1st Edition

Women and Creativity A Psychoanalytic Glimpse Through Art, Literature, and Social Structure

    362 Pages
    by Routledge

    364 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book addresses aspects of how creativity is viewed in psychoanalytic theory and worked with in the consulting room, with particular reference to human generativity and the life cycle, within the arts in the broadest sense and its workings in society and culture in the widest sense.

    Introduction -- Creativity in Psychoanalytic Theory -- Creativity and authenticity -- Discussion of “Creativity and authenticity” by Irma Brenman Pick -- Listening, technique, and all that jazz -- William, did you say, “Much Ado about Nothing”? -- Discussion of “William, did you say: ‘Much Ado about Nothing’?” by Juan Eduardo Tesone -- Female elements and functions in creativity -- Women and creativity -- Creativity in Psychoanalytic Practice throughout the Life Cycle -- When creativity restarts: distorted and adaptive forms -- A little girl’s analysis -- A psychoanalyst in the labour room: the birth of emotions -- Generativity and creativity: dialogue between an obstetrician and a psychoanalyst -- Dreaming about pregnancy when it is not there: two clinical cases -- A particular kind of sterility -- Discussion of “A particular kind of sterility” by Jones de Luca -- “With you I can bleat my heart out”*—older women in psychoanalytic practice -- Creativity in the Arts and Literature -- Using contents from a sewing box: some aspects of the artwork of Sonia Delaunay and Louise Bourgeois -- Commentary on Brodeuses -- The voice of the mother in To the Lighthouse -- Living Creatively in Society -- Happily ever after: depictions of coming of age in fairy tales -- Cultural altruism and masochism in women in the East -- Horses and other animals: some background obstacles to female creativity in Russia -- Is healing possible for women survivors of domestic violence? -- No peaceable woman: creativity in feminist political psychoanalysis—commemorating Margarete Mitscherlich-Nielsen (17.7.1917–12.6.2012) -- Should we as psychoanalysts apologise to women? -- Maria Pia Conte -- Laura Tognoli Pasquali -- Afterword


    Thomson-Salo, Frances | Tognoli Pasquali, Laura