Women and Addiction : A Comprehensive Handbook book cover
1st Edition

Women and Addiction
A Comprehensive Handbook

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ISBN 9781606231074
Published May 6, 2009 by Guilford Press
526 Pages

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Book Description

For many years, addiction research focused almost exclusively on men. Yet scientific awareness of sex and gender differences in substance use disorders has grown tremendously in recent decades. This volume brings together leading authorities to review the state of the science and identify key directions for research and clinical practice. Concise, focused chapters illuminate how biological and psychosocial factors influence the etiology and epidemiology of substance use disorders in women; their clinical presentation, course, and psychiatric comorbidities; treatment access; and treatment effectiveness. Prevalent substances of abuse are examined, as are issues facing special populations.

Table of Contents

I. Overview

1. Substance Abuse across the Lifespan in Women, Monica L. Zilberman

2. Research Design and Methodology in Studies of Women and Addiction, Stephanie Collins Reed and Suzette M. Evans

II. Biological Issues

3. Neuroactive Gonadal Steroid Hormones and Drug Addiction in Women, Jennifer L. Newman and Nancy K. Mello

4. Stress, Neuroendocrine Response, and Addiction in Women, Helen Fox and Rajita Sinha

5. Sex Differences in the Transmission of Substance Use Disorders, Amanda Kalaydjian and Kathleen Ries Merikangas

6. Sex Differences and Neurotransmitter Systems in Addiction, Teresa A. Pigott, Maryann A. Walker, Scott A. Teitelbaum, and Ching-ju Lu

7. Sex Differences in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, C. Lindsay DeVane

8. Gender, Cognition, and Addiction, Simona Sava, Alexandra McCaffrey, and Deborah A. Yurgelun-Todd

9. The Roles of Sex Differences in the Drug Addiction Process, Amanda Elton and Clinton D. Kilts

III. Co-Occurring Psychiatric Disorders

10. Comorbidity of Substance Use Disorders with Independent Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Women: Results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions, Risë B. Goldstein

11. Depression and Substance Use Disorders in Women, Helen M. Pettinati and Jennifer G. Plebani

12. Gender, Anxiety, and Substance Use Disorders, Kathleen T. Brady and Karen Hartwell

13. Co-Occurring Eating and Substance Use Disorders, Lisa R. Cohen and Susan M. Gordon

14. Trauma, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Addiction among Women, Denise Hien

15. Psychotic Disorders in Women with Substance Abuse, Kim-Chi Nguyen and E. Sherwood Brown

16. Concurrent Personality Disorders and Substance Use Disorders in Women, Lisa A. Burckell and Shelley McMain

IV. Treatment Outcome

17. Gender-Specific Treatment for Women with Substance Use Disorders, Shelly F. Greenfield and Sandrine Pirard

18. Treatment Seeking and Utilization among Women with Substance Use Disorders, Christine E. Grella

19. Behavioral Couple Therapy: Partner-Involved Treatment for Substance-Abusing Women, William Fals-Stewart, Wendy K. K. Lam, and Michelle L. Kelley

V. Specific Substances

20. Women, Girls, and Alcohol, Sherry H. Stewart, Dubravka Gavric, and Pamela Collins

21. Treatment of Nicotine Dependence in Women, Kenneth A. Perkins

22. Gender and Prescription Opioid Addiction, Sudie E. Back and Rebecca Payne

23. Women and Marijuana Dependence: Issues and Opportunities, Aimee L. McRae-Clark and Kimber L. Price

24. Sex Differences in Vulnerability to Stimulant Abuse: A Translational Perspective, Wendy J. Lynch, Marc N. Potenza, Kelly P. Cosgrove, and Carolyn M. Mazure

VI. Special Populations

25. Adolescent Substance Use and the Role of Gender, Himanshu P. Upadhyaya and Kevin M. Gray

26. Substance Use in Pregnancy, Chaya Bhuvaneswar and Grace Chang

27. Ethnic and Cultural Correlates of Addiction among Diverse Women, Latoya C. Conner, Charlene E. Le Fauve, and Barbara C. Wallace

28. Substance Use Disorders among Sexual-Minority Women, Thomas W. Irwin

VII. Social and Policy Issues

29. Violence and Victimization among Women with Substance Use Disorders, Angela E. Waldrop

30. Legal Issues, Addiction, and Gender, Rebecca W. Brendel and Matthew F. Soulier

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Kathleen T. Brady, MD, PhD, is Distinguished University Professor and Associate Provost for Clinical and Translational Science at the Medical University of South Carolina. Her interests include drug and alcohol abuse/addiction and comorbid conditions. A board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Brady leads numerous research projects and served as president of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, a member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and a board member of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence. She has authored over 300 publications; presented at conferences, grand rounds, and symposia; and received numerous awards.

Sudie E. Back, PhD, a clinical psychologist, is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Director of the Drug Abuse Research Training program for psychiatry residents at the Medical University of South Carolina. She serves as Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator on numerous federally funded research projects. Her current research involves prescription opioid dependence, the integrated psychosocial treatment of substance use disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder, and gender. The ultimate aim of this line of research is to improve the treatment of individuals with substance use disorders. Dr. Back also maintains a small clinical practice.

Shelly F. Greenfield, MD, MPH, is Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. She is also Chief Academic Officer and Director of Clinical and Health Services Research and Education, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, McLean Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts. An award-winning researcher, Dr. Greenfield serves as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator on federally funded research focusing on treatment for substance use disorders, gender differences in substance disorders, and health services for substance disorders. She is also Director of the Harvard Medical School/Partners Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship and Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Review of Psychiatry.


"An exceptional contribution. The breadth and depth of this book are impressive, with coverage of neurobiology, psychosocial models, epidemiology, and much more. The gender gap in the substance abuse literature has long been an issue, and this comprehensive work marks a leap forward. Readers will find much here to challenge old ideas and spark new ones. The 'Key Points' section in each chapter is especially helpful for those who want to quickly learn the gist of the science. Bravo to the editors and contributors for this truly fine work."--Lisa M. Najavits, PhD, Director, Treatment Innovations; Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, University of Massachusetts Medical School
"Finally, a synthesis of research advances on addiction and women, and in a single volume! Scholarly yet easy to read, and written by leading researchers in the field, this is a perfect addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in addictions. It offers comprehensive, current, and relevant coverage of such issues as hormones, pregnancy, co-occurring psychiatric disorders, and women's unique treatment needs. I highly recommend this book to a broad audience, including treatment professionals, students, basic scientists, and policymakers."--Carrie Randall, PhD, Distinguished University Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and Director, Charleston Alcohol Research Center, Medical University of South Carolina

"The once-neglected field of research in addiction and its treatment in women has flourished in the past 20 years, making this book a 'must read' for clinicians. Brady, Back, and Greenfield are leaders in research, clinical practice, and teaching. Their book is the definitive work on the subject, and the most important new volume in addiction psychiatry in recent years."--Richard J. Frances, MD, Department of Psychiatry, New York University School of Medicine

This hefty volume takes stock of the mushrooming research literature, analyzes and synthesizes hundreds of studies, and pinpoints the remaining gaps in the knowledge base....The advanced student or researcher...will be very well served....This handbook would be a useful addition to collections that support academic programs in medicine, nursing, psychology, biology, public health, or social work.
--Feminist Collections, 4/4/2009ƒƒ
Documents with empirical strength and impunity the biological and psychosocial nuances that differentiate women's addiction and treatment experiences from men's experiences. This powerful compendium provides a thorough review of the literature for researchers and academics, but is also accessible to practitioners and policy makers interested in the need for and implementation of gender specific services....The accumulated knowledge within this volume produces an excellent resource or teaching tool that can be used to inform and enlighten seasoned, as well as incoming, professionals. It is also well suited for graduate coursework in disciplines that foster research within this area or those that have specialized courses on understanding and/or treating substance use disorders such as psychology, social work, nursing, and medical schools....There has been no venue that comprehensively presents the advances in research and treatment exemplified by this volume, making this imperative reading for anyone with interest in improving the lives of women experiencing addiction.
--Sex Roles, 4/4/2009ƒƒ
Comprehensive in its scope and detailed in its coverage of addiction and women....Editors Brady, Back, and Greenfield have provided a thorough compilation of the research in the area of gender differences, including information on up-to-date research, a historical perspective on research and treatment, and descriptions of approaches to a wide variety of problems and subpopulations. Women and Addiction is a needed resource for both clinicians and researchers in the substance abuse area....This book provides neuro- and biological, social, and subpopulation explanations of the possible paths of the addiction process in women.
--PsycCRITIQUES, 4/4/2009