1st Edition

Water and Biological Macromolecules

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ISBN 9780849375705
Published August 16, 1993 by CRC Press
468 Pages

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Book Description

Water and Biological Macromolecules presents an excellent description of the structural aspects of water molecules around biological macromolecules. Topics discussed include the properties of water in solid and liquid states; proteins, nucleic acids, polysaccharides, and lipids; and theoretical approaches for understanding the macroscopic observations and integrating microscopic descriptions. The nature and roles of hydration forces in macromolecular complexation and cell-cell interactions are explained, in addition to phenomena such as entropy-enthalpy compensation and the thermodynamic treatment of water bridging.

Water and Biological Macromolecules will be a valuable reference for biophysicists, biochemists, and macromolecular biologists.

Table of Contents

WATER. Water Structure (H.F.J. Savage). Thermodynamic and Dynamic Properties of Water (H.D. Ludemann). PROTEINS. Hydration of Amino Acids in Protein Crystals (J.M. Goodfellow, N. Thanki, and J.M. Thornton). Water Structure of Crystallized Proteins: High Resolution Studies (M. Frey). Hydration of Protein Secondary Structures: The Role in Protein Folding (C.Y. Sekkarudu and M. Sundaralingam). NUCLEIC ACIDS. Molecular Dynamics Studies (D.L. Beveridge). Structural Water Bridges in Nucleic Acids (E. Westhof). Hydration Sites and Hydration Bridges around DNA Helices (F. Vovelle and J.M. Goodfellow). Light Scattering Spectroscopic Studies of the Water Molecules in DNA (N.J. Tao). POLYSACCHARIDES AND LIPIDS. Polysaccharide Interactions with Water (S. Perez). The Role of Structural Water Molecules in Protein-Saccharide Complexes (Y. Bourne and C. Cambillau). Lipid Hydration (G. Cevc). THERMODYNAMICS. Hydration Forces (C.J. Van Oos). Solvation Thermodynamics of Biopolymers (A. Ben-Naim).

Due June 1993, 432 pp., ISBN: 0-8493-7570-3.

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