Who was Who at Waterloo : A Biography of the Battle book cover
1st Edition

Who was Who at Waterloo
A Biography of the Battle

ISBN 9780582784055
Published June 14, 2007 by Routledge
488 Pages

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Book Description

Everyone knows about the Battle of Waterloo – or do they?

This book presents the battle as never before: through the personal stories of over 150 people present at the battle or its immediate aftermath. A reference book, a biographical dictionary, and a myth-busting expose, Who was Who at Waterloo is an indispensable guide to history’s most famous battle.

Arranged in alphabetical order, and with entries highlighted throughout the text like links in a website, the book boasts a colourful cast of soldiers, politicians, peasants, surgeons, artists, novelists, poets, scientists, entrepreneurs, and more. It provides many sorties into nineteenth century culture, politics, medicine and science. It also provides a thorough look at the sources, identifying myths, irregularities and cover-ups. The book demonstrates how little we can really know about Waterloo. And yet it also demonstrates just how much can be said about the battle’s participants.

Table of Contents


Adam, Major General Sir Frederick William

Alava, Miguel Ricardo de

Allix de Vaux, General Jacques-Alexandre-François, baron

Alten, Lieutenant General Sir Charles von

Anton, Sergeant James

Arentschildt, Lieutenant Colonel Sir Frederick, Baron von



Bachelu, General Gilbert Désirée Joseph

Bailly de Monthion, General François Gédéon

Baring, Major George

Barker, Henry Aston

Bell, Sir Charles

Bijlandt, Major General Willem Frederik van

Blücher, Field Marshal Gebhard Leberecht von

Bolton, Captain Samuel

Bourmont, General Louis Auguste Victor de Ghaisnes, Count

Brack, Captain Prosper Fortuné, de

Brewer, Joseph

Brô, ColonelLouis

Brunswick, Friedrich Wilhelm, Duke of

Bull, Major Robert

Bülow, General Friedrich Wilhelm, Baron von

Burney (married name d’Arblay), Frances or ‘Fanny’

Butterworth, John


Cambronne, General Pierre Jacques

Campbell, Lieutenant Robert Preston

Capel, Caroline

Chassé, Lieutenant General David Hendrik, Baron

Chastel, General Louis Pierre Aimé, Baron

Clark, Captain Alexander Kennedy

Clay, Private Matthew

Coignet, Captain Jean-Roch

Colbert-Chabanais, GeneralEdouard de

Cole, General Sir Galbraith Lowry

Colville, General Sir Charles

Constant de Rebecque, Jean Victor

Cooke, Major GeneralSir George

Cotton, Edward

Crawford, Donald

Creevey, Thomas



Decoster, Jean

De Lancey, Lady Magdalen

De Lancey, Sir William Howe

Delort, GeneralJacques Antoine

D’Erlon, General Jean-Baptiste Drouet, Count

Detmers, Colonel H.

D’Hoogvoorst, Baron Joseph van der Linden

Domon, General Jean Simon

Dörnberg, Major General Sir Wilhelm Kaspar Ferdinand von

Drouot, GeneralAntoine, Count

Duhesme, General Philibert Guillaume, Count

Dupuis, Madame Thérèse

Dupuy, Major Victor

Durutte, General Pierre François


Eaton (née Waldie), Charlotte Anne

Evans, Tom

Ewart, Sergeant Charles

Exelmans, General Rémy Joseph Isidore


Ferrior, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel

Fitzroy Somerset, Colonel James Henry

Fleury de Chamboulon, Pierre Alexandre Édouard

Fouler, General Albert Emmanuel

Foy, General Maximilien Sebastien

Fraser, Sergeant Ralph

Frazer, Lieutenant Colonel Sir Augustus Simon

Fremantle, LieutenantColonel John

Friant, General Louis, Count


Gérard, General Maurice Etienne

Gneisenau, August Wilhelm Anton, Count von

Gordon, Lieutenant Colonel Sir Alexander

Graeme, Lieutenant George Drummond

Graham, Corporal

Gronow, Rees Howell

Grouchy, Marshal Emmanuel, Marquis de

Guyot, General Charles, Claude-Etienne, Count


Halkett, Major General Sir Colin

Halkett, Colonel Hew, Baron von

Hamilton, Lieutenant Colonel James Inglis

Hill, General Rowland

Hitchens, Richard

Hunt, Philip


Jacquinot, Charles Claude, Baron

Jardin, père or aîné

Jérôme, Prince

Jerzmanowski, Lieutenant Colonel Jan Pawel, Baron

Jolyet, Major Jean-Baptiste


Keller, Major von

Kelly, Captain Edward

Kempt, Major General Sir James

Kennedy, Ensign James Grant

Kincaid, Lieutenant John


Labédoyère, General Charles-Angélique-François-Huchet, Count

Larrey, Dominique-Jean, Baron

Lawrence, Sergeant William

Leach, Captain Jonathan

Leeke, Ensign William

Lefebvre-Desnouëttes, General Charles, Count

Lobau, General Georges Mouton, Count


Macdonell, Lieutenant Colonel Sir James

MacKay, Piper Kenneth

Maitland, Major General Peregrine

Marbot, Colonel Jean-Baptiste-Antoine-Marcellin, Baron de

Marshall, Sergeant Major Matthew

Mercer, Captain Alexander Cavalié

Merlen, Major General J.B., van

Milhaud, General Edouard-Jean-Baptiste, Count

Morris, Thomas

Müffling, General Philipp Friedrich Carl Ferdinand, Baron von

Muter, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph


Napoleon I

Ney, Marshal Michel, Duke of Elchingen, prince of Moskova



Ompteda, Colonel Christian Frederick William von, Baron

Orange, William Frederick George, Prince of


Percy, Major Henry

Perponcher-Sedlnitzky, Lieutenant General Henri-Georges, Baron

Petre, Lieutenant Henry William

Picton, Lieutenant General Sir Thomas

Pirch, Major General Georg Dubislaw Ludwig

Piré-Hippolyte, General Marie-Guillaume, Count

Ponsonby, Lieutenant Colonel Sir Frederick Cavendish

Ponsonby, Major General Sir William

Pozzo di Borgo, General Carlo Andrea, Count


Quiot du Passage, General Joachim, baron


Reille, General Honoré-Charles-Michel-Joseph, Count

Richmond, General Charles Lennox, fourth Duke of


Saint-Denis, Louis Etienne

Saltoun, Alexander George Fraser, Lord

Sandham, Captain Charles F.

Scott, Sir Walter

Seymour, Captain Horace Beauchamp

Shaw, Corporal John

Simmons, Lieutenant George

Smith, Captain Sir Henry George Wakelyn

Smith, Admiral Sir William Sidney

Somerset, Major General Lord (Robert) Edward Henry

Soult, Marshal (‘Nicolas’) Jean-de-Dieu

Styles, Corporal Francis


Thielemann, General Johann Adolf, Baron von

Thornton, James


Turner, Joseph Mallord William


Uchelen, Lieutenant van

Uxbridge, Henry William Paget, second Earl of


Vandamme, General Dominique-Joseph-René, Count

Vandeleur, Major General Sir John Ormsby

Vivian, Major General Sir Richard Hussey


Waterloo, Frederica M’Mullen

Weir, Sergeant John

Wellington, Field Marshal Sir Arthur Wellesley, first Duke of

Wheatley, Lieutenant Edmund

Whinyates, Captain Edward Charles

Woodford, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander George


Ziethen, Lieutenant General Hans Ernst Karl, Count von


Appendix I Chronology of major political events

Appendix II   Chronology of the Waterloo campaign

Appendix III   Order of battle: Blucher’s Army of the North

Appendix IV Order of battle: Wellington’s Army of the Low Countries

Appendix VI: British Waterloo regiments: strengths and losses

Appendix VII:  The British purchase system

Appendix VIII: Wellington’s Waterloo Dispatch to Earl Bathurst

Appendix IX The Battles of Waterloo and Quatre-Bras, as reported by The Times




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