2nd Edition

Water and Wastewater Treatment A Guide for the Nonengineering Professional, Second Edition

By Joanne E. Drinan, Frank R. Spellman Copyright 2013
    300 Pages 113 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Lauded for its engaging, highly readable style, the best-selling first edition became the premier guide for nonengineers involved in water and wastewater treatment operations. Water and Wastewater Treatment: A Guide for the Nonengineering Professional, Second Edition continues to provide a simple, nonmathematical account of the unit processes used to treat both drinking water and wastewater.

    Completely revised and expanded, this second edition adds new material on technological advances, regulatory requirements, and other current issues facing the water and wastewater industries. Using step-by-step, jargon-free language, the authors present all the basic unit processes involved in drinking water and wastewater treatment. They describe each unit process, the function of the process in water or wastewater treatment, and the basic equipment used in each process. They also explain how the processes fit together within a drinking water or wastewater treatment system and discuss the fundamental concepts that constitute water and wastewater treatment processes as a whole.

    Avoiding mathematics, chemistry, and biology, the book includes numerous illustrations for easy comprehension of concepts and processes. It also contains chapter summaries and an extensive glossary of terms and abbreviations for quick reference.

    Current Issues in Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations

    Basics of Water Treatment
    Water Regulations, Parameters, and Characteristics
    Water Purification: System Overview
    Sources, Intake, and Screening
    Coagulation and Flocculation

    Basics of Wastewater Treatment
    Wastewater Regulations, Parameters, and Characteristics
    Wastewater Sources and Types
    Wastewater Treatment: Basic Overview
    Collection Systems
    Preliminary Treatment
    Primary Sedimentation
    Biological Treatment
    Secondary Sedimentation
    Advanced Treatment
    Wastewater Disinfection
    Discharge Effluent

    Basics of Water and Wastewater Solids Treatment and Management
    Water Solids Management: System Overview
    Water Solids Treatment and Disposal
    Wastewater Biosolids Management: System Overview
    Wastewater Biosolids Treatment
    Wastewater Biosolids Disposal




    Joanne E. Drinan is a retired U.S. Navy chief petty officer with 20 years of active duty. She also was an administrative coordinator for a large wastewater treatment sanitation district. She currently works for a nonprofit organization and has authored/coauthored more than 12 environmental science books.

    Frank R. Spellman is a retired U.S. Navy officer with 26 years of active duty, a retired environmental safety and health manager for a large wastewater sanitation district, and a retired assistant professor of environmental health at Old Dominion University. Dr. Spellman has authored/coauthored 76 books and currently consults on environmental matters with the U.S. Department of Justice and various law firms and environmental entities throughout the world.

    Praise for the Bestselling Previous Edition

    "It is a very well-structured book and, when reading it, it becomes clear that it is indeed for the non-engineering professional as mentioned in the title and in the introduction of the book... Technically speaking, the contents of the book are very good and allow the reader to understand all the processes present in different types and steps of water and wastewater treatment. This is also supported by the very good and straightforward way of explaining things and, as already mentioned, the very good structure of the book... In conclusion, this book is a very good introduction and reference book to water and wastewater treatment, especially for the non-engineering professional."
    International Journal of Environment and Pollution, Vol. 15, No. 5, 2001