1st Edition

Which One Doesn't Belong? Shapes Poster Set

By Christopher Danielson Copyright 2017
    8 Pages
    by Routledge

    Do the posters in your classroom create misconceptions about shapes? Upgrade your walls and your instruction with this new set of shapes posters by Christopher Danielson, author of Which One Doesn’t Belong?

    Designed to spark curiosity, creativity, and conversation about geometry, the posters address and prevent misconceptions and move beyond treating geometry as vocabulary to memorize. Just like in Christopher’s book, each shape is a right answer because each shape has a reason not to belong. Students can talk about their reasons using informal everyday words, specialized mathematical vocabulary, and a mix of both. Often, these posters will spark a need for a new word as well as clarity about its meaning. The posters are appropriate for grades K–8 and beyond. For example, younger students considering the Which Triangle Doesn't Belong? poster will discover that a triangle is a closed shape with three straight sides, no matter which way the triangle is "pointing." Middle grades students will notice and compare attributes of different types of triangles (right, isosceles, scalene, equilateral). Older students will engage with the geometry of special right triangles. All students will wonder, and notice, and think about relationships over time.

    Each set of eight 18-by-24-inch posters includes one for each of the following: square, rectangle, rhombus, triangle, hexagon, polygon, shape, and curve.


    Christopher Danielson has worked with math learners of all ages, from teens in his former middle school classroom to his own children, from calculus students to elementary teachers to families who visit Math-On-A-Stick, a large-scale math learning and play space at the Minnesota State Fair. Find more of his writing on his websites, talkingmathwithyourkids.com and christopherdanielson.wordpress.com.