1st Edition

Weathering the Storm in China and India Comparative Analysis of Societal Transformation under the Leadership of Xi and Modi

    218 Pages
    by Routledge

    218 Pages
    by Routledge

    China and India have in recent years seen a change in leadership, with each wanting to make an impact on their respective societies by bringing about significant changes in governance. This book looks at the impact of major institutional disruptions on large-, medium- and small-sized enterprises in China and India. The book endeavours to systematically assess the impact of major institutional policy changes that seek to transform and overhaul the status quo at institutional, social and business levels. It also provides a holistic understanding of the impact of a major and turbulent policy shift on Asia’s two giant economies.

    This book is a must-read for those interested in gaining insights into the two dominant powers in Asia.

    1.Introduction: Major Institutional Disruptions and Impacts on Businesses and Society under the Leadership of Xi and Modi 2. The Rationale of Policy Initiatives under Xi and Modi 3. The Policy Focus of Xi and Modi 4. Transformative Economic Changes Under Xi and Modi 5. Industry Response to the Impact of Major Changes 6. Public Response to Xi and Modi’s Transformational Changes 7. Concurrent Policy Changes and Challenges under Xi and Modi’s Leadership 8. Conclusion: Xi and Modi’s Leadership Consequences for China and India


    Ying Zhu is Professor and Director of the Australian Centre for Asian Business at the University of South Australia. He was born in Beijing and graduated from Peking University with a bachelor’s in International Economics in 1984. He worked as an economist at Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in China between 1984 and 1988, and completed his PhD on the role of export processing zones in East Asian development at Melbourne University between 1989 and 1992. After that, he worked at Victoria University and Melbourne University for 17 years. Ying has more than 150 publications in the areas of international human resource management, international business, economic development and labour laws in Asia.

    Deepak Sardana is Senior Lecturer and Associate Director of the Australian Centre for Asian Business at the University of South Australia, Adelaide (Australia). He obtained a PhD in business administration from the Australian National University in Canberra. Deepak has published in several high-quality peer-reviewed international journals and has presented his research work at many prestigious international conferences. He also co-authored a book titled Conducting Business in China and India: A Comparative and Contextual Analysis (Palgrave Macmillan 2017), with Y. Zhu.

    S. Tamer Cavusgil currently serves as Fuller E. Callaway Professorial Chair and Executive Director, Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA. A trustee of Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey, Tamer is also a visiting professor at Leeds University Business School, UK, and the University of South Australia Business School. Tamer has authored more than several dozen books and some 200 refereed journal articles. His works are among the most cited contributions in international business.


    "An eminently readable book.... The authors not only reveal the ways Xi and Modi transform their societies and the world, but also decipher the underlying drivers in policies, institutions, economies, and ideologies." -- Leigh Anne Liu, Fulbright-Hanken Distinguished Chair in Business & Economics 2020-2021, Georgia State University

    "This is an important and timely contribution about two key emerging market countries, with a particular focus on their leaders and their ambitious visions. It is a must read for those seeking a deeper and an up-to-date assessment of social, political, and economic institutions in India and China." -- Saeed Samiee, Collins Professor of Marketing & International Business, The University of Tulsa

    "China and India have been on remarkably different trajectories under the leadership of transformative leaders in Xi and Modi. What has been their major impact?  How have the people and businesses responded? This informative book is of interest to any reader who is curious about the role strong leaders are playing in charting new territories." -- Costas Katsikeas, Arnold Ziff Research Chair Professor in Marketing & International Management, Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, UK

    "Understanding context is critical for any analysis in the field of business management and policy. This book does a deep dive into the policy changes in contemporary China and India and thus readers can have a better understanding of the two most populous countries in the world." -- Vikas Kumar, Professor & Head (International Business), University of Sydney Business School, University of Sydney

    "[B]y exploring China and India in their political, economic, and social experience, the authors provide a carefully crafted study. For readers of international economics and business, I highly recommend this book." -- Seyda Deligonul, Professor of Business Strategy, St. John Fisher College, U.S.A

    "It is critical to appreciate the essence of change, contextual factors for the changes, and their consequences, if you want to make investment or conduct business/research in a country. The book provides such a detailed analysis on China and India. I highly recommend it for researchers, business executives, expatriates, policy-makers and students interested in the development of these two resurgent powers." -- Cherrie Jiuhua Zhu, Professor of Management, Monash Business School, Monash University

    "A very insightful book on the institutional reforms within China and India. A plethora of examples from the adopted policy initiatives and their implications is provided throughout, making this monograph relevant both for practitioners and international business scholars." -- Vassiliki (Vicky) Bamiatzi, Professor of Strategy & International Business, University of Sussex Business School, UK

    "This book explores the key institutional and policy changes in China and India under the leadership of Xi and Modi.  I would recommend this book to business executives, policy makers, students, and all those interested in understanding institutional disruption and outcomes in China and India." -- John Benson, Professor, School of Business, Monash University Malaysia & Business School, Monash University Australia