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Women and Psychology

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This series brings together current theory, research and practice on women and psychology. Drawing on scholarship from a number of different areas of psychology, it bridges the gap between abstract research and the reality of women's lives by integrating theory and practice, research and policy.

Each book addresses a 'cutting edge' issue, covering topics such as postnatal depression, abortion, pregnancy, sexual violence, mothering, madness or eating disorders. Authors draw on a wide range of theories and approaches – including post-structuralism, social constructionism, psychoanalysis, social cognition, development psychology, and intersectionality. Some books include research data, primarily of a qualitative nature, others focus on theory or practice.

The series provides accessible and concise accounts of key issues in the study of women and psychology, and clearly demonstrates the centrality of psychology debates within women's studies or feminism.
If you are interested in contributing a book to the series, contact the series editor for information about the process of submitting a proposal: [email protected]

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The Gendered Unconscious Can Gender Discourses Subvert Psychoanalysis?

The Gendered Unconscious: Can Gender Discourses Subvert Psychoanalysis?

1st Edition

By Louise Gyler
April 30, 2010

Feminist interventions in psychoanalysis have often attempted either to subvert or re-frame the masculinist and phallocentric biases of Freud's psychoanalysis. This book investigates the nature of these interventions by comparing the status and treatment of women in two different psychoanalytic ...

Understanding the Effects of Child Sexual Abuse Feminist Revolutions in Theory, Research and Practice

Understanding the Effects of Child Sexual Abuse: Feminist Revolutions in Theory, Research and Practice

1st Edition

By Sam Warner
February 06, 2009

Child sexual abuse is a global problem that negatively affects many women and girls. As such, it has long been of concern to feminists, and more recently mental health activists. This book draws on this revolutionary legacy, feminism and post-structuralism to critically examine current perceptions ...

Women and Depression Recovery and Resistance

Women and Depression: Recovery and Resistance

1st Edition

By Michelle N. Lafrance
February 05, 2009

Women and Depression: Recovery and Resistance takes a welcome look at women’s experiences of living well after depression. Lafrance argues that the social construction of femininity is dangerous for women’s health, and ultimately, central to their experiences of depression. Beginning with a ...

Maternal Encounters The Ethics of Interruption

Maternal Encounters: The Ethics of Interruption

1st Edition

By Lisa Baraitser
December 10, 2008

Winner of the 2009 Feminist & Women's Studies Association (UK & Ireland) Book Award! Many women find mothering a shocking experience in terms of the extremity of feelings it provokes, and the profound changes it seems to prompt in identity, relationship and sense of self. However, ...

The Menstrual Cycle

The Menstrual Cycle

1st Edition

By Anne Walker
September 10, 1997

Anne Walker shows that women are neither the victims of raging hormonal fluctuations nor entirely unaffected by them. Unlike most previous publications that focus on menstruation (a part of the cycle), The Menstrual Cycle presents a well researched study of the entire menstrual cycle and its ...

Accounting for Rape Psychology, Feminism and Discourse Analysis in the Study of Sexual Violence

Accounting for Rape: Psychology, Feminism and Discourse Analysis in the Study of Sexual Violence

1st Edition

By Irina Anderson, Kathy Doherty
January 28, 2008

Accounting for Rape presents an original perspective on the subject of rape, focusing on both female and male sexual violence. The authors investigate everyday beliefs about rape, to examine how blaming the victim and the normalization of rape are achieved by people in a discussion about ...

Sanctioning Pregnancy A Psychological Perspective on the Paradoxes and Culture of Research

Sanctioning Pregnancy: A Psychological Perspective on the Paradoxes and Culture of Research

1st Edition

By Harriet Gross, Helen Pattison
June 14, 2007

Pregnancy provides a very public, visual confirmation of femininity. It is a time of rapid physical and psychological adjustment for women and is surrounded by stereotyping, taboos and social expectations. This book seeks to examine these popular attitudes towards pregnancy and to consider how they...

The Capacity to Care Gender and Ethical Subjectivity

The Capacity to Care: Gender and Ethical Subjectivity

1st Edition

By Wendy Hollway
November 22, 2006

Wendy Hollway explores a subject that is largely absent from the topical literature on care. Humans are not born with a capacity to care, and this volume explores how this capacity is achieved through the experiences of primary care, gender development and later, parenting. In this book, the author...

Post-Natal Depression Psychology, Science and the Transition to Motherhood

Post-Natal Depression: Psychology, Science and the Transition to Motherhood

1st Edition

By Paula Nicolson
July 28, 1998

Post-Natal Depression challenges the expectation that it is normal to be a 'happy mother'. It provides a radical critique of the traditional medical and social science explanations of 'post natal depression' by supplying a systematic feminist psychological analysis of women's experiences following ...

Managing the Monstrous Feminine Regulating the Reproductive Body

Managing the Monstrous Feminine: Regulating the Reproductive Body

1st Edition

By Jane M. Ussher
February 06, 2006

Managing the Monstrous Feminine takes a unique approach to the study of the material and discursive practices associated with the construction and regulation of the female body. Jane Ussher examines the ways in which medicine, science, the law and popular culture combine to produce fictions about ...

Body Work The Social Construction of Women's Body Image

Body Work: The Social Construction of Women's Body Image

1st Edition

By Sylvia K. Blood
August 24, 2005

Are scientific 'facts' about body image enough to define conceptions of normality? Reassessing Experimental Psychology from a critical perspective, Sylvia Blood demonstrates how its research into Body Image can be misused and prone to misuse. Classifying women who experience distress and anxiety ...

Gender Talk Feminism, Discourse and Conversation Analysis

Gender Talk: Feminism, Discourse and Conversation Analysis

1st Edition

By Susan A Speer
August 24, 2005

Gender Talk provides a powerful case for the application of discursive psychology and conversation analysis to feminism, guiding the reader through cutting edge debates and providing valuable evidence of the benefits of fine-grained, discursive methodologies. In particular, the book concentrates on...

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