1st Edition

Women, Language and Linguistics Three American Stories from the First Half of the Twentieth Century

By Julia S. Falk Copyright 1999
    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    324 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Rather than the standard American story of an increasingly triumphant march of scientific inquiry towards structural phonology, Women, Language and Linguistics reveals linguistics where its purpose was communication; the appeal of languages lay in their diversity; and the authority of language lay in its speakers and writers. Julia S Falk explores the vital part which women have played in preserving a linguistics based on the reality and experience of language; this book finally brings to light a neglected perspective for those working in linguistics and the history of linguistics.

    Part I. Introduction 1. Turning Points 2. Women Foundation Members of the Linguistic Society of America 3. Participation Obstacles and Exclusion 4. Three Stories Part II. Alice Vanderbilt Morris 5. A Vanderbilt Woman 6. Founding of IALA 7. Auxiliary Languages: A Brief History 8. The Academy 9. IALA's Research Programs 10. Alice Vanderbilt Morris and Edward Sapir 11. Conflicts and Changes 12. The Final Product 13. Money and Connections 14. Conclusions Part III Gladys Amanda Reichard 15. Traditions 16. Elsie Clews Parsons: Scientist, Benefactor, Institution 17. Preparation for the Field 18. Language - A Living, Cultural Phenomenon 19. The Hogan School 20. Nature of Language and Goals of Linguistics 21. Territoriality 22. Relationships 23. Reputation Part IV E. Adelaide Hahn 24. A Life Without Boundaries 25. Friends and Colleagues 26. Adelaide Hahn and the Linguistic Society of America 27. Language and Linguistics at Hunter College 28. Philology and Linguistics 29. Vergil, Horace and Winston Churchill 30. Ancient and Classical Languages 31. Problems of Method 32. Not Forgotten Part V. 33. Epilogue
    'Falk raises awareness of the history of linguistics as a whole and the role of women in the field.' - Susan D. Fischer, Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development