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Women and Psychology

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This series brings together current theory, research and practice on women and psychology. Drawing on scholarship from a number of different areas of psychology, it bridges the gap between abstract research and the reality of women's lives by integrating theory and practice, research and policy.

Each book addresses a 'cutting edge' issue, covering topics such as postnatal depression, abortion, pregnancy, sexual violence, mothering, madness or eating disorders. Authors draw on a wide range of theories and approaches – including post-structuralism, social constructionism, psychoanalysis, social cognition, development psychology, and intersectionality. Some books include research data, primarily of a qualitative nature, others focus on theory or practice.

The series provides accessible and concise accounts of key issues in the study of women and psychology, and clearly demonstrates the centrality of psychology debates within women's studies or feminism.
If you are interested in contributing a book to the series, contact the series editor for information about the process of submitting a proposal: [email protected]

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The Psychological Development of Girls and Women Rethinking change in time

The Psychological Development of Girls and Women: Rethinking change in time

2nd Edition

By Sheila Greene
December 04, 2014

Choice Recommended Read This thoroughly revised new edition updates Sheila Greene's original transformative account of the psychological development of girls and women and the central role of time in shaping human experience. Greene critically reviews traditional and contemporary theoretical ...

Knowing Victims Feminism, agency and victim politics in neoliberal times

Knowing Victims: Feminism, agency and victim politics in neoliberal times

1st Edition

By Rebecca Stringer
June 09, 2014

Knowing Victims explores the theme of victimhood in contemporary feminism and politics. It focuses on popular and scholarly constructions of feminism as ‘victim feminism’ – an ideology of passive victimhood that denies women’s agency – and provides the first comprehensive analysis of the debate ...

Women Voicing Resistance Discursive and narrative explorations

Women Voicing Resistance: Discursive and narrative explorations

1st Edition

Edited By Suzanne McKenzie-Mohr, Michelle N. Lafrance
March 17, 2014

Feminist scholars have demonstrated how ‘dominant discourses’ and ‘master narratives’ frequently reflect patriarchal influence, thereby distorting and depoliticizing women’s storying of their own lives. In this groundbreaking volume a number of internationally recognized researchers, working across...

Being Married, Doing Gender A Critical Analysis of Gender Relationships in Marriage

Being Married, Doing Gender: A Critical Analysis of Gender Relationships in Marriage

1st Edition

By Caroline Dryden
February 01, 1999

In one of the first psychological studies of women in heterosexual relationships, Caroline Dryden examines the social context of their experiences and emotional struggles. Unlike the developmental literature in which women are studied only as mothers, or the clinical literature which has little ...

Re-thinking Abortion Psychology, Gender and the Law

Re-thinking Abortion: Psychology, Gender and the Law

1st Edition

By Mary Boyle
December 15, 1997

Women have been able to have abortions legally for over 30 years. Yet few books have considered it as anything other than a health issue. Mary Boyle breaks this mould by considering the constructions of abortion in Western society. Drawing on ideas from sociology, politics, anthropology and law...

The Science/Fiction of Sex Feminist Deconstruction and the Vocabularies of Heterosex

The Science/Fiction of Sex: Feminist Deconstruction and the Vocabularies of Heterosex

1st Edition

By Annie Potts
February 28, 2003

What can we learn from exploring the differences in male and female orgasmic experience? Is the penis an entity with a mind of its own? These issues and others, such as the popular portrayals of male sexuality as active and outwardly focused and female sexuality as passive and internally located, ...

Understanding Depression Feminist Social Constructionist Approaches

Understanding Depression: Feminist Social Constructionist Approaches

1st Edition

By Janet Stoppard
February 08, 2000

Women are particularly vulnerable to depression. Understanding Depression provides an in-depth critical examination of mainstream approaches to understanding and treating depression from a feminist perspective. Janet Stoppard argues that current approaches give only partial accounts of womens' ...

The Single Woman A Discursive Investigation

The Single Woman: A Discursive Investigation

1st Edition

By Jill Reynolds
June 20, 2008

The increase in numbers of single people has been described as one of the greatest social phenomena of western society. Most women will spend periods of their lives alone, without a committed partner relationship. Yet there is still a degree of social stigma attached to this status. Single women ...

Fat Lives A Feminist Psychological Exploration

Fat Lives: A Feminist Psychological Exploration

1st Edition

By Irmgard Tischner
December 14, 2012

Ever caught somebody – or yourself – checking out the content of a ‘fat’ person’s supermarket trolley? Ever wondered what lies behind this behaviour, or what it might be like to be at the receiving end of this judging gaze? Within the context of the current ‘obesity debate’, this book ...

The Madness of Women Myth and Experience

The Madness of Women: Myth and Experience

1st Edition

By Jane M. Ussher, Jane Ussher
April 27, 2011

Nominated for the 2012 Distinguished Publication Award of the Association for Women in Psychology!Why are women more likely to be positioned or diagnosed as mad than men?If madness is a social construction, a gendered label, as many feminist critics would argue, how can we understand...

'Adolescence', Pregnancy and Abortion Constructing a Threat of Degeneration

'Adolescence', Pregnancy and Abortion: Constructing a Threat of Degeneration

1st Edition

By Catriona I. Macleod
August 17, 2010

Winner of the Rhodes University Vice-Chancellor's Book Award 2012! Winner of the 2011 Distinguished Publication Award of the Association for Women in Psychology! Why, despite evidence to the contrary, does the narrative of the negative consequences of teenage pregnancy, abortion and childbearing ...

Hard Knocks Domestic Violence and the Psychology of Storytelling

Hard Knocks: Domestic Violence and the Psychology of Storytelling

1st Edition

By Janice Haaken
June 17, 2010

This book draws on interviews carried out over a period of eight years, as well as novels, films, and domestic violence literature, to explain the role of storytelling in the history of the battered women’s movement. The author shows how cultural contexts shape how stories about domestic abuse get ...

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