1st Edition

Who Decides Who Decides? Enabling Choice, Equity, Access, Improved Performance and Patient Guaranteed Care

By John Spiers, Philip Booth, Neil Russel Copyright 2008

    This book makes the case for 'ordinary' people to get the health and social care which the state has promised them for over 60 years but which has not been delivered. What is the case for choice? How can choice be made real for the individual? What impact can genuine, individually financially-empowered choice have on effective funding, purchasing, delivery, and outcomes? How can a genuine market grow and thrive? How can the quest for choice include the large numbers of NHS and social care staff on whom success depends? The book urges individual financial empowerment, through a life-long health savings account for all NHS and social services.

    Contents Includes: Why choice? Two concepts of order. Six policy recommendations. The present reforms ‘coherent and right’? What are politicians for? Cancer and “the efficiency myth”. The ‘choice agenda’ and the problem of knowledge. Between the data and the deep blue sea. Coercion, contagion, learning, coaching. My body, but your decision? ‘Concordat’, and shared decision-making. Culture, kultur, and permission to change.


    John Spiers, Philip Booth, Neil Russel