1st Edition

Wavelets, Images, and Surface Fitting

    544 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    This volume documents the results and presentations relating to the use of wavelet theory and other methods in surface fitting and image reconstruction of the Second International Conference on Curves and Surfaces, held in Chamonix in 1993. The papers represent directions for future research and development in many areas of application.



    A Vector Spline Quasi-Interpolation

    L. Amodei and M. N. Benbourhim

    Implementation on a Shared Memory Parallel Computer of Algorithms for Approximating Data on a Family of Parallel Lines

    I. J. Anderson, M. G. Cox, S. Harbour, and J. C. Mason

    Wavelet Methods for Smoothing Noisy Data

    A. Antoniadis

    Quasi-interpolants and (quasi-) Wavelets, and Hierarchical Bases

    M. Atteia

    Fast DCT—Algorithms, Interpolating Wavelets, and Hierarchical Bases

    G. Baszenski and M. Tasche

    Spline Curves and Surfaces with Tension

    A. Bouhamidi and A. Le Méhauté

    Irregularity Detection from Noisy Data with Wavelets

    M. Bozzini, F. De Tisi, and M. Rossini

    Natural Neighbor Interpolation on the Sphere

    J. L. Brown

    Error Estimates for Periodic Interpolation by Translates

    G. Brumme

    An Energy-based Paradigm for Multimodal Images Fusion

    L. Burnie and P. Cinquin

    Radical Basis Functions: LP-Approximation Orders with Scattered Centres

    M. D. Buhmann and A. Ron

    3D Curve Reconstruction from Degraded Projections

    B. Chalmond, F. Coldefy, and B. Lavayssière

    A Study of Compactly Supported Scaling Functions and Wavelets

    Charles Chui and J. Wang

    Multiresolution Analysis and Wavelets on Locally Compact Abelian Groups

    S. Dahlke

    Some Remarks on Multiscale Transformations, Stability, and Biorthogonality

    W. Dahmen

    Fractal Interpolation Functions for a Class of Finite Elements

    S. De Marchi and M. Morandi Cecchi

    Adaptive Wavelet Bases for Image Compression
    R. A. DeVore

    A Quasi-Interpolant Box-Spline Formulation for Image Compression and Reconstruction

    H. Diamond, L. Arakelian Raphael, and D. A. Williams

    The Subdivision Experience

    N. Dyn and D. Levin

    Banded Matrices with Banded Inverses III: p-Slanted Matrices

    M. Gasca, Charles A. Micchelli, and J. M. Peña

    Invariant Approximation of Star-Shaped Form for Medical Applications

    F. Ghorbel and V. Burdin

    Surface Construction Based on Variational Principles

    G. Greiner

    Direct Methods for Constructing Positive Spline Interpolants

    W. Heβ and J. W. Schmidt

    Conditionally Lower Riesz Bounds for Scattered Data Interpolation

    K. Jetter

    The ‘Face Lift’ Algorithm

    J. Kaasa and G. Westgaard

    Some Generic Properties of the Set of Cross-Sections and the Set of Orthogonal Projections of a Smooth Surface

    Y. L. Kergosien

    Splines Constructed by Pieces of Polyharmonic Functions

    O. I. Kounchev

    On the Fast Evaluation of Integrals of Refinable Functions

    A. Kunoth

    Rational Ck+l Finite Elements in R2

    A. Le Méhauté and K. N. Agbévé

    Convolution Kernels for Approximation by Radial Basis Functions

    J. Levesley

    Using Radial Functions on Compact Domains

    W. Light

    Smoothing Noisy Data by Kriging with Nugget Effects

    P. Montès

    Nonnegative Interpolation by Biquadratic Splines on Refined Rectangular Grids

    B. Mulansky and J. W. Schmidt

    Spline Wavelets with Higher Defect

    G. Plonka

    Regularity Analysis of Non-uniform Data

    C. Potier and C. Vercken

    A Duality Principle for Trigonometric Wavelets

    J. Prestin and E. Quak

    Decomposition and Reconstruction Algorithms for Bivariate Spline Wavelets on the Unit Square

    E. Quak and N. Weyrich

    Some Criteria to Evaluate the Quality of a Quasi-Interpolant

    C. Rabut

    Hölder Regularity of Subdivision Schemes and Wavelets

    O. Rioul

    Hermite and Lagrange Interpolation by Quadratic Splines on Non-uniform Criss-Cross Triangulations

    P. Sablonnière and F. Jeeawock-Zedek

    Partial Differential Equation Techniques for Surface Determination

    C. Sbert

    Approximation of Polynomials by Radial Basis Functions

    R. Schaback

    Modeling of Geographical Surfaces Using Finite Elements

    J. Springer

    Orthogonal Periodic Spline Wavelets

    Manfred Tasche

    Approximation of Parametric Surfaces with Discontinuities by Discrete Smoothing Dm-splines

    J. J. Torrens

    Wavelet Analysis of Refinable Functions

    Lars F. Villemoes

    Interpolation of an Arbitrary Rectangular Mesh with Local Control and Prescribed Continuity

    M. Walker

    Constrained Surfaces Fitting Using Powell-Sabin Splines

    K. Willemans and P. Dierckx

    B-spline Patches for Surface Reconstruction in Computer Vision

    C. Zhao and Roger Mohr


    Pierre-Jean Laurent, Alain Le Mehaute, Larry Schumaker