mining process in the Shihongtan uranium deposit, Xinjiang, China,

Z.X. Sun, J.H. Liu, W.J. Shi & X.R. Jiao

Water-rock interaction modeling for mine tailings in Kemerovo and Cheljabinsk regions, Russia, N.V. Yurkevich & O.P. Saeva

Chemical speciation of certain elements in coal mining drainage in the Neath Canal, South Wales, UK, G.D. Zheng, S.Y. Liang, Y. Takahashi, T.A. Mahdi & H.R. Thomas

Significance of water-rock interaction for reconnaissance and remediation of contaminated sites

Extraction of hazardous elements with water from contaminated rocks, V.A. Alekseyev, L.N. Kochnova & O.A. Tyutyunnik

Membrane autopsy, a tool for reverse osmosis desalination control, based on geochemical analysis, G. Fernández, J. Pérez, M.A. Gómez, G. Garralón, F. Plaza & A. Garralón

Removal of Arsenic(V) by electro-coagulation process, J.R. Hernández, J.L. Nava, G. Carreño & F. Martínez

Experimental study of nitrogen oxide removal from flue gas by using solid mineral adsorbents, J.M. Yang, Y.Y. Cheng, L. Hu & F. Gao

A new oxygen releasing material applied to permeable reactive barrier, F. Liu, L. Xie & H.H. Chen

Geochemical stabilization of contaminated Mediterranean dredged sediments, Y. Mamindy-Pajany, C. Hurel, N. Marmier & M. Roméo

Metal and sulfate mobilization and consecutive decontamination at a toxic waste landfill, P. Pacherova, V. Blaha, L. Erbanova, M. Novak, L. Rukavickova & T. Paces

Water—rock interaction and redox zones in aquifers at waste disposal sites, V.S. Putilina, I.V. Galitskaja, I.A. Pozdnyakova & T.I. Yuganova

The electrochemical remediation of acid drainage, O.P. Saeva, N.V. Yurkevich & V.G. Kabannik

Vertical flow soil filter systems for the remediation of groundwater contaminated with MTBE and benzene, M. van Afferden, P. Mosig & R.A. Müller

Chromium contamination in León valley, Guanajuato, México: A Cr stable isotope perspective, A. Villalobos-Aragón, A.S. Ellis, Ma.A. Armienta & O. Morton Bermea

Application of ground penetrating radar in contamination survey, Y. Jiang, Q. Zhou, X. Zhou, J. Jia & Y. Li

Characterization of mineral surfaces and water/mineral interfacial processes

Properties of H2O and CO2 fluids in contact with quartz under supercritical conditions revealed by IR spectroscopy, J. Abe, N. Tsuchiya, S. Furukawa & N. Hirano

Interactions between four polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and the birnessite surface, M. Carrillo-Cárdenas, M. Villalobos, R. Gibson & N.R. López-Santiago

A kinetic study on dolomite dissolution by microcalorimetry, J. Chen & Z. Bao

Estimation of water-rock interaction parameters for groundwater quality forecast: Experimental study, I.V. Galitskaya, G.I. Batrak & V.S. Putilina

Long-term behaviour of nuclear glass: Recent advances in France, S. Gin, P. Frugier, N. Godon, P. Jollivet & A. Verney-Carron

Effect of sodium and calcium on the sorption and desorption of atrazine in soils, L.C. González-Márquez & A.M. Hansen

Chemical factors driving streambed “armor” in Iron Spring Creek, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA, N.W. Hinman & J.D. Esser

Observation of quartz fracturing under the hydrothermal condition using visible type autoclave, N. Hirano, K. Yamamoto, A. Okamoto & N. Tsuchiya

Serpentinization of sintered olivine during seawater percolation experiments, L. Luquot, M. Godard, P. Gouze, B. Gibert & M. Andreani

The role of water/rock interaction in water bursting from the bottom bed of a bauxite ore deposit, L. Manzhou, Y. Qiru & Y. Changsheng

Calcite dissolution in thin water film, M. Perne

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