Water, Wastewater, and Sludge Filtration  book cover
1st Edition

Water, Wastewater, and Sludge Filtration

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ISBN 9780849369834
Published February 28, 1989 by CRC Press
296 Pages

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Book Description

A comprehensive and up-to-date account of filtration in solid-liquid separation processes, with a sharp focus on the influence of pro-cess variables on performance and specific applications is pre-sented in this volume. With contribu-tions from researchers with significant industrial experi-ence, as well as by senior academics, this publication fea-tures a deep bed filtration overview with informa-tion on mathematical modeling and application in wastewater treat-ment. Pre-treatment filtration techniques such as cartridge filters, pre-coat filters and micro screening are included. Membrane filtration processes to remove dis-solved and suspended solids for the recovery of valuable ma-terials and the provision of high quality water are covered. Sludge de-watering methods such as centrifuga-tion, and vacuum and pressure filtration are described. Application status data, tables, figures and diagrams are also included. This volume is of special interest to practicing engineers and technolo-gists dealing with treatment problems requiring filtration solu-tions and to graduate students in environmental engineering.

Table of Contents

Overview of Deep Bed Filtration: Different Types and Mathematical Models. Theoretical Approach of Deep Bed Filtration. Direct Filtration. Applications of Deep Bed Filtration in Wastewater Treatment. Microstraining. Precoat Filtration. Cartridge Filtration. Reverse Osmosis. Ultrafiltration. Microfiltration. Electrodialysis. Vacuum Filtration. Pressure Filtration. Centrifuges for Sludge Treatment. Index.

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